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  1. Looking to purchase a rear seat back for a BMW E30 with the centre fold down arm rest - condition not a problem as it will be recovered in 318is trim - if you have one please email me at kevinhopkins@bigpond.net - I am in Brisbane Australia but that is not a problem as it could be sent to my sisters place in Auckland - Thanks in anticipation Kevin HOPKINS
  2. Wanted to buy - 1991 BMW E30 318is boot lid badge - some grub here in Australia decided he would need the one from my car more than I did and they are like the preverbal hens teeth here if you have one and want to sell it please email me at kevinhopkins@bigpond.net Thanks
  3. I am trying to locate a Rear seat back from a BMW E30 with the centre fold arm rest - if you have one please email kevinhopkins@bigpond.net - I will be in New Zealand from the 24 May for two weeks and would like to be able to take one back to Aussie with me
  4. I am after tow hook extension (one possibly two) need when fitting M Tech1 kit to BMW E30 Pre facelift model - if you have one please email kevinhopkins@bigpond.net
  5. Do you still have the "Eye brows" if so could you please email me at kevinhopkins@bigpond.net - I will be in Auckland for 2 weeks after the 24th Thanks Kevin
  6. The kit looks the same as the one I fitted with the exception of the side skirts - see attached pictures of my left one fitted up to the car - yours may have been for a sedan in S Africa - mine are off a two door and in the UK there were none available for 4 door cars As the last post said it was common for the four centre squares not to be cut out and are easy to do If you want to sell the spot light as the securing lug was broken off my right hand one
  7. Mate - the only major difference is the side skirts - and may be for a sedan - I have an M Tech1 kit on my E30 sedan that was made for a two door and the ends "flick" up (I have attached a picture of the left hand one fitted up to my car - Google "M Tech I kit" and you will see what I mean The front bar has not got the four centre squares cut out - this was common and easy to cut them out - if you wish to sell the spot light I am open to you suggesting a price as the kit I have the securing lug on the bowel was broken off Hope that helps
  8. I am looking to purchase: :The tow hook extensions required when fitting a factory "M Tech1" kit to a pre face lift 1987 BMW E30 - if you have one or even a pair I have I am also looking for: : a rear seat back with the fold down armrest - condition is not important as I will be getting it recovered but the fold down arm rest needs to be working : The factory "Boot Tidy" - it fits on the rear right side and holds the Safety Tri angle, first aid kit etc please email me on kevinhopkins@bigpond.net as I am located in Brisbane but still have an address in Auckland Thanks Kevin
  9. Sam Just teh the email with the photo bucket link - want to buy it - if we can work out a price - as I asked could you keep it for me - I could organise a holding deposit until I arrive if you want it Kevin
  10. Sam The reason I had to use this site to ask you the last questions is that I am on my lap top at work which is linked to my home computer - I cant send emails on it but I can receive them - if you want to reply on my email address kevinhoplins@bigpond.net I will get it Kevin
  11. Mate I am after an M Tech1 kit for my BMW E30 - could you please emil me photos of the kit from all angles to kevinhopkins@bigpond.net - I am at present in Brisbane and will be in Auckland late july - very interested in the full kit ie: front bumper spoiler , side skirts rear bumper spoiler and boot spoiler - I can have a deposit forwarded to you to hold it until I get there if you are happy with that Looking forward to your reply Kevin ps: sorry about writing to you twice but I wasnt sure it had worked the first time - at least now I know how to answer adds on this site
  12. Mate interested in your M Tech 1 kit - I am at present in Bribane but will be in Auckland in July - and would like to be able to get a kit to bring back with me - if you still have it could you email me at kevinhopkins@bigpond.net with the details Thanks Kevin
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