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  1. Its all based in the tricore processor on your car. If you need a hand let me know.
  2. Nice, fast work. You a fabricator? I really like the CLS shape. Wouldn't give up my Wagon W204 C63 for it though haha What you doing tune wise?
  3. Few of us mercs owners around here. No real local community. More merc owners on euro car club facebook than any other place
  4. Think i was looking at that car also, said his "friend" installed the parts and now overseas and not contactable. Also remember it having B30 internals? Again done by a "friend"
  5. Its been for sale for months!
  6. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1425483607.htm The 530i looks like it has a huge amount of stone chips on it
  7. Nice rear wing, you make it up?
  8. Not sure yet. Testing them next Wednesday at taupo
  9. Ive considered lighter 17" wheels but finding 8 of them for the right price is hard. Standard 328i rotors and Hawk pads, never had an issue with that setup.
  10. Going to test out some cheaper track day tyres as its getting a bit expensive eating R888R's. Dont expect them to light the world on fire but at 1/3 of the cost they will be good for mid week runs
  11. Added a flexi, centre resonator and new rear exhaust mounts
  12. Looking good, I have wiring diagrams also for m50 and s50. Send me your email and will send it over
  13. Did Taupo 1 yesterday, doing 1.50.x around it. Need to play with suspension setup a bit more to try and reduce understeer. Will start with firming up the rear more and soften front a bit in regards to damper. Will dig out my last alignment sheet also, probably due for another one. Anyone got any decent starting points for alignment? 180km on track yesterday took its toll on my exhaust.
  14. Because in the early/mid 2000's BMW sucked at bottom ends. E46 M3, E92 M3, E60 M5 (and similar) all do bottoms ends
  15. Missed out on a e46 m3 wreck mid week. Went for more than I could justify. Did a 1.22.350 on taupo two yesterday. Still plenty more left in it (well my driving). Got 2 lots of driver training in the next month