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  1. ... it soon will be???
  2. Allanw

    Quick rant thread.

    My Mrs car has jumped up from $470ish to $590ish at AMI. I shopped around and the quote from AA (as a member) was $900! None of the online ones came in cheaper, so I just renewed it. More annoyingly... the house insurance is up $600 on last year!
  3. The hotter the engine runs, the more power it makes (to a point!) for the amount of fuel going in. The hotter the engine is, the less heat energy it can absorb from the combustion... so it helps economy by a tiny amount, and reduces emissions by a tiny amount. I changed our E39 525i (M54) to a fixed temp stat and did away with the Map-cooling. E39's didn't bring up a check engine light for no map-cooling, but did have a fault code (Which was dumb, because when the thermostat heater burnt out, they just ran really hot ALL the time!). The 6's didn't run *that* hot on the mechanical only anyway (98?), like the V8's did (108?). I didn't notice anything dramatic change as far as economy, but you want to make sure the new stat stays 100% closed until the engine is at operating temps, or it'll take longer to heat up and use way more fuel during the cold start enrichment phase. My first kit had a bleed hole drilled in the thermostat and it was stupid and unnecessary. I replaced it with a solid one and it was way better. Later cars may be a bit more complicated, but that unit looks like it still has a map-cooling heater anyway?
  4. If you have club card, and swiped it, they'll refund the difference withon a certain time frame 😉
  5. Allanw

    Quick rant thread.

    I've got one of those... Picked up in Auckland, 18/12/23... 3 days and it's somewhere between there and Whangarei. However, the NZPost parcel from Tauranga came overnight... INCLUDING Rural!
  6. Allanw

    Quick rant thread.

    At least it looks better than a Tesla!
  7. Allanw

    Quick rant thread.

    I launch this POS at them: OK... "Launch" might be a bit strong... but it sure scares people when it's converting petrol into noise and aimed directly at them 🤣
  8. Allanw

    Quick rant thread.

    And with the thread protrusion, you can put some nuts on the back now. Safety first! 🤣
  9. SA would move down the list for me. They aren't built quite the same. I'd take a german made one, every time. Like how SA E30's rusted in the weirdest places.
  10. I'm far ( Far, FAR) from an expert... just thinking out loud: but I'd have thought a bit of starter fluid would mean it would at least make a few more bangs... if the mechanicals were doing their things, at the right times??? Maybe? The white smoke like that is normally from uncombusted diesel... isn't it? not enough compression to pop it? (I know on a running diesel with a bad misfire, or a leaky injector letting fuel in at the wrong times etc, it can do white/grey smoke). If you have the injectors unplugged, does the cranking sound even? Was the motor from a reliable source? You've had the head off and done the valves, right? No obvious damage then? Maybe double check the timing process, or better yet - have a new pair of eyes look over it? Sorry 😬
  11. Well it's got a strong starter motor 😄 It sounds like a couple of cylinders are trying! Have you thought about trying a tiny puff of easy start? Do these bleed air out of the injector feed themselves, or do they need help?
  12. They wanted something more troublesome than a BMW??? I'd have rather got a trailer... at least it's easier to push than the Ranger... 😁
  13. https://www.repco.co.nz/oils-fluids/engine-oils-fluids/engine-oil/penrite-hpr-5-5w-40-engine-oil-5l-hpr05005/p/A1030655 Repco got HPR 5 5W-40 for $48 for 5 litres... ... so I've got 30 litres coming to go with the other 60 or so in the garage 😆
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