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  1. When getting any turbo kit make sure it fits RHD.
  2. Thanks for pointing that out. I just used the weight given by VD plus 200pounds for the driver. Looks like VD is a bit higher than what google says 3800 vs 3500. Also I had wrong tire size 255/30/18. Should have been 255/35/18 Used a more recent log and i'd say 475hp is a more reasonible figure 😀.
  3. Thats pretty cool! Not sure how accurate they are but I tried VD on one of my logs. I will be going to do a hub dyno this year (hopefully) to see actual figures but 500whp would be nice lol.
  4. Hi Kashish Nice looking the F06 chassis, bit too big for my liking though. I'm not super fimilar with the n55 engine however do know quite a bit about the n54 engine which is similar but do have a few differences. Personally I would use MHD just because of how easy it is to use! I have it with my 335i and its been great. They both give options for custom tunnning which is what you want if going for 500hp. 500hp for the n55 engine is nothing uncommon, just need to have the right supporting mods. There are lots of options for the N55 engine. I don''t think you will get to 500hp on pump gas and stock turbo but you should get close with custom tunning and full bolt on mods Full bolt on mods include large front mount intercooler Alloy Charge pipe Catless downpipe Also i'd recomend High flow air filter 1 step cooler spark plugs It also depends how big your budget is as you can get a larger turbo and get to 500hp with ease. (might need a larger fuel pump with a bigger turbo) Certification is needed when you use any ECU tuning or piggyback regardless! Which I think a lot of people don't realise. So MHD or JB4 will require certification. (I don't think many people acutally do it though)
  5. With Valve cleaner the engine is ment to be up to temp and running when using the cleaner which helps break up the carbon deposits. Logs are great when you know how to read them haha! Only car I have needed to learn how to read them If you can create a datazap.me account and upload logs to that, makes it easier to share with others. 80 TPS is normal I beleive, mine is 81. https://datazap.me/u/ninjaspartan/log-1603093603?log=0&data=3-21
  6. You could also try a chemical valve cleaner as well like CRC valve cleaner.
  7. Ninjaspartan


    To make it easier you need to pull the steering rack down. Don't have to disconnet the powersteering hoses etc, just take it off its mounting spot. This will gives you heaps of room to get to the o2 sensors and vband clamps.
  8. A single turbo did cross my mine as well, but ended up 17T turbos and love em so far. The supporting mods are pretty much the same for single or twins, Intercooler, fueling, spark plugs, coils etc.
  9. Looks pretty good, much better than stock! This is what I ended up doing, was a nightmare trying to get it to fit....
  10. Ninjaspartan


    Changing down pipes is a bit of a challenge first time doing it. If you don't have something to jack the car up I wouldn't recomend it. It is not super technical but it is a little time consuming. When I've done it I always take the steering rack off the sub frame and it makes the job pretty easy as there is not much space to work with.
  11. Ninjaspartan


    Don't let the engine eat a fan belt. 😅 These engines do require a bit of maintence, and there are a few things that can go wrong and cause some big headaches, but they are very rewarding cars if looked after imo. If you want more power (ECU tunning), MHD tuning is a great cost effective solution and its an app on your phone. As @monkeygod11 mentioned you can get near 400 hp with a few mods which is approaching M3 power..
  12. Ah that would be a more cost effective solution. I ended up get a custom tune with wedge performance. Current target is 21 psi. You might not need a LPFP as I needed one when going above 18psi.
  13. Nice, I ended up putting in some TD04L-17t China turbos, spool is still very fast I don't even notice the difference really from stock. Powerband is on a completly differntl level. full power all the way to redline. Are you getting a custom tune done?
  14. Hi, how have the turbo upgrades been? Did the CHRAs come with any balance sheet? Im looking at upgrading my turbos.
  15. Hey Sure, -Ebay Catless downpie 3" *Added Bellows to exhaust for less stress on the joins -7" Front mount intercooler -VRSF Silicone Inlets -VRSF Aluminum oulets *Custom rear turbo outlet to fit around steeringshaft. -Aluminium Charge Pipe with HKS BOV. -MHD stage 2+ tune v8.1 Built Engine With -FCP Con Rods -JE 9.5:1 Pistons -King Bearings
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