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  1. I ran the M3 mounts on my previous 130i and took them out after a few days as did not like the small increase in NVH. I fitted them supposedly at correct torque. Sitting in a box in case I change my mind on current car.
  2. I would not make up my mind until having driven them both and thought about my needs. I favour the Golf, only because I owned a Mk7 GTi from new for 35k, most of which it had a stage 1 tune (which transformed power delivery mid-range and above). Personally, I'm not sold on the 128ti looks. Happy shopping.
  3. I use this site for reference on tyres and rim sizes https://www.tyres-pneus-online.co.uk/tyre-equivalence-advice.html I personally run RE003's as well = on staggered rims with a little more power than a standard 130i Held up well on their first track day 😁
  4. As per pic, cant figure out how to remove these clips hiding the fuel rail bolts. Already broke one trying to prise it off. Anyone familiar with these, appreciate advice as my gasket replacement work is held up until I can get the little suckers off. Cheers, John
  5. Also used to have one in early 2000's doing a lot of bent sprints at Ruapuna. On 18 psi, Cold air box, 3" exhaust, stock top mount I/C, ran 12.6 on hot day, and road tyres. Awesome little cars and something a bit different to Evo's and WRX's. (apologies for stealing thread)
  6. I also went with Classic Cover for both my GTi-R and the N54 converted 130i ( all declared). Happy with agreed value, premiums and excess. Upfront premium is only thing to consider.
  7. You are safer here mate 😁
  8. Yes mate. Canterbury Car Club run Autocross and Motorkhana events year round. We have about 2-3 half day Autocrosses at the track (Ruapuna) with a sealed motorkhana in the morning. Last weekend we had our full day Autocross. There are also grass Autocrosses during the summer with similar mix. Other clubs such as Autosport and RATEC also run a couple per year on grass. Canterbury Car Club next half day Autocross is on 31st July with a sealed Motorkhana in morning. PM me if you want more details or head to their website
  9. What is this gorgeous beast?
  10. Thanks for replies folks. Not looking to swap pads out each time, so looking for a pad that will work on both street/track. Will mostly focus on Autocross as a regular event which is not as harsh on brakes as repetitive laps. Will take a look at the Hawk HP Plus.
  11. Hi. Did my first track day in my N54 powered 130i on the weekend. The car is setup with 335i rotors but the pads must be road ones as the pedal went spongey after a lap so it got a bit hairy slowing from 200kph 😀 Keen to hear from those who track their cars and what brake pads they use as I am sure this should sort my problem along with fresh brake fluid (looks good but will change so I know how fresh it actually is) Thanks, John.
  12. not to mention the manual six speed with Paddle Shift!
  13. I'm booked for the Cert process for my N54 powered 130i in a couple of weeks. Will update After a discussion on a FB Low volume vehicle cert page, adding the turbochargers may warrant driveshaft hoops unfortunately.
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