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  1. As per the title, just for future reference, are there an decent mechanics that know their way around BMW's in HB? (excluding HB BMW) Cheers
  2. Mack10

    e60 Active Steering drama

    When I say static I just mean I wasn't moving. So went lock to lock, back to centre, turned key off, waiting about 30 sec, started car and all was good.
  3. Mack10

    e60 Active Steering drama

    I static reset it when I left work and it was fine all the way home and back again this morning (which is only 10km each way). Will check tyre pressure tonight.
  4. Mack10

    e60 Active Steering drama

    The active steering fault light came on on my way to work this morning in the E60 I've barely had 2 weeks Hopefully a reset sorts it
  5. Mack10

    NEW E39 M5 Replica Front Bumper (PolyPropylene)

    I had a look through my emails but couldn't find anything. It was so long ago that I bought it, I just don't remember the name of the site sorry but it cost me around $550 after customs got their taste
  6. Possibly? I don't know who you are
  7. Mack10

    E39 on M Parallels

  8. Yeah I think I'm going to have to take a bigger hit on it than expected...
  9. Do you guys think my price is realistic? I thought it was pretty good for the kms/condition/mods. Had 20+ watchers and 400+ views in the first 2 days on trademe but no serious interest. Am I too high?
  10. Mack10

    NEW E39 M5 Replica Front Bumper (PolyPropylene)

    I'll take $350 here until tomorrow and then its going on trademe for $400
  11. Thanks guys. I really hope I don't regret getting into an E60 over this. It's such a great car but the impulse buy urge was too strong
  12. Can I just link my trademe listing? Let me know if this is not allowed please. $6500 E39 540i TradeMe Link
  13. I'm disappointed for you that you've been unable to sell this. I have one that I need to sell too as I've bought an E60. I'm not looking forward to it now