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  1. Thanks for feedback Blackie. Yep, figure it will be a slow sale as most folks dont understand how good a manual 130i is compared to a run of the mill 1 series hatch. Have time on my side as I don't need a rushed sale. Cheers, John
  2. Patrick Auto trimmers in ChCh. He would normally charge about $420+ GST
  3. New headlining booked in for Monday
  4. Yes, I like the blue also. Will keep you in mind if the LCA kit does not get sold with the car Mr Inferno.
  5. Yep, thinking I will get new headlining installed and a groom and hold out for that price. Thanks, ,John
  6. Put my 130i manual up for sale if anyone is interested. See the For Sale section, comments welcome.
  7. Be interested hearing from the 130i owners here if I have this priced right as there are only 2 manual 130i's for sale on TradeMe to go by. Other relevant comments also welcome.
  8. BMW 130i manual Thought I would see if any Bimmersport folk are interested in my Blue 130i manual before it goes on TradeMe next weekend. Just approaching 150km Le Mans Blue with cream leather interior and woodgrain finish (unusual) Items I have done since owning (less than 800km since installing) · Rocker cover gasket · Oil filter housing gasket · Oil cooler housing gasket · Serpentine belt, tensioner and idler pulley · Water pump and Thermostat · Power steering reservoir o-ring · Replaced Gearbox oil with Redline oil · Recent Engine Oil change and filter · New Air filter · New Cabin air filter · Brand new Bridgestone Potenza RE003 all round (staggered rims) · Wheel alignment after fitting new tyres WOF: expires August Reg: expires December Will also include for peace of mind a new sump gasket kit with new sump bolts Loose headlining (common) which I will tack up with twist pins and some scuffs on the front bumper Was thinking of putting it on TM for $12,750 and see what the market says. Purchased in Auckland last November, only reason it is up for sale is I have found another BMW more suited to my needs. Will be collecting new car up in Auckland during Easter so could potentially drive this up should a confirmed sale happen quickly. Transport cost to be discussed with potential buyer. Optional extras (wont be sold separately prior, but could take names): Purchased the M3 Lower control arms, tension arms and headlight adjustment rod Shifter replacement kit (bushes, clips etc) Revshift transmission mounts (80A durometer) – fitted but removed straight away as a little too much vibration for a nice quiet road car.
  9. Looking for a front towing eye cover. Prefer blue but any colour will do if in good nick. Don't want to wait months for an Ali one. Tks, John.
  10. 130i Radiator removal Is there a secret to removing the top and bottom radiator hoses that are retained by the clip. As each end is plastic, I dont want to force things too much but they wont even start to move. Do I need to go to the gym or is there a trick to getting them off? Doing Waterpump and Thermostat replacement and apparently radiator has to come out first? Cheers, John
  11. Thanks Dan I did search for vids but none had that locking tab. Nuts and bolts I can do all day but unusual bits like this tab or upholstery clips/tabs etc play with my head 😁 Will see if I an get someone a bit more adept at this stuff over, and watch and learn...
  12. Cheers Dave, gave up on the Tension arm, think I have stripped the bolt thread somehow as it doesn't seem to be undoing or doing up when I turn it. Both sides of that housing broke off while attempting to undo it. Off to yell at the walls....tomorrow is another day. Will have a go at the mounts tomorrow once my focus returns.
  13. Thanks Dan, reason I posted that pic was that nut started turning inside the surrounding bracket. Will try and get some vice grips up there to keep them together.. Noted re tightening gearbox mounts, I'll review the vibration once fitted as the car will get to do sealed autocrosses at my track (Ruapuna) after the grass season, however it is primarily my daily so will wait and see. Appreciate you taking the time to comment. Cheers, John
  14. Okay, here is the first gotcha for the M3 LCA upgrade (Can a Mod tell me if this should be in the Maintenance thread or 130i) Attempting to undo the chassis end of the tension arm - see pic. When undoing the bolt I noticed the strange clip/bolt retainer thing on the other end. Do I just keep undoing the bolt, or should I remove this thing first (and if so, how??) Does anyone have a link to a "how to" video? Thanks, John
  15. Thanks Nick, will try that after fitting M3 LCA's which I am just about to start. Hope there are not too many gotchas with that job 😁
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