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  1. kingkarl

    2018 M5 iX Touring?

    Ron aren't you about 80 years old? If so, surely you're old enough to realise everything's about money. BMW might sell you the emotive ultimate driving machine lifestyle but in reality they are in it for one thing. You can question the global strategy but to do so smells of arrogance and shortsightedness. The company isn't catering to your needs so it must be going down the gurgler? haha yeah right
  2. kingkarl

    New ACC levies from July

    Annual ACC levy for the average motorcyclist: $337 p.a. Average cost of injury for the average motorcyclist: $1100+ p.a. As a rider I hear you, but we don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to arguing we are overcharged.
  3. kingkarl

    E28 M5 forsale

    woah damn this is orders of magnitude more desirable than an e30 M3 for me
  4. kingkarl

    One for the E30 Fan Boys

    I can't remember his name but didnt that douche who got banned several times years ago own that thing?
  5. kingkarl

    Quick rant thread.

    What other big ideas have you got mate? There must be some real good stuff going on upstairs with gems like that
  6. kingkarl

    M TOY M3

    meddling with interior trim and door cards... all the best with that horrendous task!
  7. I'd take the e60 everytime. And the v10 sounds better
  8. kingkarl

    Which do you see

    Not creative. Saw both. Sorry guys.
  9. kingkarl

    E36 M3 Targa Car Build

    on the contrary - My flatmate just went to a driver training day at pukekohe with his work. In the emergency braking exercise half the punters gently applied the brake pedal, failed to engage ABS and consequently sailed through the cones at warp speed. Amazing.
  10. kingkarl

    Haynes manuals - dubious procedures

    I found my Bentley e34 manual very useful. Come to think of it now the car's gone does anyone want to buy it?
  11. kingkarl

    Life is choice bro thread.

    From energy trendz monthly: https://www.energylink.co.nz/sites/default/files/Energy%20Trendz%2081%20Dec-15.pdf Crude is down another 20% since. From the chart, if crude was free a litre of 91 would still cost $1.50
  12. kingkarl

    X5 options

    3.0i petrol will really struggle towing. Get the 4.4 - all the torque you will ever need. 3.0d is the most sensible/versatile option but the price reflects that. how tidy is this!?
  13. kingkarl

    F1 season ends !Yawn

    How anyone watched F1 this year is beyond me. MotoGP on the other hand !!
  14. kingkarl

    Newbie to BMW buying e90 335i

    Really!? No hardware changes ??