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  1. Thanks, I purchased them years ago from albut only got round to fitting the oil pressure the other day. They just display a digital read of the gauge and the voltage too.
  2. Good to know thanks! I thought it was temp as I remember seeing something about timing was reduced after 50c. Do you know if it is linear based, so higher temps more timing reduction or once X temp is reached it reduces timing based on the load/rpm?
  3. Added an oil pressure gauge to go with the boost gauge. MOV_1017.mp4
  4. Hot intake temps will absolutely pull timing. This is based on the Tune. Here are the stock timing reductions based on Temp for the 335is (IJEOS) DME verson. I would imagine its the same as the 335i. So above 50c its pulling 5.5 to 8 degrees. Also as John mentioned the two throttle readings are a bit odd. Generally you have throttle postion IE the postion of pedal, and the postion of the actual throttle body. So you have a requested throtle and actual throttle in a sense. As for getting a larger intercooler, yup that is definately something to look at. Especially since you take it to the track.
  5. Had a little look at the logs and she is running hot and looks to be pulling timing. I see 70c + for IATs (assuming data zap has got everything correct). No boost reduction, looks to be holding 17psi. I do see the throttle does look to close around 4000 rpm which I'mt not sure if is DME or you are just letting off. Also are you left foot braking? Here is the link for Datazapme with your logs. (If you don't want them here I can remove) just easy to see/use data. https://datazap.me/u/ninjaspartan/forum-135i?log=0&data=9-18-20-22-23-24-26&zoom=8598-9091 MHD is pretty good for data logging IMO and checking engine fault codes as well.
  6. +1 for Bimmer Geaks Their support on facebook is incredible. https://www.bimmergeeks.net/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/BimmerGeeksProTool
  7. Yup thats correct at 81. Not sure why but its a normal bmw thing, well on the n54 at least.
  8. Most intercoolers on aliexpress will be an upgrade over stock. The stock intercooler is tiny. For the logging, not so interested in the oil temps, more interested in the IAT's, target boost, Throttle position vs pedal position, timing etc. Re adapters, MHD can work with a D+K can cable or its own wireless adapter.
  9. Hey, I tracked my n54 335i on MHD stage 1+. I did spin a bearing but that was due to oil starvation.... Fan belt inside the engine from previous owner. Anyways, that oil temp is fine at 120c, it does depend on your oil type but if its fresh oil before the track day thats fine. The hotter the oil gets the faster it breaks down, where it becomes too thin. I reached temps of 140c with no hesitation in performance, this was with stock intercooler but catless downpipes. Tranmission is a DCT and I had no over heading issues with the trans during the track day. I believe 149c it throws a warning for the oil temp. Unsure of your mods, but if you are at 370hp (quick google of Eurosurgeon tune) on stock systems I would high recomend you go full bolt on (FBO). As Matthew said, high intake temps will pull timing on these cars. Also +1 for using MHD, super easy and fast to use, also pretty cheap IMO.
  10. Cheers, yeah would be getting a revision of the tune for sure to make the most out of the setup.
  11. Cheers for the Info John. Was just thinking of having something simple to start with. Will check out the Aquamist kits.
  12. Hi all, Looking for any recomenations on water/methanol kits. In particular something suited for a 335i n54. Any experiance on what has worked in the past for this platform (or in general) and what kits/brands to avoid would be much appriciated. Cheers Jordan
  13. Have you considered the forced induction route? I wouldn't say there is a lot to gain in the form of tuning from the M54b30. Even with all the mods, the most I would estimate about 265hp maybe a bit more for the higher redline. But if you are wanting to stick with the m54 then go for it! Not sure what the prices are for s54's of s52's these days but that could be a more cost effective way?
  14. In contrast my local dealer has been pretty good over the years. Took the car in for a transmission fault code one time to be checked out (so just diagnostics) and they drove me to work in a b58 340i, guessing that would be the next step from a 335i. (also wass picked up form work when my car was ready). So no complaints there haha. Also I needed a new crank shaft and it was cheaper at the dealer than anywere else. I even tried direct from BMW Germany. But I do agree most other parts can be costly when compared to FCP Euro/Pelican parts/ECS Tuning etc.
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