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  1. EGR is far from foolproof, they are mechanical. Get stuck from carbon build up, have internal gear damage as well as electrical. Often $1,000's to replace with a new one (not all cases). Even hot running vehicles suffer it just as bad. With direct injection engines its much worse as nothing washes the valves (petrol and diesel)
  2. Happy to take an offer on it. Brand new in box!
  3. Sold
  4. Yes I can help. Will message you
  5. Driving to Auckland in it next week if anyone wants to take a look
  6. Yes you will get a receipt in your name from the local distributor
  7. Last one i got wasnt that expensive from BMW in Hamilton ($120 rings a bell)
  8. 600 inc gst as per first post. Includes warranty. Even if you crash and damage it they will replace it as per their warranty terms
  9. $600 inc gst Direct fit for the 1999–2006 BMW E46 323i / 325i / 328i / 330i Installs in one hour Reduces coolant temperatures by 19°F (10.5°C) compared to the stock radiator Fully brazed aluminum core with TIG-welded end tanks Precision designed CNC-machined quick-disconnect fittings mate perfectly with stock hoses and Mishimoto BMW E46 Non-M Silicone Radiator Hoses 18% increase in coolant surface area 41% increase in air surface area 20% increase in coolant capacity Fits perfectly with stock electric fan and Mishimoto BMW E46 Non-M Performance Fan Shroud Fits with the stock or the upcoming Mishimoto aluminum expansion tank Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
  10. Interior photos
  11. Yeh I was surprised with it when I picked it up. Looks like it's been garage most of its like. Manual box and it would be a keeper
  12. Or BJ328
  13. BMW 328i E36 Auto, 195,000km, NZ new, boston green (paint great for its age, clear coat is good) $3900
  14. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Windshield-Washer-Pump-Windshield-For-BMW-E36-E46-Series-323is-330i-328i-328is-/371514568245?hash=item567ffe6e35:g:KdQAAOSwFqVZumXs&vxp=mtr