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    Kill it with fire. FWD and looks like a Daewoo. This is why they lost the war!
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    here is a vid, again all filmed on private roads
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    Evening Team So the day has come finally and we have got the M60b44 with 5 speed swap up and running. Long time coming but was worth it. shifts really smoothly, sounds great alot quicker that the auto box. Took her for a few test runs, gave all the helpers a go at drive her too. So just small things to sort out now. tidy up electric fan wiring, get a bracket for the clutch fluid reservoir, Gear knob, put bonnet back on and get a final tune. One question for you guys if you can help out in any way. 5th gear keeps popping out, it won't even stay in position at all. any ideas of what could be the problem? Thanks Richard
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    Welcome, I have the much more practical E61 M5 wagon. I think Brent @BM WORLD has an aftermarket exhaust for sale, try PMing him.
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    Only if it's a genuine Alpina, and not another Japanese badges and stickers special. The fact that it has not even got the Alpina rims on it would make me very sceptical of it being the real deal. Even if it is, putting the right wheels back on it would cost big $$$. Pretty sure Alpina wouldn't use an armoured protection vehicle as the basis of a "sports limo", easy enough to tell if it is from the weight of the vehicle. Will clean up to a pretty cool car with or without the provenance.
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    Imports have gone up though. 7 x M5 Station Wagon from UK, 1 x M5 Station Wagon from Japan. However, two of those are listed with 4,400cc engine with 2012 and 2014 build dates so looks like some clown can't tell the difference between a sedan and a station wagon. So realisically it is now 6 x M5 Wagon. Still not that far from being rocking horse poo though.
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    i call bullshit that old thing hasnt moved in years.