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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Team So i'm a new member myself and thought i'd kill two birds with one stone and introduce myself. Names Richard and i'm here to share my journey with my dream car build. Yes you read it right i am going to drop a v12 into the best shape ( my opinion ) bmw ever made. So i had purchased the v12 motor and auto box off trade me late 2015. Have also managed to find a rare 6 speed box that come out of the 850csi bmw that i had to get shipped from Britain. Treated myself to a nice New Zealand new 2000 manual 232i for my birthday earlier this year. Very nice looking with the factory 18inch mags and msport half leather seats and factory spoiler kit too. So here the build begins. over the 3day weekend i disassembled the engine to start cleaning parts for the rebuild. Had already took the heads off and sent to an engineering place to price up getting some custom cams and an ITB set up made. I also have a full new gasket set, head bolts and piston rings that will be replacing all the old stuff, a custom dry sump set up from the states as the oil pan had to be modified to fit the factory cross member. Here are a few picture of the motor in bits. feel free to pass on feed back or any advice team happy to share this build with you guys.
  2. Now on trademe $1 reserve https://www.trademe.co.nz/2568092763 Looking at selling my e65 760i face-lift. Basic specs. 115km 6.0l V12. Short wheelbase e65 chassis. Cream leather interior in very good condition. More options than you can shake a stick at. First owner ordered direct in the UK as bmw nz would not supply the 760i in nz market. It was delivered and immediately shipped to nz where it was a 1 owner car for most of its life. Serviced at bmw dealership. Nzta search shows 3 760i in nz the other two being imported as used vehicles. At 112km it suffered the dreaded valley pipe coolant drip so the owner sold the car and it went into garage storage for 18 months. It has had this repair done with the uprated URO Valley pipe kit. And every single coolant hose, coolant orings, plus intake gaskets etc replaced with bmw genuine parts. Cooling system performs faultlessly now. The other big repair has been both high pressure fuel pumps have had the diaphragms replaced as this is a common fault. New ngk iridium plugs installed at the same time. Now that the car is done and reliable I've been slowly tidying it up but haven't had much use out of it other than the odd Sunday drive. Will be supplied with fresh wof. (less than 300km done since last check.) Faults. . Has a couple of scuffs on bumper corners and a few stone chips on the bonnet. Rear window has a crack where the boot shut on something against the glass. (is double glazed so only effects the outside layer. $13,000 Feel free to contact me on here with any serious enquiries.
  3. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1475948515 110kms!!! $7K NZ New Nice alloys - if a bit grubby Big sleek car with some real presence
  4. jeffbebe

    1991 E31 850i

    My new weekender and project. A pretty good starting point... Far better than I hoped for on my modest budget but I got lucky with a vendor desperate to sell before moving overseas. First thing that has to go are those ugly ass 80s exhaust tips, then a few cosmetics (msport bumpers, missing wheel cap, kerbing, etc) and some maintenance... Will start a project log soon. EDIT: Forgot to mention... For some bizarre reason it also has a towbar fitting. F*ck knows why you'd put a tow bar on one of these but someone did... And it I don't plan to keep it.
  5. Hi All, So the weekend was depressing as the timing case broke on my UTE just before the rebuild (more wasted money and hard to find part)...So in my searches on the interweb i came across a local who had a gem sitting in his driveway ready to be refresh or re-purposed. Its an 95 750il w 162k on the clock, its missing a few items but nothing that i am sure i would be able to find here or from our sponsors. Its currently de-registered, so that's where i am un-decided, so thoughts would be awesome as when my engineer finds out about me spending more money on other things i may need somewhere to hide Plan:???
  6. Anyone know where I can get a single engine mount urgently? Preferably new but could live with a good used one. My mechanic's lowered the subframe to do the Pitman arm and found one of the engine mounts is gone. The other one seems fine but if I can get two new ones reasonably priced I'll do both. EDIT: Part #22116750820. Not sure if a later M73 (850ci or E38 750) mount will fit?
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