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  1. Mad_Max

    Exhaust internal rattle

    I'd like to think it won't be - otherwise the issues might be a little more than just a "rattle" 不
  2. Mad_Max

    WTB: Jatco 5 Speed Auto

    Have got one here sitting on the ground from a 325i if you want it? $100 plus freight, was working fine last time I drove it. Will need new fluid as freight companies insist on having them drained before shipping. Freight on Mainfreight depot to depot to Auckland is about $125 according to their online estimate.
  3. Mad_Max

    What's the bet??

    Being it's a poverty pack 320I, I seriously doubt it's LSD lmao.......but we shall see when the diff gets yanked.... Have now overheated it 3 times.... it's still running - sounds like a Remuera tractor though 不不. Still spinning both wheels lol. Wondering how much more punishment it will survive before I get to rebuild it......
  4. Mad_Max

    What's the bet??

    So just picked up an E36 320I coupe, it's most likely just going to be a donor/parts car as it has a lot of issues, may be turned into a track hack or something, not sure yet. Decided to have some fun at a friends place, throw it around a paddock, do a skid, generally try and kill it before figuring out what to do with it. In the process, both wheels were lighting up, passenger side all the time, drivers side would skip in and out depending on the revs So before I go investigating the diff, what's the bets its LSD, welded, or on it's way out? My bet - on it's way out 不不不不
  5. Mad_Max

    WTD: E36 328i cluster

    Someone may correct me if I'm wrong, ETK's all show the same part # from 316/318 through to 328I, I'm pretty sure it's just the individual gauges themselves that change per model.
  6. Mad_Max

    WTD: E36 328i cluster

    Can throw you one from an E36 325i sedan if that's any help? Cost of a courier bag and it's yours, probably around $15.
  7. Mad_Max


    I've got an early M52B25 sitting here, it ran but needs a rebuild as was smokey. Freight might be the killer but can work out a deal with you if you have no luck locally.
  8. Mad_Max

    Wrecking e46 330ci

    Hi Arron, Tried giving you a call Saturday but no luck, and I was out most of the weekend. Will try again late this afternoon, unless there's a specific time that's best to call? Thanks, Geordie
  9. Mad_Max

    Wrecking e46 330ci

    Hi Arron. I could be keen on motor & box, and wheels & tyres if you've still got. Would need to hold them until next month for me (waiting on a payout due before mid April) and would cruise up to pick them up. I'm assuming motor ran well? No smoke, no major oil consumption/leaks? And are the rims in generally good condition, not warped? I'm not worried if they have a few marks/scratches, as long as they run straight. Thanks, Geordie
  10. Mad_Max

    WTB: zf 5 speed for e36

    Nope. I wrecked a 94 E36 325i factory manual with a G250 box. I believe the 220 box only came behind the 4cyl's. 325i's and 328i's should mostly have the G250 box (depending on the option they were specified with), with the M3's and some Msport 328i's getting the ZF. Interesting. The one I wrecked had the G250, sports suspension and seats. Open diff. So it may have just been what was specified at the time of the build?
  11. Mad_Max

    Vibration during acceleration

    Just a few thoughts given you've already looked at the drivetrain, might give you something different to inspect: Flywheel not balanced. Pressure plate warped. Clutch worn/shuddering (assuming G220 box and 4cyl clutch conversion kit, it will slip/shudder under large torque loads) Gearbox mounts worn. Engine mounts worn.
  12. Mad_Max

    WTB: zf 5 speed for e36

    G250 mostly came out of 325i/328i I believe. Possibly also the 320i and 323i but I could be wrong. The G220's were behind the 4cyl models, though having said that, my 316Ti came from factory with a G250 box so they may be an option for other models. I'm not sure what the G250 boxes go for on their own sorry. Mostly only see G220 boxes on TradeMe these days, occasionally a G240 will turn up but that won't be much use to you either.
  13. Mad_Max

    e30 M50 coupe

    If it's currently got a cert for the cage and engine swap etc. it may potentially require changes if the cage is removed. I believe that, if the car has been certified for something, it has to have that item fitted, otherwise the cert needs to be modified/amended to reflect the changes - I could be wrong on that one though. For me, personally, I'd leave it as is, however that's also a matter of personal taste - many others will disagree and feel that it'll sell faster/easier with the rear seat installed.
  14. Check the basics first. As @M3AN said, these things suffer from the sealant on the top of the coil packs failing, something that won't be picked up from a scanner. I have also seen a friend's rally car occasionally drop a cylinder at revs, only when turning left - turned out to be the hose from the intake boot to the ICV and manifold that caused that issue - again, something that wouldn't be picked up from a scanner. Check your spark plugs, not just the condition but make sure they are done up right. If you can identify which cylinder is dropping out, switch coils and see if the misfire follows the cylinder. Also do a compression test, both dry and wet. Check for gasses in the coolant etc. Is there any rattles or ticks coming from the top end? Is the condition just at idle, at WOT or POT? If you want basic diagnostic stuff, a cable and adapter with INPA (BMW specific software) is reasonably cheap, think I paid around $40 a few years ago. Start with the basic stuff first, these things can throw fault codes that don't always point to the exact solution so you may end up throwing a lot of money at sensors and start costing you more than you think only to realise it's a simple solution.
  15. Mad_Max

    e30 M50 coupe

    If this is still up for grabs in a couple of months I'm definitely keen, right now funds are quite stretched..... otherwise GLWS, I think it's quite well priced and well turned out for the right buyer.