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  1. That’s correct, as long as you have owned the vehicle for a period of time. It was a year when we bought our cars back from the UK. Less than a year means you pay gst on a depreciated valuation of the car.
  2. These folks might have a view as they're wrecking 2 F10 M5 sedans. https://www.sdeuropean.co.nz/cars-for-dismantling?make=bmw&series=csv5ba865a999cf1&chassis=edit5c8021b933c86
  3. Sorry, I've messaged you.
  4. Sorry to hear that 🙁
  5. Is this for a car you own Richard?
  6. The Germans are crushed and the cars are repaired to standard and sold. ?
  7. That looks great. Congratulations, a super find.
  8. The writing has surely been in the cards for a long time? I think NZ has one of the oldest vehicle fleets in the OECD, similar economies or suchlike.
  9. Not sure about that. I believe what they require is auto-levelling and headlight washing.
  10. What a great adventure. I can’t wait to try it out for myself...
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