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  1. There is a heap of MSNZ technical Officers listed on MSNZ website under Contacts. Suggest you give one (or more) of them a call to get the authoritive answer but my 2c is you can drive the car on the road with the Authority card other than to and from events. Pretty sure you need to enter or have competed in 2 events p.a.to retain your card.
  2. gofaster

    1M Clone Build

    Hi mate. Dont want to distract too much from this build thread but you can bone up on safety items via Motorsport NZ website, starting with this link. Head to section 4.6 and go from there. There will be other stuff to consider such as seat, belts, and other safety apparel, all referenced in this link. https://manual.motorsport.org.nz/index.php/knowledgebase/36-2-01a-schedule-a-1/ Cheers, John
  3. Looks like you not only built a carport for your 325i, but a house for your digger 🤣
  4. Have you checked in with HellBM? They fitted a Quaife LSD to their N54 130i project which I now own.
  5. i dont know much about this model but you can use realoem.com to verify the model/build info just do a Carjam, grab the last 7 digits of VIN and type it in as below
  6. Hey Elias, where did you buy your boost solenoids from. I'm chasing some codes
  7. Out of curiosity, what do you think the car needs (deep pockets wise)? Do you think starter or something more sinister like engine rebuild Thanks, John
  8. This is the kit you want. https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-control-arm-kit-5-piece-m-upgrade-bmwmcakit put them in your cart work out shipping at checkout.
  9. For your car, you might be better spending the $s on an M3 LCA kit and wheel alignment
  10. I always ask for a dyno graph that my tunes are based off The tune I got for my N54 130i is attached It feels every bit of that.
  11. Yeah could probably move to an auto for a daily now, have other manual cars for the fun stuff.
  12. Just quoting their website, best you call Basil to discuss (no affiliation other than happy customer)
  13. I also have my eye on this as a replacement for my N54 130i. Probably won't be available once I am ready though. On your marks, get set......
  14. I use Basil at Autopassion(Chip tuning website) for all my flashes. Their website quotes the E90 330i (same engine?) Old power 190kw/258hp and 300nm to a tuned output of 210kw/285hp and 336nm.
  15. I'd want to add back the rear muffler, good opportunity to upgrade to the 135i (?) one Check for gaskets done, wonder what that power cord is heading to the boot?
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