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  1. It sits in there with multiple clips, I thought it would slide out but you need to lift it straight up. I started from the boot end and lifted it out clip by clip. Every clip has three tabs on it and guarantee you will break a tab on each plastic clip pulling it up. I broke a tab on every one of mine, and the replacement strip already had tabs broken (from removal presumably) but still had more than enough to lock it back down solidly. I believe you can buy replacement clips or at least they have their own part number on realoem.
  2. Ordered some cosmetic parts for the car recently, first one was something I'd been after for a while and it showed up the other day. Replacement strip on the roof in white, my one was missing the flap that covered one of the roof rack mounts. Hard to find part so getting one in white was a great find and at a nice price shipped. Missing tab which you can't replace ? New strip fitted really tidies up the car.
  3. For both? Was just reading up about it and seems to be 75w80 for gearbox and 75w90 for diff.
  4. What oil did you use for your gearbox/diff fluid and how many litres? Want to do mine so its all minty fresh.
  5. Wish I'd bought this one, can't own all of them lol. Think we need a 130i meet up with so many around.
  6. Has gone to a new home, still on the forums though ?
  7. NZ_InFerno

    new purchase

    I knocked a few hundred off since it's gone to a good home, probably the cheapest one in the country. Glad it'll still be on the forums receiving plenty of love ?
  8. Yeah they require trimming still ? We weren't sure which part of the bushes needed doing until it was pulled apart. Had to take about 4mm off each one using a bench grinder, they slotted in nicely. Big difference, feels very nice now. Quite amazing what a relatively inexpensive part/s makes to the driving experience.
  9. Installed the shifter upgrade kit from ECS Tuning plus new transmission mounts. Also installed new front and rear driveshaft couplings/guibos since the driveshaft was coming out to get to the shifter bushings. Forgot to take photos but here it is all together(minus exhaust) with new trans mounts and front guibo fitted. Exhaust with SuperSprint back box removed to access the Driveshaft. All parts taken off the car were original and in pretty decent condition, old guibos had a few cracks and not as flexible as new, but still ok for near 180k kms. Trans mounts were fine too. Main upgrade was to the shifter. Original bushings were all slightly worn but fine, except the back rubber bushing that the shift arm? pivots off. That rubber had loosened and seemed to be the source of the loose shifter feeling. Special Turner Motorsports poly bushing went into the slot and the change was immediate. Gearshift is now super precise and feels so good. Very happy with the upgrade and no slop makes the car feel much more cohesive. While thing took less than 2 hours on the lift. The next mechanical thing on the car will be engine mounts and sump gasket. Not urgent, there's a slight weep from the sump and mounts probably need replacing at the kms. Both are in the same area, need to drop subframe, so makes sense to do it all at the same time. Will need an engine stand/holder to do it.
  10. Cool, cheers man. I'll keep an eye out for some colour matched ones to pin mine up before I get it redone properly in the future.
  11. What were the upholstery pins you used for the sagging headliner @M3AN? Anywhere specific you need to avoid putting the pins, to avoid wiring etc?
  12. I've driven both GTIs and R32, and owned an Audi A3 3.2 DSG. Would still take a manual 130i over them but the DSG is super nice.
  13. Rarity most likely. A lot of imported 130is, being low kms and cheap for what they are if you browse the Japanese car auctions. Edit: looked it up and not huge numbers of 130i in NZ, still R32s much less common. https://www.carjam.co.nz/nz-fleet/?order_by=count_desc&make=BMW&model=130i
  14. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/130i/listing/2770434829 Selling one of mine ?
  15. Now on trademe thanks to free listing! https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/130i/listing/2770434829
  16. Open to offers, will be putting it on trademe tomorrow
  17. Coolant Temp sensor finally arrived and has been installed. Car is now for sale, again:
  18. Wanting $6000 Bimmersport thread Black Top LCI model - 220k Kms. Fresh Wof and Rego. Has been my daily and the most reliable BMW I've owned. I have 3 130is so need to reduce the fleet as I only drive the manual one now. Has extensive service history from previous owners. Major items in last 40k kms include: Transmission Service, Rocker Cover/Oil Cooler/Inlet Manifold Gaskets, Belt, Tensioner, Crank and Idler pulleys plus Starter Motor. In my ownership I've put in a new battery, Vanos solenoids, replaced coolant temp sensor, spark plugs + coil, fan blower motor and had a professional cut and polish done. Drives well and looks good. There are normal stone chips on the bumper/bonnet for its age but otherwise externally is really nice. Tyres have good tread too. Inside is also nice, except the floor mats have stains that wont come out(have cleaned them several times). Has a Parrot bluetooth system installed, good for music, and legal tints. Also had the flap in the rear muffler opened full-time, gives a bit more noise as flap normally opens fully under more throttle, can be returned to normal by plugging the vacuum line back in. Otherwise totally stock. Currently the rear wiper doesn't work. Was that way when I bought it and hasn't bothered me. A few recent pics:
  19. Damn that car was an absolute bargain considering the goodies on it.
  20. Shifter upgrade kit and transmission mounts: https://www.ecstuning.com/b-assembled-by-ecs-parts/shifter-rebuild-kit/sftrbkt2/
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