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  1. I bet Fiat could do it...
  2. Allanw

    Quick rant thread.

    Up here (Whangarei), they've taken to raising the "flush" covers of manholes etc, WEEKS and WEEKS before doing the road. One spot has them where your sump is, AND where they wheels should be... some of them look to be sticking up 80mm without even a ramp of hot mix around them! They've been like that since last week at least and still no new layer of hotmix added yet...
  3. I've got (Mum and Dads) pretty original '29 Tudor you can have for $34K Bargain!
  4. Allanw

    Quick Questions

    Pffft... haven't you been up north? I was in Broadwood (north Hokianga) and an 80's RWD corolla went past... no doors and 4 space savers. Just cruising down the main road, like it was normal. The kid driving it was probably 12. Not sure if the other occupants were his much younger siblings, or offspring 🤣
  5. Did they realise how slow it moved? 🤣 *jokes*... kinda 😉 Haha. Good result! Pisses me off that we have to stress about losing the things we work hard for!
  6. Allanw

    E39 oil burner

    Put a long tailpipe on (or a stack, even better!) and then the exhaust can go OUT of the environment.
  7. 'specially cos the three of them all just about look the same...
  8. Carondo or Trodo have new ones pretty cheap, if you struggle to get used.
  9. I think more essential than normal! Have you seen all the morons on the road??? It's seems they're ALL still driving around, at speed, while all the normal drivers stay home! Travelling home one afternoon last week, in 3 separate incidents; I was nearly hit twice and the the car in front of me had to take evasive action... and I only saw 12 cars the whole 10 km trip! And 5AM seems to be the time for 100km in 50 zones and not stopping for red lights... and there was only 3 cars the whole trip that day!
  10. Just like lead-free solder!
  11. It's not an unusual milage for them to need big end bearings done. It's just they left it one drive too many! The trick is to preventatively replace them BEFORE the crank gets damaged - waiting until now that it is too late possibly makes it a MASSIVE ballache job, instead of just a big expensive job.
  12. I think that went through Manheim Damaged Auction recently? had "engine issues?" from memory. I bet the crank is really cheap ECS has re-mans for US$3861.43
  13. He purchased the car with the Valiant motor already in it, but the car had been crashed decades ago. The body is basically brand new now, all straight, new panels and painted nicely everywhere. It's a real credit to him - mostly done in the (massive) garage at home.
  14. One of my neighbours has had quite a few of these over the years - I think he's only got one left now, but had 3 at one time. The current one was a 1970's racecar, with a Valiant slant 6 in it! The Austin motor sounded nicer though. He also had a Valiant Charger that looked like new, a couple of "Rover" RV8's, an MGB convertible, I think there was an MGC at one point and at least 5 different Healeys at various times. They REALLY are stunning cars, more so in the flesh, too!
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