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  1. bmpower

    My New Trolley

    First up nice car Glenn, you'll enjoy it! I'm just gonna throw this out there but I am a Sales Manager for Kia and I have been driving a Kia Stinger for over 6 months now, well am on my 4th V6 Sport and 2nd 4cyl GT Line (demo's). Honestly one of the best cars I've ever driven. You'd be hard pushed to find anything comparable for $60/70k in any brand! Awesome quality and well spec'd and performance which would rival many. On launch we drove them round Taupo track and they were pretty impressive to be honest, considering its their first shot but it shows Albert Bierman (ex BMW M division) and Peter Shreyers (ex Audi/VW) input into the Korean brands (Kia/Hyundai). Quality and reliability is fantastic and below shows my recently sold 2007 Sorento (199,000Kms) towing in my broken 135i with half the kms recently! Sorento never let me down and towed the racecar with ease, much better than my old diesel Prado! My 2c...
  2. bmpower

    E82 135i H&R Sport springs - Brand new

    Are these lows? What sort of drop? I'm keen!
  3. bmpower

    4x100 Deep dish

    Have a set of these in 16x8, good dish. http://esmwheels.com/access/009r-p-88.html Very good condition - brought them in from the states for a project that never took off! PM me if interested!
  4. bmpower

    E36 3.73 medium open diff cheap

    Pretty sure i have a 3.15 lying around here if you need one - pm me your details and i'll check this weekend if you like...
  5. bmpower

    No Longer for Sale Sorry

    Factory manual or converted? ABS?
  6. bmpower

    BMW E30

    G260 or 240? What did you do to the engine? Thanks.
  7. bmpower

    BMW E30

    How much are you wanting for this Ray? Is it factory manual 325i se?
  8. Hey, i have some E36 Hamann 17x8.5 which i would sell. Give me a call if interested. 021 02 777666
  9. bmpower


    Teaser of what it looks like on some decent wheels....!
  10. bmpower


    Greg mine weighs 5kg vs factory 13kg, but its custom so i don't see why they couldn't leave another kg on if you wanted 6kg.... On a side note when the manual conversion was done on my 323i E36 we went from dual mass to single mass flywheel (not sure on weights) but talk about a differece!! E: I've also made orders with Turner Motorsport and they were great to deal with and the parts didn't take long to arrive.
  11. bmpower


    Exactly, nice and light! From memory the price of it was within your budget. You need to talk to MP Autoparts down here for a clutch, they are highly recommended and priced very well! Attached is a pic of S13 clutch they made for me - non sprung 5-Puk. They make them all in house and are priced well. They also did an uprated pressure plate for me. The best thing is even with the lightened flywheel, uprated pressure plate and non-sprung clutch the pedal feel is fso much softer than the after-market clutch that came out (sure it was Exedy).
  12. bmpower


    Get one custom made mate - the pic is mine from the S13. I can get you the details of who did it if you like.
  13. bmpower


    I would also consider swapping for a non motorsport, non abs, factory 325i manual f/l coupe, sedan or wagon...
  14. bmpower


    pics of engine, rust and interior...
  15. bmpower


    Yup will do tomorrow mate!