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  1. I've driven both GTIs and R32, and owned an Audi A3 3.2 DSG. Would still take a manual 130i over them but the DSG is super nice.
  2. Rarity most likely. A lot of imported 130is, being low kms and cheap for what they are if you browse the Japanese car auctions. Edit: looked it up and not huge numbers of 130i in NZ, still R32s much less common. https://www.carjam.co.nz/nz-fleet/?order_by=count_desc&make=BMW&model=130i
  3. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/130i/listing/2770434829 Selling one of mine ?
  4. Now on trademe thanks to free listing! https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/130i/listing/2770434829
  5. Open to offers, will be putting it on trademe tomorrow
  6. Coolant Temp sensor finally arrived and has been installed. Car is now for sale, again:
  7. Wanting $6000 Bimmersport thread Black Top LCI model - 220k Kms. Fresh Wof and Rego. Has been my daily and the most reliable BMW I've owned. I have 3 130is so need to reduce the fleet as I only drive the manual one now. Has extensive service history from previous owners. Major items in last 40k kms include: Transmission Service, Rocker Cover/Oil Cooler/Inlet Manifold Gaskets, Belt, Tensioner, Crank and Idler pulleys plus Starter Motor. In my ownership I've put in a new battery, Vanos solenoids, replaced coolant temp sensor, spark plugs + coil, fan blower motor and had a professional cut and polish done. Drives well and looks good. There are normal stone chips on the bumper/bonnet for its age but otherwise externally is really nice. Tyres have good tread too. Inside is also nice, except the floor mats have stains that wont come out(have cleaned them several times). Has a Parrot bluetooth system installed, good for music, and legal tints. Also had the flap in the rear muffler opened full-time, gives a bit more noise as flap normally opens fully under more throttle, can be returned to normal by plugging the vacuum line back in. Otherwise totally stock. Currently the rear wiper doesn't work. Was that way when I bought it and hasn't bothered me. A few recent pics:
  8. Damn that car was an absolute bargain considering the goodies on it.
  9. Shifter upgrade kit and transmission mounts: https://www.ecstuning.com/b-assembled-by-ecs-parts/shifter-rebuild-kit/sftrbkt2/
  10. Cars still running sweet, has been on a couple of long drives recently and the drivers seat is a quite comfortable place to be. Nice sized parcel turned up this morning... ?
  11. Should update it to which ones are currently running ? Hopefully will get down to just one in the next month or so.
  12. Car has now been running for the longest period of my ownership without breaking woohoo! Completed a nice road trip up the coast today and took the Paekakariki hill road home. Car drove magnificently, the suspension and manual box was a treat on that road. Grip for days and planted the whole time. Exhaust sounds good too! Have found the bushing kit for the shifter, I already have Driveshaft guibos to fit(have to take Driveshaft out to get to shifter bushings) and will investigate trans mounts since will be in that area doing the shifter/driveshaft and that should also help with the gearshift feel/slop.
  13. You've fitted these on yours right @Jacko? Do they just bolt on, remove old discs/calipers and replace?
  14. OK, I just need the fan motor bit on the right that twists out of the heater. If you want to sell that part to me pm me a price. Idk what I'd do with a whole heater system lol
  15. Where's the resonator located for deletion, finally swapped over my supersprint backbox and its not as loud as when it was on my other 130is.
  16. That's a steal, so cheap.
  17. Finally got round to doing the exhaust swap on the car, its been on the cards since I purchased it in December last year. Did the brake fluid at the same time. This was a both cars on the lift job, exhaust removed on my black one and stock exhaust waiting to moved over on the white 130i. Pricey SuperSprint backbox was removed, was absolutely filthy so gave it a quick general clean and then polished the tips! Came up nice and shiny. Final tightening on fitment, went and redid the tips so its got a bit of residue from the polish in this shot. Wasn't able to get a shifter bushing fitted, as the top one, which I had a new replacement for, looked alright and wasn't causing any play. There's a bit of side-to-side movement in the gearshift that I'd like to remove So will be on the lookout for a full shifter bushing kit to be fitted up. Have now done all the things that were pressing on the car so will enjoy it for a while, hopefully move on my other two then start looking into shifter bushings and tidying the outside of car with some dent removal and cut and polish.
  18. As above, big circular fan that sits behind the glove box, part number 64119227671. Number 1 on the diagram below.
  19. Guess who's back... https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=2709745825&tm=email&et=45&mt=F909EDC8-3C14-49CC-9D87-FCE0B397F44E Obviously didn't like that 7k winning bid
  20. Ordered my 3rd Coolant temp sensor in 3 months, this time from Pelican Parts. First two, both ebay sellers failed to even ship the sensor, and had to wait a month before being able to request a refund. Hopefully this time it actually arrives ? Car will be up for sale once its installed.
  21. dang, got any more right hand drive gaiters?
  22. How much for the shift knob or the leather gaiter on the 130i Brent?
  23. It's a bmw car club thing, so was posted there first, but it's also now been posted in the meet ups part of bimmersport.
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