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  1. Reminds me of Homer Simpson building a BBQ. You should clean it up & sell it as modern art.
  2. Precision Autowerk in Glenfield. Ask for someone - no idea who to speak to but they've done a great job when I've used them...
  3. Have you got the other temp dial (normally next to the vents) on the dash turned to blue?
  4. "Throw another chariot on the barbie, mate"
  5. How about we just call you Pablo?
  6. There was an Alpine retrofit kit which includes an amp, front speakers & some new tweeters for behind the wing mirrors. Not sure if it was an OEM kit or just plug & play. I looked at it, but decided that the $700 USD was a bit steep for what I wanted. No doubt there are other aftermarket solutions now as well.
  7. Needs more 1980's Gary Busey
  8. Isnt that the definition of a recall (that the manufacturer will rectify the issue free of charge)? Maybe what you need to check is if the recall has been done - which a dealer should be able to tell you.
  9. I think technically it called a home invasion as he was home at the time....
  10. Someone like styrobeck?
  11. Tried Mr Minit at Botany?
  12. That's still basically the way it's done today. There is a lot more electronic smarts in modern systems (particularly in network switches & telecommunications infrastructure) but they all still rely on quartz based OCXO's (Ovenised oscillators) for stable local references. In the data world, they also use master clocks at the centres of the telco networks (caesium or rubidium clocks) but still rely on quartz for on board local applications. The new generation of quartz based references (OCXO) are now approaching the lower performance end of atomic clock stability which is quite a stunning leap in the technology. And the better the performance of your reference, the more data you can move....
  13. I was with you until you put that stereo in.... Looking good apart from that!
  14. That sounds almost the complete opposite of the sketchy dude I'm thinking of....
  15. The trademe name..... Long story about what a "special" trader Strat1 was some time back - might still be in the search.