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My E46 V12 6speed swap

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Hey Team

Been awhile so during the lock down have had abit more time and done a little more to the v8 e46 wagon.

after alot of thinking and ive gone away from the airbox idea as there was just no room to plumb and intake to the left. So this is where i got the idea for a OTR intake usually found off holden LS's 

Also scored a nissan silvia radiator with a twin fan setup, which should fit quite nicely once i can get bits welded after lockdown is over.







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fellow PalmNth local here. Would love to have a look at your project sometime. And if you have not seen, in person, the HellBM s54 M3 Touring build happy to show you and take it for a spin. Yours will chuck out more hp, I suspect.........

the Fleet.jpg

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The OTR intake is a great idea ?.

What merc is the supercharger from?

Is it an Eaton 112 or 122 or similar?

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Hey Nathan yeah it actually fits quite well and looks pretty cool. As for the super charger there isnt much info on it, all i could find was it made by ihi and capable of making 2.1L. Mines from a e55 AMG m113k if you want to look for more info. But in saying that i know i change my mind often and have decided im going to put the supercharger onto the x5 manual swap build. Due to the height and space in the engine bay plus i think the e46 wagon has more than enough power to keep it fun as N/A. 

@leonf send me a private message I'm more than happy to T up a time after lock down for you to pop around to see the projects, would love to also have a ride in your beast too.

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Love the idea of the OTR always wanted to do something like that in my e30

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you should @WYZEUP there's a few going for cheap on trade me, buying new they are expensive!


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There's just no room for it in such a small engine bay while still keeping a functoinable sized radiator

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I had that same issue too, thats why i brought another radiator slightly shorter in height so i could lower it to fit the OTR over the top but will still need to get the new radiator custom mounted some how.

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I was looking at buying one for a while but I will custom make one instead out of alloy because of the confined space.


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Hey Team 

Long time since last post, got heaps done since the lock down, also with other small little projects going on too.

But finally got the custom radiator bracket made, all plump in. I had to customize the AFM sensor to have a little bung to feed air to the ICV i tried to do a ICV delete but it ran like rubbish. Also put a DME with a custom tune for a m62b44 non vanos that i had spare into the car which works perfectly with the m60b44 motor currently in there.

So car is running good now and drives as it should, the intention was to enter it into at least one drift day, but since hearing there have been a few rule changes which requires drives to wear/have more safty gear which i agree with, but is just going to cost way too much to justify one drift session, so that wont be happening now.

But i found a lovely Estoril blue e46 msport sedan with a blown auto, my intentions was to change the auto out and flick it off but its just too good of a car to get rid of. 

So change of plans im stripping all the running gear from the wagon and putting it all into the sedan now. But will be making a few changes like using a 320z zf 5 speed box with a v8 bellhousing, so gone with the adpater plate also the detents needed changing in the diesel box. I will be getting a full face clutch plate made as the puck is just a tad rough for driving, and to fix some small oil leaks in the braided lines from the dry sump. Bonus too that the sedan is a 2002 where the wagon is a 1999 so finally get the yearly wofs.










Fun times ahead.

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Hey Team 

So finally cracked onto stripping the e46 wagon of the v8 running gear to go into the e46 blue sedan and also stripped the sedan of its running gear.


sedan ready for the v8 swap


Dropping the fuel tank to prep up in order to weld some reinforcement plates.


I managed to get the motor out with the headers still attached.


I will be swapping out the adapter plate and diesel box out in favour of the factory zf 320z v8 5 speed box


I have sent the flywheel setup away to Greg at MP auto to get a new firiction plate relined.


Also did a trip to Auckland last weekend and picked up this v12 mock engine to start fitting into the M3


E46 wagon running gear out, so i thought i would use this opportunity to test fit this motor to see if it was possible :) P1030517.JPG.b476454ba34fc74abe1ca50b8f4ec71e.JPG

This a n62b48 out of a 750i rear sump v8 and i tell you what, its doable! may need a little cutting but could be worth it to someone that wants to go down this road.







