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  1. She's driving a Demio... I surprised she DIDN'T die! The effects of Dad's eating a strong curry can write one of those off!
  2. The 728i is even quicker if it has the sort diff ratio option. The 730i V8 was pretty much the dog of the range - like an E30 320i auto.... uses the same/moe fuel than the bigger engines, ends up slower than the smaller engines 😕 The M52TU in the later ones was a much more advanced engine... though the little V8 sounded nice... (mostly because it worked hard a lot!)
  3. Allanw

    Quick rant thread.

    That's SO accurate!
  4. Allanw

    E39 oil burner

    That number plate appears to be absolutely indestructible, based on the front bumper condition...
  5. Allanw

    E39 oil burner

    Ummm... no. These things take time 😄
  6. Allanw

    E39 oil burner

    Is that the same colour as your old 540i Touring? Also, you didn't tell everyone that you got out of trouble for buying this, by letting your Mrs buy a Lambo 😉 Works for me though - I can keep the Defender a bit longer, right? 😎
  7. Technically, this post inspired me to START smoking🤣 I just vac packed about 4kg last night! Well done though - 10 years!
  8. ^^^This! I ran 3 or 4 cans of varying brands trough the Mrs FSI Touran over a week or so... then stripped it down to clean out the intake. It appears the sprays did sweet F.A. A litre of petrol, a bit of speedo cable in a drill, a plastic scraper, and a suction device had it looking cleana nd running smoother. There's one way to clean it out with sparays, it appears. Regular use *may* help, but I suspect it'd have to be so regular that it would bankrupt you.
  9. Pretty much any E39 you buy can EASILY eat $1-2K in parts - and that's if there is nothing "wrong" to start with. We had a manual 525i sedan. The fuel consumption between the 525i, 530i and 540i IF driven similarly, isn't that different at all. The V8 uses a bit more around town, but not that much really.. It CAN use a lot more, but it goes places a lot faster if you do! The auto 525i is working a bit harder, so probably actually uses more in town the the 530i, and the 520i (even the 2.2 M54 version) is a waste of time really - the only advantage is usually the lower purchase price - it's certainly not going to save you any fuel, while it's hauling around the same weight of car (which is the biggest determining factor of fuel consumption in practical terms)
  10. Bare minimum; You should be required to spell your own name correctly. That should remove 30% of the current "drivers" from the road!
  11. I fitted a GP2 by Speedbuster to my VW R32 VR6 powered Touran... It's adjustable via phone bluetooth. I did it to REDUCE the throttle sensitivity,, because I struggled to control it smoothly =- it was either 100% nana, or full on launch! The advantage with the GP2 is that it has a custom setting where you can set your own curve - it doesn't apply it instantly at startup though - I turn on my ignition, press the throttle to the floor, and it's set. Your way would be so bad though, as it would get more sensitive as soon as you started driving. It's sold as the Speedbuster GP2, the MAD Go Pedal and mine was actually supplied by TMC motorsport, though it was ordered via a speedbuster website: https://www.tmcmotorsport.com/power-pedal-accelerator-tuning-phone-controls
  12. M54's need to have time-serts fitted when the head comes off for the gasket - Torqueing up head bolts straight into the head regularly fail - They don't need to be overtorqued at all. You may still be able to fit time-serts now, assuming the holes haven't been screwed too much. They drill out the holes, and thread the time sert into the head, then the head bolts screw into the timesert.
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