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  1. Mad_Max

    Potential 1989 B11 Alpina

    Yeah, hopefully I have time Friday, I want to drain the cooling system and flush it, and check the thermostat, water pump, heater tap, fan, hoses etc while I'm at it. Did also check and the belt is a little loose, so there may be a few things working together to create this problem - it doesn't appear to be a major issue which is good. It was driven around, temp gauge sat on halfway. I pulled up and let it idle for about 5 minutes, when I got in to move it again the temp gauge was still halfway. Gauge only went over halfway after it had been sitting with the engine shut off for about half an hour. I kinda also suspect there may be air trapped in the system too.
  2. Mad_Max

    Potential 1989 B11 Alpina

    A bit of good news before the bad. Put another 20l of fresh fuel in it, and, since being driven Saturday, it seems like the misfire at idle is getting better, so I'm thinking that's just a combination of stale fuel, and an engine that's sat for ages, so could probably benefit from plugs, and at the least checking the dizzy cap, leads, rotor, cleaning the throttle body etc. as a minimum. Now a couple of issues have developed that need looked at before I go on any decent trip. Aircon doesn't seem to work at all - not a big deal in the grand scheme of things at the moment and way down the priority list. Battery was flat today when I went to start it, alternator is only charging at 13.5v, oddly enough it stays the same even with the headlights on. It jump started fine so I think the battery is all good, just not charging. So will swap the alternator out with the 525i one and hope that fixes that issue. This could also be causing the misfire at idle if the ignition system isn't quite getting the right voltage. However, the motor seems to be getting way too hot. Ran it through town and back tonight, and left it parked up idling away for 5 while moving some other sh*t out of the way. Popped it into it's place, then went back half an hour later to see if it would start. First thing I noticed is the temp gauge went up over halfway, first time it's done that. Coolant level is good (and looks fresh). And the really odd thing is that the heater seems like it's perpetually stuck on high - not so cool in summer. Will try draining the coolant, flushing the radiator and bleeding the system first and see if that fixes the issue, though am completely open to any other suggestions - this thing was parked up for 12 months or so, so it could be any of a number of things causing an air lock - thermostat, heater tap, blockage etc etc. If anyone has any other ideas, or items to check/test, throw them at me.
  3. Mad_Max

    E23 728i for Parts - Complete and Running

    Na no stress, it's all good 😀. I got my wiring issue sorted but in two minds about replacing the whole loom just in case, if you need it for your project then that's no worries.
  4. Mad_Max

    Potential 1989 B11 Alpina

    Thanks man, yeah it's definitely grown on me! Yes rims are definitely in the grand plan of things. And good call on the plate mount, I didn't really think that far ahead.
  5. Mad_Max

    Potential 1989 B11 Alpina

    So this is the damage that was done to the PCB from the wiring issues, no way that was going to be repaired. And I think I know what the issue was that caused it, and it's a nice simple fix so will get that sorted as well. Hahaha it still looks exactly the same as the previous pics, just a little cleaner now
  6. Mad_Max

    Potential 1989 B11 Alpina

    Aaannnnnddddd she's legal. Few minor issues to sort but she's all legal. And clean. And registered. And ready for it's first outing tomorrow 😂. Though having the "check engine light" come on at random intervals. I keep checking, the engine is still there and running.... not sure what's up with that lol. Oil is good and clean, all fluids topped up. New wiper blades and a couple other things. Starts and runs first time, the slight misfire at idle is getting better, so I think a good cruise on Christmas Day to Dunedin and back, change the oil, go right over it then start looking at what needs replaced.
  7. Mad_Max

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    So you gotta ask yourself, was it Wurth the effort??
  8. Mad_Max

    Potential 1989 B11 Alpina

    Yeah my thoughts are heading that way too, a few too many little things not adding up. Having said that though, the Alpina Archive hasn't come back to me yet with a big fat "no" so there may still be something odd ball about it. That's the idea at the end of the day, get it all cleaned up and all the bugs sorted, then I have a Sunday cruiser, complete with electric headrests 🤣🤣🤣🤣 - that is one creature comfort I never thought you'd ever need in a car hahaha. So she's all back together, bit of trickery fitting the 525i cluster, swapping the gauges and fascia over. Were a few small issues to sort in the process, but got it sorted. Only fault showing up on the OBC is the drivers side rear fog light. Everything else is working now, bit of a bad misfire at idle but I don't think it's nothing a new set of plugs, injector cleaner and new fuel won't fix. Next step is to try and remove the factory tape player so I can fit a band expander, and hide a bluetooth transmitter - anyone got any tips on removing the factory allen screws after some muppet in the past has rounded them completely? Short of drilling them out? After that, the hunt begins for another console, someone previously has butchered and broken a hell of a lot trying to pull it apart, obviously to try and fix the electrical problem 😖 So off for a wof tomorrow - fingers crossed she passes easily, and I'll be able to pick the partner up on Christmas day in it as we head out to meet the outlaws 😀. Because I'm sure they want a small tug boat parked on their lawn 🤣🤣🤣
  9. Mad_Max

