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  1. Hi Chris Getting onto the M3 LCA's - are these the ones you fitted to your 130i? (see attached Amazon part numbers) Is it a simple swap over, and should I be looking at anything else while there (low cost options only at this stage) Any special tools required? Will do an Interweb search for fitting videos Cheers, John Amazon M3 LCA.docx
  2. Hi. Anyone know where to find a Blue towing eye cover, 2nd hand in good nick is fine, or new. Cheers, John
  3. Got it, thanks mate, appreciate your patience! Cheers, John
  4. Just completed the following: Rocker cover gasket kit incl new bolts Drive belt, tensioner, idler Oil filter and Oil cooler gaskets 5L antifreeze Decided to leave the Sump gasket, Thermostat and Water pump for now as no apparent issues. Also forgot about the DISA check until too late! From a "noobie" experience, I found it all quite daunting, the on-line videos were helpful and some unhelpful Videos dont tell you how to undo all the clips (some were obvious, others mind-numbing) and how much wiring to remove so there was enough access to lift the rocker cover off. In the end I found George Austers guide the most helpful (he has other guides, also used his CDV delete one with success!)
  5. Hi Chris, thanks for replying. If I understand this correctly, the icon just represents what is shown to the right? (average trip speed) So no alarm bells, that is good to know as I am still getting used to all the functions/settings of the car. (just completed the rocker cover gasket job!)
  6. Hi - as per pic Not sure what the icon in top left corner of lower display means - any ideas, or know where I can find a manual that references it. Tried the web, found plenty of others but not this one. I assume the black outline represents the engine, but cannot figure out what the orange bit through the middle indicates Cheers, John
  7. Has anyone fitted a multi-port cigarette lighter splitter in order to run multiple devices? My 130i has the lighter under the centre armrest. Pain in the butt to run any lead from the dash to there. Want to run a permanent dash cam (with lighter plug), and radar detector on trips. Thinking of running an extension from under armrest to passenger foot well which will connect to multi port lighter splitter. What have others done? Cheers, John
  8. Hi Dave. Do I need to replace the inside DISA valve (whatever that is) tks, John.
  9. Thought I would offer members a free tyre, payback for help I have received since joining this great forum. Can anyone use one only Bridgestone Potenza RFT (RE050A) 225/45x17 with 6mm tread (other tyre had a nail in it) Location is ChCh.
  10. Thanks Chris, appreciate your advice Might leave the sump gasket for next long break.
  11. Will do, although I only fitted the RE003's a few days before the alignment so not a true single comparison from when the runflats were on.
  12. Hi. Got a few jobs lined up for the 130i, need some advice on what order to do them, and any gotcha's. Parts in stock and ready to fit: Rocker cover gasket kit incl new bolts Sump gasket and new bolts Thermostat, Water pump and screws Drive belt, tensioner, idler Oil filter and Oil cooler gaskets 5L antifreeze Got some spark plugs on order Any suggestions on what to use to stick the outsides of padding back up to underside of bonnet - both sides flop down like elephants ears 🙂 Have some Youtube vids already bookmarked, but figure you guys/girls have done this before so any tips appreciated as I have only tackled basic jobs before. (looking at Jacko's huge rebuild thread I may not have specific tools like the engine brace that spans the guards when the lower cross member is dropped).
  13. Got the alignment done here is the printout. Bit wet today so could not test out how it feels.
  14. Thanks Dave. Had a go at the Camber pin mod this afternoon. Looks a bit rough but job done, can now utilise the slots (I know why I am not a mechanic) Will pass on your figures to the alignment shop, see what he can do, and of course will get a print out for reference. Will start another thread for all the jobs I have lined up over Xmas and New Year.
  15. Hi. Not sure if this is the right thread but here goes. My 130i is going in for a wheel alignment tomorrow. Will get mostly daily use with the odd sealed Autocross thrown in. Can you alter the alignment in these cars (camber, castor etc) to help with the odd Autocross or should I just ask for standard settings? Am running standard 17" rim's with potenza RE003's all around 205 on front 225 on rear. Cheers, John.
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