So only real issue i saw was that having the motor sit as far back as possible the steering pump was fouling on the steering rack.


just slightly touching the subframe with the lower oil pan





Alternator was pretty close to the chassis rail too but with a bit of a massage with a hammer she would fit like a glove.


Left side also touching just slightly


With the motor this far back there would be no way of fitting a gearbox unless you cut the tunnel up.


Steering looks like it would clear with a custom set of headers.


So if anyone was looking at doing this swap or attempting to. My advice would be to modify the lower oil pan by cuting it down by 3-5cm. Move the motor foward 3-5cm the you would solve the tunnel, steering issue. 

Thanks Team

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Hey Team long time no post.

Its been a while but things still have been trucking along in the background, mainly trying to get these side project cars finished and flicked off which some of you may have seen on trade me.



But good news is ive finally got some subframe plates lazer cut out and got them semi folded into shape on the chassis and then welded. Once done i can get onto refitting the m3 rear end and piecing the car back together.




So slight change of plans again. 

I will now be fitting the M62tub46 motor into the Blue sedan instead of the e34 wagon.



Ill be taking all the dry sump setup from the m60b44 and all associating bits ie exhaust headers and engine mounts and using it with this motor which should be a straight swap, i'll will also try retro fitting the x5 4.6is dash into the e46 too. The M60b44 will be reused in my e34 wagon project instead with a superchager ontop :) 

Lastly also managed to score this puppy from a mate ( thanks Quinn) 


A 6 speed for the swap as well as it really needs the 6th gear due to it using so much petrol on highway driving.

Will hope to get this car together hopfully by the end of the year.











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Awesome progress.


What is the advantage with using the 4.6is dash?

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Hey Nathan 

no real advantage just cosmetic really, if you seen m3 or m5 or even your x5 how the dash lights up and has the oil temp on the rev counter, just looks cool.

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Hey Team 

Another few busy weekends gone by trying to get the sedan upto this point. 

So after getting a quote to get the subframe plates welded in i thought at that price i might as well buy a welder and try it myself... so i did.


heres my weld job not perfect but i think i did alright.



So plates are all done and i managed to bolt the whole rear end back in.


So heres the fun part i purchased a n62 oil pump and sump off Glenn who's a member on here a while back thinking one day id like to get the swap to work. Well i thought to myself if the cars already getting certed i should try and make the sump work. The dry sump still works but i quite like the idea of a clean setup, which is where i got the idea to modify the engine cross member to suit the sump. Since i already had the engine mounts ready for the motor and was already in a good position, it was a case of making the other stuff work. Worst case is it doesnt work and i go back to the Drysump setup.



N62 sump bolted to a spare m60 block



Modified cross member which i will look at boxing up later on.




Test Fitted but needed a little shaving off the oil pan hitting the steering rack


But other than that looks to be a winner with good clearance for the rack and powersteering lines.



Factory Alternator housing just fits too. So also test fitted the v8 420g box and im quite happy with the whole outcome. I swapped the output flange on the v8 420g with a m3 420g and reused the m3 gearbox cross member and m3 driveshaft, it all lined up and bolted together. Also did some test fitting with the Exhaust manifolds, due to the rear sump only number2 primary was fouling on the sump so i will look at making another one and tweaking it slightly to fit.



Just need to shave 3-4mm off the oil sump to make it flush with the engine block.






So i will test fit the other side next weekend and hopefully that fits with no issues. Only other hiccups i came across was the starter motor on the 4.6is motor is on the drivers side, so will have to relcoate that to the passager side and get a hole drilled into the block. Also a good thing i noticed was that X5 motors have their oil pump sprocket in the far corner like the n62 one. I see some people have had trouble finding the right sprocket and chain to match. Hopefully the X5 one will fit straight on.

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