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  1. Cars running spacers need to be certified so more hassle than its worth usually. You run the risk of insurance refusal in the case of an accident etc. Also, no way to verify the legitimacy of the JWL/VIA/forged stampings on the wheels if they are not identifiable to a certain brand and model of wheel so I would assume it is just fake alloy with fake stamping.
  2. qube

    Quick rant thread.

    Prices for raw coffee beans have seen inflation like any other. Add to that the cost of everything else that goes into the sourcing, roasting, packing of coffee beans, then to the cafe for grinding, preparing and making your coffee (sometimes with milk - dairy prices also up) so $6.50 or thereabouts is not crazy anymore in the current world standard. I was paying 5-6 euros when I visited some nice cafes in europe 3 years ago. NZ enjoyed amazing good quality coffee for years at $4-4.50 but this is not sustainable anymore. I reckon around $7 a cup will and should be the new standard if you want a decent cup of coffee from a proper cafe. More if you opt for alt milks like oat, coconut, almond etc. A good alternative is to invest in a good quality coffee grinder $100-200, buy your own whole beans from your favorite roaster, and brew hot coffee yourself using something simple like a french press or a moka pot - both great if you like your coffee black. You can also get a milk steamer/ frothing wand if you need/want it white or add hot water and a dash of milk. This is much easier than the $1000's home espresso machines which are not the easiest things to use. Nespresso machines are also quick and easy but taste is..
  3. Not sure what the wheels are but if they were a genuine brand named wheel then would expect some type of identifiable marking somewhere on the wheels so if there is none, I would assume it is an aftermarket replica or no brand wheel and disregard the "FORGED" stamping as it cannot be verified.
  4. Spotted an E21 in the wild, spoke to the owner who had it since new and its done half a million ks and a phoenix yellow m3!
  5. Nah, I never made a separate thread for this car. But i do have one for my previous white m135i from few years ago. There is a bit of a write up on there about these cars and my thoughts havent changed.
  6. Sold it for much less than the asking price of the one in your link unforunately. I think its crazy good value these cars honestly, I would happily recommend it to anyone who was in the market for a hot hatch that does almost everything from daily, weekend, carry lots of things in the back, and still has 4 doors and seats. feel free to PM me or ask on here if you have any questions.
  7. I have a set of style 400m in gunmetal grey if you ever want to flip off those wheels and get factory 18” wheels back on
  8. bump! still available, probably one of the best deals for a 130i on the market if anyone is looking.
  9. Looks great! Did you get in trouble for taking photos at that location? I know that the shop owners are never happy with people coming into their private carpark for photoshoots haha
  10. Would that be any different to the ones you can get landed for $300nzd using aliexpress?
  11. Tyres are not too old, 3 years, but still I would think changing them would make a difference. Do some of your own research so you dont get salesman'ed into getting something you dont need. You could potentially order from Hyper tyres and get it delivered to your local fitters
  12. Side note, a while ago I bought a car sight unseen and transported to me. There were heaps of things I wasnt happy about that was not disclosed. Obvious things that I would have liked to know in advance. Things that I would have pointed out if I inspected and picked up the vehicle myself. Probably I would have tried to get the price down to compensate. Nevertheless I was still okay with it given the price and overall "deal" of the purchase. Anyway, I emailed the seller after I received the car about these issues and he just didnt reply, even though prior to completing the sale, every txt, email and call was responded to instantly. Ultimately, it was my own decision to buy the car in this manner so it is my own fault (read: responsibility).
  13. I think you should keep it very simple. No real need or reason to give advice on how to remedy the issue. Just say what you already told us above - you disclosed all the information you had about the vehicle, had it serviced and wof'd, and it was sold in good faith. It has now been a month and a half and any issues he currently has is his own responsibility. You can say that are happy to give free verbal advice or recommendations on where to go for servicing/repairs since you are an enthusiast or knowledgeable about these cars but ultimately any cost of repairs is not your responsibility. No point trying to sugar coat it. Better to be clear and upfront but still be kind. (thank aunty Cindy for teaching me that)
  14. Too late now to worry about adaptive suspension so not much point thinking about that unfortunately. Also, I believe that if you have Msport suspension without adaptive, then that would be the same as "normal/comfort" mode in adaptive and putting it in sport chassis mode makes it even more stiffer so actually it wouldnt help in your case? What brand/model runflat tyres do you have on currently? Goodyear Eagle F1 Run Flat - which one? Asymmetric 5? is it staggered front and rear? Some are better than others. I would definitely consider changing them to a different tyre because as Navin said above, it can definitely make a huge difference. Also it is something you can do (relatively easily). I want to suggest you try to find a set of wheels with non runflat tyres to try it on your car before committing to buy a new set of tyres but I think the G chassis BMWs have the newer PCD stud pattern so wont be as easy to find someone with a set of wheels with non runflat tyres. Maybe check a dealership for a similar model car, see what tyres and suspension set up it has and compare the drive with yours so you have a better understanding of the issue and then figure out how to address it?
  15. All the stuff you wrote above regarding transparency, clear file worth of receipts, dealer fitted tyres, the price, the age, the price/value is basically irrelevant. You definitely went above and beyond a typical seller, presented the car accurately as possible and got it serviced (at your cost I assume). It is always buyers responsibility to do his own checks and not take your word or the audi's service report as the final word. If he decided to base his decision to buy on the information you provided him, that is his choice and also his consequence to face any potential issues down the line (1.5 months down the line).
  16. qube