    Potential 1989 B11 Alpina

    So a massive thanks to @BM WORLD and @Eagle for their advice. Switched over the plug from the 525i, popped the cluster in and hooked the battery up. Gave it 5 minutes to check for smoke (none), turned the key and it fired straight up! So just got to swap the coding plug over, swap the fuel gauge over and put the interior back together. Couple of minor light failures coming up on the dash that will be easy to fix. She'll be off for a wof hopefully mid next week so I may actually get to cruise in it Christmas Day! Will put up a pic later, on closer inspection the PCB on the original cluster is toast..... funny how something so small electrically can stop a car running 😁 but I'm happy now, it's fixed and running!
  10. Mad_Max

    E32 735iL Gauge cluster question

    The 735iL is an 89 and the 525i is a 90, both are auto. Both clusters have the white backs and, apart from the software versions, are the same part numbers. All gauges are the same except the fuel gauge. What I think is the coding plug doesn't appear damaged at all, so I may be lucky there, I've been given the same sort of advice in another post so will wire in the new plug and try the 525i cluster first. The 525i cluster has an 80l fuel gauge and the 735i has a 90l one, assuming the 525i cluster works then it won't be hard to swap the fuel gauge over to correct that.
  11. Mad_Max

    Potential 1989 B11 Alpina

    Thanks for the info Brent, that's what I was suspecting. Guessing this will be the coding plug you refer to? I may be in luck then, as the 735iL is an 89 and the 525i is a 90, both have the same plug. Guess there will be no harm in fixing the wiring, plugging the 525i cluster in and giving it a go.
  12. Mad_Max

    L98 into an E36 coupe.

    Arbitrary, yes. Bump stops, I have removed completely perished ones from the front and rear of my old E36 sedan and nothing was said, so it completely comes down to the inspector at the time and whether they notice (and yes that was an inspection at VTNZ of all places). Most OEM rotors have a minimum thickness stamped on them on the inside. If for some reason the inspector thinks they are under this minimum thickness, they can fail them on it. Rotor thickness is however a valid metric, once it gets too thin there are a few potential issues. Heat dissipation and overheating are a major concern with heavy braking, and there's always the slim chance (I say slim because I've never seen it happen but the potential apparently is there) that the pistons will come too far out of the calipers, causing major failure. I agree completely that it is subjective, having spent time in Melbourne as a motor mechanic we couldn't fail brakes on visual inspections for anything other than fluid leaks, cracked hoses or worn pads/shoes. The system over there relies on wheels being removed and discs being measured, brake drums removed and linings inspected etc. Not just a quick glance and "hey that looks a bit thin, think I'll fail that", actual hard data. Unfortunately though, most WOF inspectors over here will stick to the whole "it's a visual inspection only" guideline that is the basis of the WOF system, and not go the extra yard to provide hard evidence that there is something wrong. And then you get the d**k mechanics who tell you you have to replace the rotors, you aren't allowed to get them machined if they are within tolerance, all because they wrote down they must be replaced 🙄 - had that argument many years ago.
  13. I picked up another toy a while ago, and haven't really had a chance to touch it until today. When I bought it, if the battery was connected, you'd see smoke rising from the dashboard. So I started to pull the dashboard out, got as far as removing the cluster and found this. Luckily, I have an E34 525i which has the exact same connector to the cluster, and nearly the exact same cluster itself. The plug and socket both need changed, and wiring will need replaced. The question I've got is this: Can I simply change the plug and use the 525i cluster instead? The only differences that I'm aware of (apart from the software versions) are the fuel gauge and the odometer will be wrong. So is there a module that stores the mileage that can be swapped, along with the fuel gauge? Or do I need to desolder the sockets and mess around with that instead? If I can get away with just swapping the plug and using the 525i cluster, that would obviously be the easier route, however I do want to keep the mileage as correct as possible, as this thing has under 90k on it. If I need to swap the sockets on the PCB then I can do that, just trying to avoid messing with the board.
  14. Mad_Max

    Potential 1989 B11 Alpina

    So finally got to spend a bit of time on this old girl tonight, and found the smoking gun (well dash wiring technically). Fingers crossed that's all the electrical problems sorted once that's repaired. Luckily the E34 525I parts car has the exact same plug, and it's in good condition, as I need to replace the plug, wiring and the connector on the gauge cluster - or the whole cluster itself
  15. Mad_Max

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Tread depth requirement for "winter tyres" is 4mm, noted in that link. As @gjm stated, the ruling is that, technically, you can mix any combination of tyres to a car, as long as the same brand, size and tread pattern is on the same axle. All the info is in the link he provided