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  1. Hi there Just want to know which engine oil for E46 M3 is good performance? As i just read user manual said Castrol only is that true or any better brand? Cheers
  2. Very nice Convertible M3 if have spare money i will take it lol. Also 6 speed 3.2 https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/m3/listing/3238066683?bof=vUiTLeT3
  3. Does anyone interest of this wireless charger Not sure is that can fit for E36 but sure can fit it for E46 have a look below link https://youtu.be/7qmXwqNYKm0 Cheers
  4. Yeah cannot find in drive.co.nz
  5. So wired I still can saw on the list in trade me few hours ago? sold fast
  6. Need to fix or watch out : subframe, vanous, rod bearing also high km The price a bit high and not worth
  7. Hello there, Would like to know for the E46 M3 with SMG II gearbox parking issue. Is that like full manual gear box parking procedure if downhill user reserve gear. If uphill use first gear to parking the car? Or all parking use N is fine for SMG II gear box Thanks
  8. check the website shown from Japan http://www.ts-export.com/jpa-b.php?id=mRGrQl6tNM9E4ok&t=st W2 Repair Mark/Wave on the right hand side
  9. As I am still in overseas I just ask the seller to give me the pic of M3 finger cross it won’t be use lot of money to fix the stuff show some pic to all for sharing lol happy weekend
  10. I just like to check the subframe and if possible need reinforcement for this part
  11. Hello there, I would like to know which work shop is recommend maintenance E46 M3 in Auckland My car may need to reinforcements the subframe. Cheers
  12. Good color but the point is SMG gear box
  13. Hello All, I am the E46 Bimmer owner who living in Auckland in the future, the reason is due COVID-19 i need to stay in Hong Kong at that moment until border release in Kiwi. Anyway, before car is E36 323i and now have the E46 M3 in Kiwi. Hope can back to see my M3 soon Cheers
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