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    Cooked Motor Question

    The cambelt was still attached to this too.

    Cooked Motor Question

    Just because the timing belt is fitted doesn't mean it's working/turning correctly, My partners car chucked the woodruf key, thankfully the 4A series are non-interference, so mainly it was amusing, crank was fine, only pulley damaged. You can check the motion of the belt/pistons by removing all the plugs, and turning the engine over by hand (or with a socket/bar on the timing pulley (Clockwise only!)) and make sure TDC is where it should be. To find TDC you can put a long socket extension down the plug hole
  3. Brand new set, I bought both type A and type B as I didn't want to pull the cluster out and apart twice, I used type B. This is version A which consists of the following gears: 12 + 44x16 + 40x28 + 28x22 . https://store.garagistic.com/Parts-catagories/odometer-gears/e30-odometer-repair/KMH motometer gears?sort=pd.name&order=ASC Just looking to get back (a little less) than I paid for it, $40. If you bought them today you'd be looking at about NZ$45 plus freight etc.
  4. I won it in a mammoth promotion, alas I have a wedding to attend that weekend. first in first served.
  5. All yours. PM me your email.

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    I think that would affect top speed and fuel consumption more than handling
  7. That was smashing bro, Crushed him, Dented his ego,
  8. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1756592930.htm?rsqid=134fb5eaa0bd48e08e9537c320b192f7 Accidental Repost, original: Worth at least 1.8K because it still drives apparently.

    2003 e39 540i MSport – Valuation

    It really depends, what the market thinks and how long you are happy to wait for a sale, a member here sold his example for under 3K, I forget the mileage, but it took over a year to sell, with the price dropping every few months. So if you’re in a hurry you could probably try for 6 or 7k, motorsports do benefit form the Motorsport tax, and the M62TU is better in my opinion. For someone dead set on a low mileage late mode 540 Motorsport in silver, you’d probably be able to get more than 8K... But as ever; things are only worth what someone will pay for them. make use of the expired auction search tool on Trademe.

    Quick Questions

    As a rule, once they get below 1.5V per cell (there are 6 cells), they will never recover, even . Though they will hold charge, they won’t have any amps and any draw will drop the volts, below 1V per cell is proper f**ked. There is a machine that can shock charge them to try dislodge the calcification, but it’s hit and miss. I’ll spare you the chemistry lesson. I get trade at YHI, but not sure if I can get you one near you and freight would be a bitch.

    Quick rant thread.

    I can’t beleive it’s reflective haha! That seems maybe illegal? hells teeth, I’ve seen some shitty things done to BMW’s over the years, but this takes the cake.

    SOLD: 1993 E34 550 Touring $4K

    Yep... Long story short, I've had a change in circumstances, the car is still in Auckland, and I can't really justify nice things right now... or this year... maybe not next year either. Seeking to get what I paid for it $4000, and I'm firm on that. It's not running great, but very likely to simply be a combination of a vacuum leak, and the distributors needing replaced IMO. Other treasures include boot not locking, front passenger window not working, front wheel bearings being shot, at least one tie rod needing replaced, and the key sucking to use in the drivers door are all that spring to mind presently. It's not perfect, but, it's certified, and a lot of car for the money, huge potential for someone to turn this into something very cool, I'd planned manualisation amongst other things, but I'm having to sell off a few toys to get out of a bind, fun times.

    E30 Ignorance - $40k - $65k Really?

    It may not be completely insane, people are asking for 20k and more for E30 M325 that aren’t close to this kind of condition and with f**k all history. Plus if the Alpina stuff is for real, that’s super rare. Its probably over priced for NZ, but globally speaking maybe about right. Dude is a car yard also, so that’s a 25% mark up to be expected anyway.

    BMW M2 drivers review by yours truely

    Yeah man, seriously, keep it up, and don't keep it to the new cars, if there's one thing I enjoy on car shows, is reviews on old awesome cars, TopGear did 850CSi, M1 and more, and I always get a kick out of it. I think they once did an E28/E34/E39/E60 M5 side by side comparison and drag race once. I'm sure some people here would let you have a hoon in assorted MXXX and MX cars. I for one would love to see a side by side of a 135, 335 and 535, I think you'd get a sh*t tonne of views because many people ask which is best for them.
  15. My sump was about that low on me E30 320. It got removed and folded under the chassis with the exhaust manifold by a manhole that was sitting too high. 10/10 wouldn't do again.
  16. On the vehicle information for an E36 328is Msport the last line is S962 Engine characteristic curves

    1990s european touring car anyone?

    Hahaha, yeah, that's for damn sure.

    New BMW owner.

    I’ve also heard horror stories of the later V8’s blowing a water line inside the V, dang BMW, get yer sh*t together.

    1990s european touring car anyone?

    Niiiiice. i think this is what James May took on the Top Gear Africa special.

    E30 335 - 25K

    TradeMe Interesting for some perhaps, I've always thought an alpina E30 B6 3.5 would be a delightful drive, next best thing at an affordable price. Images for posterity.
  21. I'm forever sick of finding a link to an old auction, and being greeted by that stupid 'this listing has expired' message. Last night someone pointed this inconspicuous little upside down caret. I don't remember them mentioning this in any of their 100 f**king emails they send me each week. Which pops this box up And takes you here Helpful working out what things do or don't sell for, as well as what price drops the seller has made.

    New BMW owner.

    E36 BMW + 4 Cylinder engine also = engine oil leaks in my experience, around the damn oil filter case.

    Any idea what E36 option S962 is?

    Intriguing and exciting, Is it plausible it was made in SA for the UK? another option is L812 NATIONAL VERSION GREAT BRITAIN https://www.etkbmw.com/bmw/EN/vin/decoder/ES91857/EN

    New BMW owner.

    What did I miss?