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  1. Someone offered him 12k, interested to see if they follow through with the auction sale. That was a steal at just over 7k.
  2. Could be keen, pm me pics/price
  3. Shifter. Mines in good nick but keeps falling off the gear knob attachment. Think I'll try ebay next as they look decent quality and can get some nice stitching on there. Have a parts order sitting with schmiedmann for other cosmetics but I bought a PS5 ? so not wanting to spend too much atm.
  4. Another cosmetic part arrived but its for a LHD car lol. Managed to get a refund on it, will have to source from elsewhere. A week or so on and the gearbox is super slick now, feels liquid smooth and really enhances the driving experience. Such a difference for a relatively minor piece of work.
  5. Since the 130i people are hanging about here, where can I get some black kidney grills from? Aliexpress I've had two sets turn up of the wrong type/size. Found some on schmiedmann that seem to be the right shape but it's 80 euros shipping ?. Anyone ordered off them know how to get cheaper shipping or recommend a freight forwarder? There's a couple of other genuine parts I'd like to order from them.
  6. I also had a part of a cosmetic bits order arrive, some new kidney grills, went to fit them and they're slightly the wrong size. Luckily weren't too expensive but that's the second pair I've got which don't fit. Going to be a bit more particular when looking for grills now.
  7. Have been receiving various parts and goodies for the car over the last couple of weeks. Engine mounts, Sump gasket and various parts for the job all arrived courtesy of fcpeuro. Various oils from local stores. Still need to grab a new sump plug and then find a time to drop the subframe as it's a big job. Changed the gearbox oil and diff oil over the weekend and also looked at the mounts and sump. Sump was still leaking like last time I looked at it ?. It seems to be a bit wetter than previously so is definitely needing a new gasket done. Drove about 500kms over the weekend after the oil changes and the gearshift notchiness, which has persisted since I purchased the car 11 months ago, is now totally gone. Really much smoother and cleaner and with the shifter bushings upgrade(and new trans mounts) its now exactly as it should be.
  8. Nice colour. Probably doing a dorifto
  9. Its on coil overs not factory springs
  10. PS5 is not a bad shout if you're building a pc specifically for gaming. Zen 3 Cpu plus motherboard/ram/nvme drive for storage is $1200-1300+. Cheapest of the latest gpus(3070) is $1150 locally or $850-900 imported. That's before psu, extra storage, case et al. A $2k budget needs to wait for availability and prices to drop, or for the mid/lower range gpus to be released from amd/nvidia. Current games are very keen on single core performance/clock speeds so changing thermal paste and Ocing the 6600k will get another 6 months out of it while you wait for either of the above to occur. Gpu is a more important indicator for gaming performance but that hasn't been mentioned by OP. Should still be able to play all his fav games on PC with current rig with a gentle oc. PS5 digital version, if you can find one, does 4K 30\60 gaming for $650. Something my ryzen 3600 build from last year with a 1080ti would struggle with. If you're just interested in gaming, assuming you have a TV, that's incredible value to play games. Extra bonus if you're just a pc gamer, there's an immediate library of exceptional games to play available from the ps4 era too.
  11. Definitely Zen 3. As for gpu, bench for waitmarks re Big Navi ? AMD hopefully will roll out their plan for ray tracing and a competitor to DLSS. Otherwise its whatever card suits your resolution and wallet.
  12. 208m? Sets pop up occasionally in Wellington, fb marketplace is where I've seen them.
  13. Got more pics of the black rear valance? Trying to decide what colour to paint mine, if at all.
  14. Pretty unlikely to get what you're after for less than 10k, unless you go for an automatic. Even then you'll still want a grand or two to fix any issues or at the very minimum to buy a scan tool to go with the car. Which will save you time/money fixing issues.
  15. Definitely different, more shine to it than the matte style finish that's usually on there.
  16. +1 Didn't realise the diffuser popped out like that, makes it way easier to paint.
  17. Wow, that sounds painful af. Not doing that to mine now ?
  18. Got a link for the steering wheel? Looks good.
  19. Only 130i I've ever seen in NZ with cruise control is my 2 door.
  20. Got a link for the wraps, it looks good! Seems a lot slimmer than other wraps I've seen.
  21. 130i people probably know this but once the cars warm hold it at 3k rpm for 3 mins to get oil circulation up into the lifters. Resolves lifter tick from too many short runs, or car sitting around. If it's still going then you've got a more serious problem.
  22. Aero spoiler and bmwp pedal covers. Looks tidy.
  23. Sorry meant the whole lot, kit and dmf and bolts. That's everything right? Where did you buy from? I'd like to save the info so I know when mine needs doing.
  24. Is that a complete OEM replacement for the clutch then? Got links?
  25. Good, keep the prices going up ?
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