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  1. To follow up on this, the same people have listed another silver manual 130i with lower kms on trademe. They should be in the thread with that much 130i love https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/search?member_listing=1952262
  2. Think it was listed at 9k initially. Looks like it's price has been dropped to try and sell. Nothing nefarious there but given the kms and age it's got a few potentials for a big repair bill: Clutch, PCV, Vanos Solenoids, Coils, suspension and bushings, engine/gearbox mounts, Various Gaskets for oil leaks etc.
  3. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/3078165715?tm=email&et=45&mt=F909EDC8-3C14-49CC-9D87-FCE0B397F44E Spicy price
  4. NZ_InFerno

    3 Pedal 130

    Yeah, the BMW Performance shifter looks really nice, especially with aluminium trim kit. But it's quite small in hand compared to the standard shifter. Feels like a child's toy. I've gotten used to it but would definitely take a stock one over it in terms of shift feel. One of these days I'll order the zhp but I'm barely driving my car atm.
  5. I've had one of those sitting here ready to install for a couple months now, not a speed and cool one but a Turner Motorsports. Any differences with it installed? How easy was it to put in?
  6. It seems like you know most of the the faulty parts, get a bmw dealer quote on them would give you a worst case scenario. Personally unless the car was super cheap I would find another as you've got a couple of rabbit holes there, without getting into stuff like waterpump, coils and other maintenance bits that likely needs doing considering the current state of the car.
  7. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/3036855854?tm=email&et=45&mt=F909EDC8-3C14-49CC-9D87-FCE0B397F44E Been posted before but they've dropped the price. Has a few goodies on it. Great candidate for a manual swap.
  8. I've dealt with that guy before, that's who I got my roof strip from(same car I'm pretty sure). Was a good price.
  9. Interested in the M3 lcas, tension arms and adjustment rod. Pretty reasonable price considering the work done, condition and kms. Le Mans Blue is the best colour imo
  10. Low mileage, not a lot of manuals around below 100k kms.
  11. NZ new manual is rare af
  12. Pretty common to see high mileage cars on the 130i Owners page, if it's looked after could be a good pick up.
  13. Is that a wrap? Unusual colour. Also that price 😳
  14. Was having a browse on Japanese auction listings and noticed only a couple of manuals, going for around $12k NZ ( 120k+ kms and shipped here). Autos are still priced where I remember ($6-8k and plentiful) from when I last looked a couple years back. Will keep an eye on it and see if they're becoming more scarce, thus pricier to import.
  15. OE Aero spoilers aren't available anymore from bmw and are pretty sought after. Never heard about them having issues with fitment, all the ones I've seen fitted look good 🤔
  16. Yep, though it's not mine anymore. Sold it to a family member as running 3 130i was a bit overkill. Was hoping to buy it back off them in a couple years and manual swap it but they've decided to sell it now 😢
  17. Any BMW 130i owners coming to the British/Euro car show in Wellington (Upper Hutt) this Sunday? I'll be there with the club, thread on it here:
  18. Anyone thinking of ordering from schmiedmann? I've got a grill and gear knob I want to get but shipping is killer. Alternatively anyone seen some black kidney grills with the pointy corners anywhere?
  19. Quite annoying how little oil seals cause major problems. Sounds like you've got the problem nailed down though, and the right person to be doing the job.
  20. Just re-read it and sounds like he's got the rocker cover gasket off atm, so replace the lot while access is good. Hopefully they unwound the valvetronic motor correctly when removing the rocker cover. Reinstalling it is a little tricky.
  21. I had a quite similar issue (it sounds like the same issue tbh) that caused no end of problems(car would run badly and die, down on power), but with no fault code ever occurring 🙄. The valvetronic range was not correct when checked in inpa, I can't remember the exact numbers but it was off, and the calibration in inpa would reset but then didn't do anything. The power on test, before starting the engine, when the vvt motor should go through a full range(click to click), it didn't do it at all. It was narrowed down to the valvetronic motor, after cleaning the vanos Solenoids, replacing the initially suspected eccentric shaft sensor and having all the wiring checked. The valvetronic motor has been replaced previously so that's why it wasn't suspected. Myself and @KwS(mostly KwS tbh) changed the valvetronic motor. I also changed the valvetronic electrical control module at the same time. Mostly because everything else in the electrical chain had been checked or replaced, and I wasn't 100% sure it was actually the vt motor itself causing problems. After running the inpa calibration, and maybe dme calibration? the car ran mint and has done since then. I did a write up of it in my 130i manual thread, you should have a read of. I would suggest you change the valvetronic electronic module, it's $20 from fcpeuro. If that doesn't work then do the vvt motor, maybe both at the same time but the motor is much more expensive at $150US, plus you need the gasket. Photo below is the module and valvetronic motor gasket for a pre lci! Lci have a different type of gasket for the valvetronic motor(real OEM is your friend). Not sure if the module is different between lci/pre-lci but worth checking realoem anyway. The module lives underneath the fusebox on the passenger side of the engine bay. It's easy to follow the wiring from the vt motor to it. Realoem will also show it. Also you noted that there is oil on the eccentric shaft sensor. From reading online trying to diagnose my problem that is a bad sign, and can cause faulty readings and sensor to fail. So it may be the sensor causing the issue. But if all the readings from it are good, clean it and pray its not the sensor otherwise that's about $250 US from fcpeuro. Hope this helps
  22. Hit a big bump? Or a rock being flicked up.
  23. Pramod in Wellington does key reprogramming, I forgot what his bimmersport handle is but he has a website now https://www.nztuningbay.com/
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