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  1. Allanw

    Quick rant thread.

    Although... they make it so restrictive to get in... but do it so half-assed that it doesn't actually work properly. Family members who paid for quarantine had several "accidental" interactions with other quarantiners, that simply should never have happened!
  2. Having a ticket does NOT significantly increase your chances of winning anyway
  3. I love Steel Blue! Our old E39 was that colour. Looks amazing on a gloomy day, or in direct sun, yet totally different. Nice.
  4. This thread explain the gauge readings. I read the EEPROM from my cluster, and changed the gauge to read more useful numbers. The gauge readings were 100% waste of time - like the lights in modern cars.
  5. It's still being considered 🙂
  6. I went full yokel/redneck/retard: Full temp control 😄 Bacon:
  7. Hahaha. Standard. I have a wireless connection from a local supplier. On the odd occasion we've had a fault, the supplier (Ubernet) has fixed the faults before I knew I had a fault, or reported it! The last one, I was under my office desk, rewiring some RJ45 outlets and my mobile rang while I was using it as a torch - they were telling me I had a fault and I had to explain it was my fault - please ignore it 😄 The one prior to that, they showed up at the door with an electric chainsaw: "That tree is affecting your internet speed. Can I trim it for you?" They do fibre, but it's not in my rural area yet. I only have 20Mb/s, but it's constant... We're up to 400Gb this month, with 10 days to go. After months of pissing around with "Spark", over a decade ago, our house has remained entirely unconnected from their network. .
  8. Was that NZ's biggest ever E61 M5 meet???
  10. Allanw

    Stress. Anxiety.

    Graham, talking to a counsellor; who knows what they're doing; just listens and asks questions that are relevant, with no agenda of their own: is a really amazing thing. If you have an Employee Assistance Program at work, or can access it somehow, DO IT! Privately, it costs $85 a session up here.
  11. In addition to what 3pedals says, some bushes/components don't need much wear/age on them to create alignment or movement problems in a complex rear end. E39's are prone to it, and on my Current Touran (same as MK5, MK6 Golfs, B6 Passats and the likes), the lower inner arm bushes have a massive impact on suspension movements that cause inner wear. They go a tiny bit soft, and deflect under load, altering the geometry at bad times. Some tyres are far more prone to this than others too. I had similar wear on our old E39 in the earlier stages after we purchased it. I rebuilt the suspension, which tightened everything up, then had it aligned by a guy who knew what he was doing - I could visibly SEE the camber difference when my wife drove it home too! Also, I recently purchased Continental MaxContact6's for my Touran. I was previously having a similar wear pattern on the rear, but to a far lesser extent on the RE003's The Conti dealer had a cutaway of the Conti's I was fitting, and also my previous RE003 tyre (by coincidence) which was worn exactly the same as mine! It was clearly evident the RE003 wore excessively on the shoulder, between where the belt finished, and the outer corner of the tread. The belt was much narrower that the tread. This area wore a triangle off the inner edge, starting exactly where the belt finished. On this particular 215/50R17 Conti MC6 (I haven't comfirmed they are all the same), the belt was much wider, and ran right out to the tread edge. While his cutaway sample evidenced some wear on the inner side, it was very progressive and not at all like the narrower belted tyres - he's got plenty of examples sitting there to look at. He's been recommending the Conti's to heavy euro car owners, because he sees much better wear across them. He's actually an alignment specialist, and got into tyres more recently (maybe 10 or so years ago, after he and his father doing alignments only for probably 50 years!) He keeps these cutaways out for everyone to see and often uses them to talk people up from cheap/chinese tyres (the construction is dramatically "lighter" - scary, in fact! Even for the same load ratings)
  12. Allanw

    E39 oil burner

    Is it going on a road trip tomorrow then??????
  13. I've owned some really oddball cars, and regret selling a LOT of them... but I always knew I'd regret not keeping Dads E30, but I really miss it more than I expected ? A LOT more! I think we should have kept it as the classic and sold the '29 Ford model A instead! This was my olds car for damn close to half my life, 18 of my 42 years! I kept the cobwebs well cleared out of it during my late teens and early 20's. Even got breath tested with like 7? people in it! I drove it before Dad did and even drove it home from the dealer, while Dad followed (trying to keep up!) in my sisters VL Commodore. ?
  14. Nah... they'll still manage it! The electric system has coolant, and the transmission must still have oil - It'll probably all get out some time! ?... Especially the UK ones!
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