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    Lowered on Bilstien adjustables with Tein racing springs in the front and AC/ Bilstein damper control shocks in the rear, front and rear AC strut bars, 18' E46 M3 rims, AC short shift kit, AC rear spoiler, inlarged front and rear swaybars, clear indicaters all round, angel eye headlights. Fusion Ipod docking stereo.
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    1993 E34 530 V8 (Daily)
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    2006 V70R

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  1. Probably many have tried and failed when it came to the bimmers, thank you EWS.
  2. Just a CSI with go fast bits attached an an excessivly expensive M8 badge.
  3. Some VIP here in NZ had an M8 badge made for him, something like $200 for the custom badge to go on his CSI.
  4. Better than average! Interior is MINT.
  5. Ha that'll make it harder for him.
  6. Nothing like that Clinton. E85 is putting its own noise into the cabin, F10 is using artificial noise.
  7. Greg111

    X5 Offroading?

    Gearbox failure, more than likely a software fault than a mechanical one.
  8. Greg111

    Benz E63 AMG

    Interesting comments... Each model is always going to be better than the previous otherwise BMW may as well shut the doors. Everyone has their own opinions on what they like better and prefer to drive, it's what we do. I love the savageness of the E60 and weirdly enough to me it seems more raw than the E39. Oh and who said the F10 was boring....f**k sakes!
  9. If Mark doesn't buy the charger off you i'll be pissed. I'm working on him.
  10. We have 3 hospitals in HB that are all abandend, one of which will be turned into apartments this year. They are very spooky. I'd love to explore them!
  11. Same as the BMW Mini BOV is plumbed into firewall.
  12. No it didn't help in this instance. I've seen it work 100% on a touring car however.
  13. Yep, seen race cars that have caught fire around engine area and that's the best thing to do, keep cranking to suck flames.
  14. I like the Z4s. The 3.0 manual goes like a shower of sh*t, no need for transplant with that M54. We have bugger all known issues with the 85s, fair few around our area too.
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