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  1. What exhaust are you guys running? I'm keen to hear more of the sound, but I don't want it to drone or be annoying to my neighbours/colleagues 🤔
  2. Welcome to the forum! I follow a BMW expert mechanic on YouTube and also a retired racing drive/car reviewer who won a fair number of races and they both highly rate 118d as an entry level fun car that's so fun to drive around tracks. The 4 cylinder engine sitting right close to the centre of the car definitely helps to make it more fun. I come from late 1990 - early 2000 Jap cars (Ek9, NA Mx-5, CL1, WRX, 350Z etc) so buying E87 130i was a bit of leap of faith but so far I'm loving how nice it is to drive. I thought mk5 GTI is a bit of step up from Japanese cars but this is another step up from VW. I hope you enjoy your new car and let us know how it's like to drive before/after tune!
  3. Interesting. I bought Energizer brand so I expect it to last a bit. Maybe I'll try a different battery..
  4. The keyfob for my e87 sometimes doesn't want to lock. Unlock still works but often I have to reinsert the key to the car and take it out again to make the locking button work again. Has anyone experienced this issue? The battery has been changed 6 months ago.
  5. https://www.trademe.co.nz/4572300993 Covid used car price inflation seems to be finally over and a lot people are trying to get rid of their sporty cars, including 130i. +30hp with stage 1 tune seems pretty cool.
  6. Didn't realise N54 manifold is a common mod for N52.. has anyone done it?
  7. Love your builds! Hope they sell for good $
  8. Has this been converted from auto to manual?
  9. Bought myself a Bburago diecast model. Couldn't find any in Msport bodykit but this looks good enough
  10. Just out of curiosity, how much are those different shocks?
  11. I remember seeing that thread! What a cool car you've built there 😎 Good to see that it's going well.
  12. Looked superb regardless. What mods are you running?
  13. Does anyone here own HBD24? Saw it in East Auckland today. It looked great with blackline rear lights and lowered suspension
  14. I'm surprised that this hasn't been sold yet. $7.5k seems like a pretty good price.. is this where 130i market it?
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