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  1. Yeh all done now did it an hour big achievement finally can drive the beast
  2. Its done I did it on weekend just can't bleed clutch spent 3 hours and still nothing. I have even unbolted slave so nipple was facing up and still clutch stays on floor
  3. well ray said he would install all of it for 500 but ive done over half the work myself and he still wants 500
  4. Can't get the car there as it's already in pieces n I'll give 200 to whoever finishes it
  5. Can someone come and complete my manual conversion this weekend I've had enough of it all that's left is install pedal box gearbox clutch line dshaft and exhaust
  6. it wasnt cheap they quoted me $2xx something each
  7. Where can I find some pressure plate bolts
  8. what can i use or does anyone have a clutch alignment tool
  9. i can get a braided one but way too expensive
  10. Not bothered just need one mate
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