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  1. Thanks to these car detailing posts I'm going down to repco/supercheap and buying the meguiars ceramic wax/detail spray/clay kit and autoglym polish. Plus some Mag Monster.
  2. 8-9k if auto, 10-11k if manual. Service history/overall presentation would raise or lower price expectations.
  3. There's also Mike Page in Kapiti
  4. If the price floor is now 10k for a manual 130i, most at that price would require some mechanical work, then 11k-12k buys a tidy stock car plus parts to get it in a similar condition to mine sans mods. I'm comfortable with that, but I did look up how much replacement work wheels would be, $700 odd before shipping so $1k per corner with tyres 😅 Insurance would likely count that as worth $2k replacement value total considering their current used condition. I also have the ohlins, supersprint exhaust, bmwp bits etc So yeah I'm going to go back to the insurance and see about bumping up the agreed value another grand or two and seeing what each listed mod is valued at and add on the interior bits I've fitted too.
  5. The sale price reminded me that my Insurance renewed and they dropped the agreed value on my car. I redid it at 12.5k, which is what it was before. I'm wondering if I should set it higher to reflect the price trends over the last few months? What does the 130i collective think.
  6. Wonder what the service history was like on it, went pretty quickly. If it's had the waterpump etc done it's a steal
  7. Great now I'm looking at carbon fibre rear bumper inserts 😅 I've still got my Schmiedmann order sitting there waiting for shipping to get cheaper too @M3AN, I don't need it in 3 working days lol
  8. Price is about 8k too high lol Pretty sure the N46 was the most unreliable engine you could get in an E9X chassis too
  9. Serious money for a serious car 🤑 https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/2924727710
  10. I've noticed in the 130i fbook group there has been chat about prices going up, from all over. After seeing this I had a look at prices in Aussie for a reasonable comparison. No idea what they've been for the last couple of years but their 130is for sale rn are certainly in a higher price bracket. NZ must be one of the cheapest places to buy one atm.
  11. Yep that's the airbox mount, changed mine a few months back. I could be keen on one of those aluminium replacement parts, I'll have a look at my car tomorrow and see if it's been done and what the hoses look like. Waterpump has been done already, would you normally change the fitting when doing that?
  12. It's keeping the manual prices high, let it sit on the yard another 3 years.
  13. E90 wheels? Be a good buy if its had all the usual mechanical stuff taken care of.
  14. Mirror is also ultra wide so you get a great field of view on it.
  15. Turns out I was very keen 😀 Install was very easy after a quick Google. New stuff looks way better than the tired and worn original factory bits. And being proper bmw parts was guaranteed to fit 🤣. Shout out to @Matt for hooking me up and providing install advice too. Alcantara goodness. Bonus pic of existing fauxcantara mirror Have been driving round with the BMWP pieces fitted for a week or so and it's definitely a much nicer place to be. Only thing is the BMWP shift knob is way, way too small for my hand. Knew this going in but thought I'd give it a try for a bit. So will be looking to swap (or buy) for a different gear knob, keen on a zhp one if anyone has one. Or a factory Msport that isn't worn. Also have another interior piece to go in, assuming I can make it work 😅. Once I tidy up the idrive plastic(probably scratch off the soft touch stuff that's peeled away) interior will be looking really good and refreshed except for the steering wheel. Will be doing something about that! Hopefully will get engine mounts and sump gasket done in the next few weeks. All parts still sitting here. Just waiting on lift space.
  16. Cfibre grills, vvt gasket and undertray are spoken for ?
  17. We probably need a 130i general thread ? Anyway I went through the garage/shed and these are all the spare bits I have, free to a good home. - gloss black grills, the rounded version(likely face-lift) with 6 tabs. Brand new, aliexpress special. Quality is good, just doesn't fit my car. - "carbon fibre" grills, brand new. Pointy ended but with a thick lip on them. Possibly E90 but may fit a pre face lift. Have 4 tabs, which is similar to my pfl Kidneys. - "leather" gear shift gaiter but it's LHD, may just be throwaway. Brand new aliexpress special. I've got to stop ordering parts at 2am lol - manual shifter bushing, the one the shifter sits in. Its brand new from fcp - 130i undertray, non official one. Was fitted to my e81 for about a month. Is an abs replica of a real tray, which I did not realise when ordering lol. Wasn't cheap. Pretty sure it needs matching holes drilled into it for the front screws (2 or 3)but otherwise all the holes in it have been pre-drilled. Definitely more solid/durable than the factory tray. - Wiring I bought which goes between the valvetronic motor and the electronic relay. It has a bmw part number. I never used it as replacing the motor and the relay fixed my issue. Brand new from FCP - Valvetronic motor gasket for a face-lift N52, black top. Will not work on the silver top engine, that's a different gasket ?. Brand new from FCP I also have a set of BMW roof racks for E87 but I'm undecided if I want to keep them or not. They won't be free. I can ship most of these, except the undertray possibly. Buyer pays. Pm me if interested.
  18. Yep mines the same, I need pointy corners too. Only place I found was schmiedmann. Double slat grills were on the newer 1 series, are their grills the same size/shape?
  19. The front one under the engine, the big one lol
  20. Also I've got some E87/E90 bits that will be free to a good home. Will make up a proper post soon but off the top of my head: - gloss black grills, the rounded version. Brand new - "leather" gear shift gaiter but it's LHD, may just be throwaway. Brand new - manual shifter bushing, the one the shifter sits in. Its brand new - 130i undertray, non official one. Was fitted to my e81. Other things that I need to check on.
  21. If you're ordering some pointy cornered grills from schmiedmann let me know, I want to get a gloss black pair from there but shipping is horrendous
  22. Damn that's looking good! She's getting pampered big time. I really like the 1M look, and all the Alcantara. I'll be looking out for tweeters for mine now, decent sound upgrade there and plug and play! Wish I'd known about the gauge pod ? would have bought it to go with the other matching Alcantara interior pieces.
  23. Hope you got a good price, needs at least 3k in thrown at it
  24. I'm also watching it ? Don't know why it's just appealing for a rescue, up to a certain price.
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