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  1. I miss that clock....
  2. Looking forward to having another drive over the holidays if you're around...
  3. I was just thinking that myself. I’ve the n55, albeit in a much heavier body, but I do miss the more sensitive low rev response of the Touareg’s 3.0l diesel lump.
  4. Oh yes I agree it’s not your job. Just raise it as a possibility given the different configurations available and that we’re located at the bottom of the world…
  5. Bit of a confusing thread to be honest. Are you sure the correct windscreen has been installed? There are HUD and non-HUD versions and all many of permutations with different safety gear etc. As an aside, typically what's the cost of a HUD recalibration by a dealer likely to cost?
  6. Destined to be a future classic at the rate they're disappearing!
  7. Unfortunately this gent is taking out his bad luck out on you. Politely decline his invitation to contribute.
  8. Buttonage looks very smart and tidy.
  9. I’m always a little nervous when the lead photo shows the bonnet agar… Especially only on one side!
  10. Who stole your clock!!!
  11. I used to walk past a CSL taking my son to school everyday in central London. Parked outside on the road day and night, only moved in the weekends 😂
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