    Quick rant thread.

    I would imagine that the most they could do is find whoever the vehicle is registered to, insurance named drivers is a totally different thing.
  17. Low kms is overrated 🙄
  18. Wouldnt underestimate cargo space in an F20 and 8.7l/100km or 11.5km/l is damn solid imo for a 3L turbo. Not much worse than a 2L petrol imo. anyway car is sold now so.. anyway big fan of the f31 but just pricing is a bit up there for what it is
  19. qube

    Elias' 135i project

    Had a little chuckle at “guard rolling technician” haha If you have the time and patience I suggest giving it a go yourself. I think a few members on here might have a roller to lend you if you ask.
  20. @Sammo we have also been considering swapping out dads F20 116i for a F31 320i or 320d wagon but at around 20k it seems like a bit much for what is now a 10 year old car. I think the prices will drop further to around 15k. I have seen some quick sales around 16-18k but plenty still being listed for 20-25k. All of them seem to be around 100k kms so expect a lot of gasket leaks and potentially annoying/costly repairs on top of the purchase price. I would be happier to find one with 130+kms and more work done but nothing much available on the market. Plenty of things to go wrong in cooling system, suspension, bushes, etc in typical BMW fashion. Timing chain issues are definitely something to keep in mind with both the petrol and diesel engines on these so service history and listening to the engine sound will be very key to finding one that is hopefully not going to cause drama. Frequent oil changes are a must. The petrol version will be fine but the diesel with much higher torque would be nice. I think if doing short trips then petrol probably the safer option, diesel if more open road long distance driving which will make up for the RUC too. Electric steering is fine IMO. It doesnt offer the same feedback as traditional steering but for what it is, it is easy to drive, and in sport mode offers slightly more weighted feeling which is good enough for a 2L wagon. Im a big fan of the F25 X3 but imo must be M Sport otherwise it wobbles around like a boat on corners. Decent prices on these but exactly the same issues as above. Just comes down to preference on wagon/suv. (you should have convinced the wife to buy my M135, I basically had to give it away 😢)
  21. qube

    Quick rant thread.

    very random, I wonder what would happen/how they would react if you lead with "what seems to be the problem officer" when they asked for your ID? haha I think it is very likely that they ran your plate whilst following you prior to pulling you over so they would have already checked the car ownership then just got a visual match from inspecting your DL.
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