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  1. Thanks for replies folks. Not looking to swap pads out each time, so looking for a pad that will work on both street/track. Will mostly focus on Autocross as a regular event which is not as harsh on brakes as repetitive laps. Will take a look at the Hawk HP Plus.
  2. Hi. Did my first track day in my N54 powered 130i on the weekend. The car is setup with 335i rotors but the pads must be road ones as the pedal went spongey after a lap so it got a bit hairy slowing from 200kph 😀 Keen to hear from those who track their cars and what brake pads they use as I am sure this should sort my problem along with fresh brake fluid (looks good but will change so I know how fresh it actually is) Thanks, John.
  3. not to mention the manual six speed with Paddle Shift!
  4. I'm booked for the Cert process for my N54 powered 130i in a couple of weeks. Will update After a discussion on a FB Low volume vehicle cert page, adding the turbochargers may warrant driveshaft hoops unfortunately.
  5. excuse my ignorance Dave, but where does the speed and cool stuff go?
  6. Yes agree Kelvin, not sure folk understand how good a package the 130i is. More power and acceleration than say a modern Golf GTi etc and still has 5 doors and good storage. Starting to think I might get the sump gasket done for peace of mind also. Not sure what else to do other than wait for the right buyer.
  7. Well, it has been a month, some interest shown but no sale yet. Am willing to negotiating on price with any interested Bimmersport members, possibly reduce price on TradeMe in a week or two. PM me if you want to discuss price. Headlining now done, lifts the interior nicely. Cheers, John
  8. I am looking for a set of staggered 18's with stickyish rubber for track days. How good are the Nexens?
  9. Thanks for feedback Blackie. Yep, figure it will be a slow sale as most folks dont understand how good a manual 130i is compared to a run of the mill 1 series hatch. Have time on my side as I don't need a rushed sale. Cheers, John
  10. Patrick Auto trimmers in ChCh. He would normally charge about $420+ GST
  11. New headlining booked in for Monday
  12. Yes, I like the blue also. Will keep you in mind if the LCA kit does not get sold with the car Mr Inferno.
  13. Yep, thinking I will get new headlining installed and a groom and hold out for that price. Thanks, ,John
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