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  1. have you tried the 2002 Facebook page?
  2. a guy on the 2002 nz page had a look at it a few days ago and posted up some pictures. sills are completely gone. interior is covered in mould, meaning it's been full of moisture, he was unable to open the boot and judging by the rest of the rust I would say most likely rusty as well. the firewall is rusty as is the inner guards. it will need a full blast and assess what needs to be done. a few bits of rust is an understatement.
  3. try the 2002 Facebook site. Brett Taylor is the creator.
  4. I have only usee them a couple of times and have been happy. I have mates that have rebuilt cars almost exclusively from rock auto. I also know of a brake and clutch shop that buys caliper rebuild kits for stock from there.
  5. have a look at rock auto. prices are good you can probably get the important parts through them. quick freight also.
  6. do you know if it's a tu motor? I'm tempted to put my m52b28tu crank in it.
  7. is it a auto or manual motor. I have a dme for a manual ish any one wants it.
  8. try the 2002 face book page also. as a last resort try murry Fullerton down in papakura. 021 978 254. he has 5 ish 2002. everything's for sale but he knows what stuff is worth and charges accordingly.
  9. a guy in the e21 world brought a set of flares from him and scraped them due to the poor quality. grab something hard plastic, a screwdriver handle works well. or nilon. and run it over every corner and edge. if there are air bubbles in the glass they will most likely be in there. you will need to use good pressure as he may have used a thick layer of gel and you want to break this to expose the air pocket. you should not scratch it but if you do, it will be minor and you have to prep to paint any way.
  10. i will be needing the help of a rust certification inspector for the e21. is he shore only or will he travel to teh dark south
  11. i think you already know what to do and answered your own question towards the end there
  12. I have a pair of headlights that were a failed attempt to retro fit. You can have both for 40 bucks. (must take both) +postage note- once i got them side by side it was very obvious that the retrofit would not work so they were never pulled apart.
  13. yes it will but it will most likely not last long
  14. Mr Vapour

    Free E30 parts

    Thanks for teh lights. Have yet to check but i do hope that i have not ended up with two RH projectors haha
  15. why has your 325 got a b20 in it. Would you not be wanting to put a b25 back in? or are you racing in the 2.0l BMW class ??
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