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  1. Ive ordered a new tps and a vanos rebuild kit. Will update once ive tried done each
  2. Thanks, will give that a try. I need to get on to INPA . Been putting it off as i prefer spanners 😂😂
  3. Thanks, yes, it sounds like its from the vanos. Might be the typical vanos rattle but ive not heard it before. Have a vanos rebuild planned and part ls on the way. But a rattle should t be causing these flat spots.
  4. Nice, let me know if you find a cheap setup 😉
  5. Well I like to drive hard and have zero interest in driving a subpar badly neglected M3. If i could do the mods tomorrow i would but i cant so it will be driving the thing for a while before making em lol
  6. Good to hear thanks, i had a long yarn with Kayne and was leaning towards 4.1. Im not planning family holidays away in it so for the odd weekend away happy to hear it sing. Running 17’s with 255/45 Catcams certainly seem to be a good option, the big decision will be what size, going big means shims under bucket which people seem to shy away from due to the additional work for shimming. Have you looked into sizing?
  7. Hey team, have a weird issue. when idling... When idling the rpm will jump from 1200 (cold) down to 500, the car sounds like its labouring for a while (10-30sec) then jump back up to 1200. When hot it will drop down to 400. When driving...whilst driving the car hits flat spots randomly, it doesnt cough or splutter rather it just becomes unresponsive like there nothing there. Engine tone changes. Poking around i seem to have some noise coming from the vanos, not sure if this is normal or signs of an issue? Related or not? Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated. IMG_5098.MOV IMG_5092.MOV
  8. Finally back on the ground after replacing the fuel system, many thanks to @Toast for a set of blue top injectors, much appreciated. Also threw in a new set of plugs, 3 new coils and oil/filter change. Put some fresher rubber on a spare set of ds2 wheels and uploaded them. With that all done i was able to actually drive the car to get a feel for it. verdict? It has potential 😂. Immediately the factory diff ratio felt far too tall for me, the drivers seat is offset, the steering wheel far to big and it lacked the response of the s54, which i expected but thought it would still impress me on the top end. Shame. So whats next? First i need my motorsport license then we go for a wof. Ive spied a couple of oil leaks (oil cooler and ps hp line) which i need to tackle, i have a purple tag rack to go in (original was worn and thus replaced) and i need to sort this seat and steering wheel situation. Looking forward to getting this car performing how i want it to. Kayne Barry made a good start and it deserves to have some more love. If anyone has some cams for an S50b32 they arent using let me know 😅
  9. Any update on how things are going mate?
  10. Hey bud, car is looking good 👌🏻
  11. Thanks, the alloy doors were taken off unfortunately, this was after i was told it had them 🤦🏼‍♂️but price was then dropped to reflect this to degree i was happy. hopefully one of the lads on here comes up with a set of injectors, but if i have to replace them im not sure i would go stock replacements as bosch dont make them anymore from what ive read and the ev6 ones are cheaper. It would be for performance gains - although i do plan on putting cams in it down the line. Thoughts?
  12. Thanks Richard, im sure it will be. Just happy to have a group of helpful members for a project like this 👍🏻
  13. Thank you. Let me know what you have mate.
  14. Thanks mate really appreciate that. Unfortunately all the insulation on the resistors crumbled when i touch them. Might need some new shielding of some type? The cert plate states current MSNZ authority card required
  15. Hey guys, new addition to the stable, 1996 M3 EVO. Sounds fun right? Well... Day 1 - Caught fire, Day 2 broke injector loom and 2x injectors. Cant wait for day 3,4 5.... (sigh) Theres a bit of a story behind this purchase, a few years ago i had an e46 M3, i sold it when i shouldn't have but family circumstances at the time required attention. Since then I've been up to my eyeballs in e36's, and for the last 18moths had a real hankering for an EVO, i looked at a full blown targa race car and was silly not to put an offer in, it was more than i wanted but since then the prices have sky rocketed as you likely have seen. These days a super tidy low km EVO is $40k, well out of my price range and even if i did make the leap i wouldn't feel comfortable thrashing it and doing some car club events. So i put the word out and come across this 1996 EVO, its 293,000, Singapore car imported back in 2000, actually has the service book stamped right up till 212,00kms. Its pretty rough, and has spent a few years sitting around (last wof in 2016 but rego is on hold), but, and this was the kicker for me, it had some serious love from Kayne Barry about 8 years ago who amongst other things installed a bolt in 1/2 cage and bucket seats, modifications i wanted to do. a heap of work was done fixing leaks, checking the box, diff. Has XYZ's and braided lines and is certified. But it requires a MSNZ authority card, no biggie as i planned on getting my license. Best of all it was a price that im comfortable flinging it around the track and events. Im really looking forward to getting to know this car and hope its a keeper, it needs a lot of love and attention after years of neglect (paint is atrocious) But first things first it needs to run! as you no doubt figured by now the fuel system appears to be shot, so im hoping an injector refurb (or maybe upgrade?), tank empty and new filter will see it back up and running, a couple of cam lobes showing signs of wear, but the rest look good. Any advice/experience with these EVO's would be appreciated, probably about time i tried to learn INPA now too. Thanks
  16. Awesome build thread mate. Thanks fir the update
  17. Funkyflynz

    e36 airbox

    Hey Richard, did you end up producing a few of these for sale?
  18. Well done finding a set, can i ask what they ended up costing landed? I love these wheels and wondering if a set could be in my budget thanks
  19. Hey mate, lol, yes still looking.
  20. Funkyflynz


    😂😂 dont you start.
  21. Funkyflynz


    Thanks Richard, im really happy i finally pulled the trigger.
  22. Funkyflynz


    Lol, its a AC back section, no idea why its so far out, It will go in favour of a twin tip setup. Big fan of the sunflowers, but looking to trade them for some sunflower DS2’s
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