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  1. So, don't know if I should start a new thread some where else. But I have been busy trying to improve this old beast. Had a crack.. at the front bumper got the fog lights installed and working. Then it decides ohh I might start playing up, random misfire on idle and low revs blah blah. Read all the internet had to offer checked all mater of things. Cps had perfect ohm reading, maybe ill check the gap. Supposed to be about 1mm but I can even get a .01 feeler gauge in there. Found the issue, corrected gap and shes running like a champ! Happy 😊
  2. I have done a bit more tidying on the BMW. Boot spoiler back on.. Next lil project is the front bumper tidy and refit fog lights. Oh I got it a WOF now so hopefully can participate in any local meets. (have painted the black bumper inserts since these pics!)
  3. Wow that is a good looking Touring! I saw this car or its clone on instagram the other day, someone must have got a sneaky shot of it.
  4. So my car would have had M badges front and rear? Do you have any other pictures of yours on the forum (couldn't fine any!).
  5. Links to any pictures of yours?
  6. oh my, that's some good inspiration right there! M badges.. interesting.
  7. Thanks for the positive feed back chaps. I did think the DPF code was a bit strange, but figured it was to do with the cat delete. I didn't mention but the car also came with a factory boot spoiler that has been removed and left taped up holes on the boot lid. I think i will re fit it since it looks like it was factory fitted.. One other thing was the code 320 'model designation deletion'. Now it came with 535i badges, but they may be from another car. Does the 320 code mean the car would not have had the badge from factory or am i totally wrong with that assumption?!
  8. Thanks. Yeah i would say its a good clean car. Had it for a few years now, straight, clean, and used!
  9. Yep, thats all on the to do list! Im sure the core engine health is good, starts easy idles smoothly. Almost feels like its holding some timing back for some reason, but it has been sitting around for a bit. I will go through all that you have listed and im sure it will get better with a kick in the butt. I'll have to look up afm track adjustment though, thats new to me.
  10. don't temp me! I did almost buy a 190e Cosworth in about 2003, but I thought it was a bit scruffy for the 4k asking price.. I have other photos of my other cars (past and present) on Instagram if anyone is really bored, @XSDUP
  11. Thanks!... I may have a sickness ?
  12. thanks for the info Eagle, the previous owner mentioned it may be an 'is' but i wasn't sure. It's been towing race cars around the country for a number of years. 340kms on the clock, seems to run like a clock! Has new shocks and i can see some urethane bushes in the front end, im surprised how tight it feels. I have spent the last 2 weeks just cleaning it.. in and out door jams etc (basically was filthy) gave it a buff and polish. I have the fog lights, but the front bumper is going to need some surgery first! Have had mates with these in the past, and not sure if my other cars have clouded my memory but feels a little light on power but I haven't looked much into that yet. Working on getting it a WOF, have some rear pitman? arms on order, the rest seems fine.
  13. Hello everyone, new here. I have recently purchased a well used 535i Manual in Silver. Seems to have been fully loaded when it was new. Electric seats, a/c, possibly sport steering wheel and gear knob. But i don't really know haha. If anyone can run the numbers im keen to know.
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