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    All I know is- if you can see the mountain, it's going to rain. And if you can't, it's already raining!
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    These are now in my boot. Tyres are all different one is good the others are all stuffed. Yep they need a bit.of work but nothing I can't handle. There will replace the TSW hockienhimes that were stolen from my back yard a few months ago.
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    Once it’s up an running properly w chip I’ll look at dynoing it
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    @Gabe79 is great to deal with, everything worked exactly as expected, and he went out of his way to get it done, I would have no worries dealing with him again.
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    100% will look amazing with a little work. Well worth the 300 bucks. I have a Vapour blaster and polishing equipment so Will just be a bit of time. The lips will need all need a machine to remove some curb rash, but look good.otherwise.
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    I think this thread will require pics when the wheels are finished.
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    Well 6 months later the dream has finally come a reality. Probably the best Christmas present I could ask for. Its been worth the 2.5years to finally be able to drive a car that I built myself in the garage. All she needs now is a wof and ‘tara’ will be on the street. Modifying a car from the other end of the island has been a challenge to say the least but it’s done now and I can enjoy it for what it is. Bring on summer! I will get some more updated pics when I’m with the car and hope to button up all the little bits left.
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    What suspension did you switch to?
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    One detail we are missing, I'm assuming it's an automatic Lol we've both made the same mistake - I've assumed it's an auto, and you've assumed manual....... one of us is right hahaha. Agree completely the guibo will not cause the whine. Does the whining noise sound anything like in this guy's video?
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    Don't stretch fit the correct width tyre!