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    E39 540i touring

    Colleague went to look at it....basically you'd only buy it for the wheels and engine to part out was the verdict
  2. BrettVW

    2001 530i e39 metallic red $4700

    Are the wheels genuine ACS?
  3. BrettVW

    WTB: Hartge wheels

    If you search 'Hartge' in Facebook marketplace a set will come up. Asking was $800. He hasn't checked for buckles so would recommend making the purchase subject to that.
  4. BrettVW

    BMW Running cost

    Import or NZ new?
  5. BrettVW

    EOI: Genuine Borbet Type B (e30)

    Ah, they closed down recently. My set of BBS was the last job they did. Stellar job so unfortunate that they're gone.
  6. BrettVW

    EOI: Genuine Borbet Type B (e30)

    Just as a side note, where were you quoted $40 to dip/blast them? That's super cheap
  7. BrettVW

    BBS RC090

    Too late, https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1665698868 Need the space back anyway. Too many sets of wheels on the go currently
  8. BrettVW

    BBS RC090

    BBS RC090 aka BMW Style 5 https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1665698868 17x8 ET20 5x120 E39 centrebore but come with rings Front tyres are 205/40 Hifly with 5-6mm tread Rear tyres are 215/40 Evergreen with 4-5mm tread Located Auckland
  9. BrettVW

    BBS RC090

    Ah well, will just $1 reserve them and see where the market puts the price
  10. BrettVW

    BBS RC090

    Bump, have I really missed the mark that much on pricing? $1650
  11. BrettVW

    '92 E32 740il

    Cheers, This one was originally owned by the head of BMW NZ I believe.
  12. BrettVW

    '92 E32 740il

    Offered for sale is a beautiful BMW 7-series in E32 chassis - 1992 BMW 740il v8 4.0 This classic, timeless, luxury sedan looks great and gets complimented everywhere it goes. Vehicle drives and handles great. Starts right up , shifts without any issues and embraces the road just like a German flagship is meant to. Pleasure to drive. Gray metallic exterior over light gray leather interior. Paint is overall nice and shiny. All the gauges work! Power windows, seats and mirrors everything work as well as the sunroof! Cold AC. I purchased it from the previous owner who unfortunately let the registration lapse due to other commitments taking all of his time. It has since been re-complied and cleaned up to the state you see it in now. Since purchasing it has had brake discs and pads front and rear. Oil, brake fluid and coolant service. New rear tyres. A machine polish. Small bits like the bonnet gas struts and wiper rubbers have been done also. Service history with BM workshop. $1 reserve auction More details on the trademe link. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1612455610 745466937 by Brett Fraser, on Flickr 745466954 by Brett Fraser, on Flickr Selling to fund other ventures. Would like this car to go to an enthusiast.
  13. BrettVW

    '92 E32 740il

    Decided to $1 reserve it as it's taking up space at work and really have no interest in owning a car currently. Bidding is up to $260......hopefully I get at least $265! https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1612455610
  14. BrettVW

    '92 E32 740il

    Oops, forgot to put it in the post. Asking on trademe is $6500 but I am certainly open to negotiation as it isn't in perfect condition.
  15. They do look very good too. Was looking at them. Most likely selling the car when I've finished cleaning it up however so no more cash to be sunk into it other than servicing costs at this stage.
  16. Hello all, I happened to come back to the side of car ownership after nearly a year without(the joys of company cars). Saw this gem of a 740il on a Facebook for sale page and after realising what wheels were on it, I knew I had to have it. Booked in a viewing for the Saturday and took it away that afternoon. Unfortunately the registration has lapsed so the car needed need recompliance before it was ready for summer cruising. It's now re-registered and road legal. New battery and wheels fitted. Brake fluid and coolant done. Brake rotors and pads all round. Yet to do: Oil service Cut and polish Interior clean Rear tyres Bonnet struts Centre caps for wheels A/C regas Paintless dent removal It drives so nicely for a car with over 200km's! New wheels
  17. The new wheels are 18x8.5 ET13. 225/45/18. BBS RC from an E39
  18. I 100% agree with you there. However, they have been removed for a refinish. After that I will look into what to do with them.
  19. Thought I'd leave a couple pics of my old static E36 here too. Miss that ruined POS every now and then
  20. BrettVW

    CHEAP STYLE 5’s!!!

    How much are you looking for on that set?
  21. BrettVW

    FS: 14" BBS RS242

    Bump, now on trademe. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1081880673
  22. BrettVW

    FS: 14" BBS RS242

    Fully refurbished Lips have had all slight bends removed and mirror polished Faces were stripped and powdercoated silvery grey by Procoat Assembly bolts stripped and new chrome plating done Hex nuts were mirror polished with the lips and brand new genuine BBS logo caps added 14x6 ET30 4x100 57.1 centre bore $3500. Price is firm. Located Auckland Photos: http://s1217.photobucket.com/user/BrettGTIDUB/library/BBS%20RS242?sort=3&page=1
  23. BrettVW


    Can vouch for this. Half the wheels above are/were mine. Excellent finish every time.
  24. BrettVW

    Getting a cert with stretched tyres

    Yes its tread inside guard. As long as the stretch is legal and it doesn't rub its fine
  25. BrettVW

    Getting a cert with stretched tyres

    Unless its a falken tyre