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My new baby is on her way!!!!!!

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Good afternoon all,


I just have to tell someone. My new baby has left her home of the last 9+ years and started her journey down to me. I just can't wait. I used to have a 99 728i and I sold her for a 2003 730i E65. Wish I never had. So after 4 1/2 years of the E65, I am going back to the one car I have loved being in and driving. This time a 2001 728i in a lovely Steel Blue.


Oh the fun I am going to have.


I have already got plans to make her even more beautiful.

E38 Beige wood grab handles - ready and waiting

C pillar wood 'Porn Lights' - on their way

Working on replacing the original 16:9 HU with the Avant4 headunit which will work with the DSP, and yet give me all the modern features, but look like the original.


Bring it on baby


Thanks for listening to my dribble. I just want her here now.....







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The one that was listed on Trade Me over Xmas in the Hawkes Bay? If so was tempted myself as it seemed to be well looked after. And a good price too iirc.

Congrats on the purchase!

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I love Steel Blue! Our old E39 was that colour. Looks amazing on a gloomy day, or in direct sun, yet totally different.


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