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  1. Do I want? Oh hell yes................ Can I afford at this point in time? Ah F**K no, damnit. Hahaha
  2. No, not quite how it will work. Customs Duty is only collected if the duty on the $NZ value including shipping is $60 or more. They still calculate how much the duty is first to see if you're liable. If the duty is under $60, you'll pay GST only. However, if the duty is more than $60 you'll be [paying GST on everything including the customs duty. For arguments sake, you get parts sent over, total landed cost including freight is $200 and deemed not to get the customs duty charged, you'll pay GST on $200. If total landed cost including freight is $500, and a duty is charged, you'll pay GST on the landed cost plus the duty. Again, it's a tax on top of a tax.
  3. Why aren't they coming off the diff? Are you having trouble getting the bolts undone? Cost of a courier each way I'll happily send you my E sockets that will do it, 3/8" drive, if that'll make life easier for you.
  4. Unfortunately the E34 that I was hanging to see (and most interested in) has been sold to someone else before I got a chance.... So the hunt is still on if anyone knows any others popping up for sale.
  5. Will call late this afternoon/early evening, thanks Brent
  6. Just FYI, bit of a watch but it's interesting to see the results, done by an independent guy that has no affiliations with any company.
  7. Definitely. When's the best time to call?
  8. Agreed completely @coop, while it's rare at the moment that I'd need to tow a car, there are other tow vehicles much more suited to doing that that would be used if I get a 3 series. Hence why all that is being considered and thought of before any purchases made. What's legal and what's common sense seem to be a couple of different things these days
  9. Comes down to what "proof" you can provide. For example, my family has just sent part of an inherited estate over to me here in NZ, from Aus. We have had to show the IRD the will which names me as a beneficiary to prove that these items are in fact either a "gift" or were already owned by me while I was in Aus (and were left in Aus) and therefore should be free of any taxes - they still make you put a $$$ value to the items. Importing a car that I owned in Aus many years ago, I had to sign all sorts of declarations from the IRD that I wasn't going to sell it within 12 months, or GST and import duties would be payable based on the market vale of the car, regardless of what I sold it for. If the IRD doesn't agree, you pay tax - and if they don't agree with the value you list, they will adjust it to what they want to, and charge GST on that. Makes it bloody hard for those of us with family and friends overseas who send us presents when the IRD can pick and choose what they deem to be a "gift".
  10. And to complicate it even more, even if you get the tax back from the country of origin, the GST component will still be based on the total original price, good luck getting it adjusted to the price + freight before any tax is added in the country of origin.
  11. Hahaha brute force for the win!!
  12. Sadly, Graham has just informed me his Touring is a non starter now, taking that out of the running.......
  13. Not just that, but you're also paying any local taxes and duties in the country of purchase, so collecting GST at this end as well is putting a tax on top of a tax.
  14. So I've been offered an E46 325i manual Touring from a member on here, which is tempting as well........ decisions, decisions lol. Just need to figure out this elusive E34 and decide hahaha.
  15. Just a thought, as we are all obviously struggling a bit to put a realistic ball park value on it, would it be worth spending the money to get it professionally appraised? Might give a fairer indication, as there's a couple on TardeMe varying from $18k to $40k, both autos, one has done 100k more than the other, both look to be in similar condition...... A registered valuation would also help give some justification to a selling price at the time, rather than "public opinion".
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