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  1. Mad_Max

    Diff speed sensor for speedo e34 535i

    Just had a quick look at the ETK, it's listing the same part for E30 325I, all E36 models and E31's. So if an E36 one will work I'll have one sitting around somewhere. Easy enough to grab it and try it if you want, just have to get to storage.
  2. Mad_Max

    BMW M6 M635csi 1986

    Yep just done the same, something about this one doesn't add up. No close up of the speedo. Vin decoder lists a few things that the car doesn't have any more (but could've been changed at any time). Just have to watch out, especially down here. So many fakes trying to pass the fakes off as the real thing, you just have to know what to look for.
  3. Mad_Max

    Diff speed sensor for speedo e34 535i

    Does it matter what E36 it comes out of? As I'll have a few I can get, just have to get to storage 😀
  4. Mad_Max

    S62 Ergen Motorsport Headers

    Go watch the episode. They will prove your theory completely wrong, as all the dents they put in the system were maybe 200mm from the heads. And like said previously, even they ruled out a lot of the changes due to time of day, oil and water temp in the motor etc. etc. Think you need to go do some more research before you keep trolling. Watch that episode then tell everyone here (especially the ones that know that sh*t) that they're wrong. Then give me all the all the calculations to explain how the cross sectional area of the pipe has been reduced. Plus all the gas flow cals that say it is going to be severely restricted.
  5. Mad_Max

    Metellic gumetal 535i with black sports seats

    Text me on 0212 934 166, I'd be keen to either try help ya fix it or buy the whole thing off you. I'm in Invers too so not hard to sort things out
  6. Hey man, I'm keen, can pick up the same time as the rest of the stuff if that suits you? May end up having to buy a shipping container to put all this stuff in if it keeps going hahaha. Flick me a message if you're all good with that and I'll send the $$$ your way.
  7. Mad_Max

    S62 Ergen Motorsport Headers

    Just putting this out there if you're worried about having to dent pipes for clearance issues. Engine Masters on YouTube did an episode where they tested back to back dyno runs while denting the header tubing on a V8. They started with something like 550 - 600hp on the motor, then did some modifications to the pipes at random, resulting in denting or "crushing" the tubing. At the end of it, they lost 5 maybe 6hp with the damage they did - which they also said could've been put down to the time of day, different water/oil temps etc. etc. So the conclusion is that, if you have to crush a pipe somewhat to make it fit/clear, the difference in output is negligible. It's actually kind of interesting to watch because it almost destroys the whole theory around mandrel bent exhausts vs crush bent.
  8. Mad_Max

    E36 sedan tan headliner

    I'm assuming sedan? I have got one good one here in a car, hate to think what shipping would be worth or how to go about it. If you have no luck searching closer to home let me know and I'm sure we can sort something out.
  9. Mad_Max

    BMW service&repair recommendation

    Depending on what year it is and how nervous you are, I can always do it in Invers. Ex mechanic but sadly not qualified, over 4 years experience in one of Melbourne's best workshops who was a Euro specialist.
  10. Mad_Max

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Commodore brake upgrade? Is that where you use an A frame to tow the latest Commodore around and the weight slows you down for every corner??
  11. Mad_Max

    Any broken Getrag 260's?

    Try this link: http://www.bmwmobiletradition-online.com/bmw/partgrp.do?model=4171&mospid=47218&hg=23&fg=15 About halfway down the page it goes into the 260. Should give you a good starting point.
  12. Mad_Max

    M50 swap with getrag 240

    Andy you may know the answer to this - is the number the maximum rated torque the Getrag box should withstand? Eg a G220 would be 220NM, a G240 like the OP has would be 240NM and so on.
  13. Mad_Max

    M50 swap with getrag 240

    I'm pretty sure, after trying to fit a G240 box ex E30 320I into an E36 328I the only difference between the boxes was the bottom two bolt holes on the bell housing don't quite line up. I'm pretty sure you also have to do something with the thrust bearing, I can't remember but it might've been a specific year of 325I bearing. That's assuming he is using an M5X flywheel and clutch combo.
  14. Mad_Max

    Bullet proofing an M52

    Forgot to mention too, if you're doing a manual conversion, track down a new diff. 3.15 or 2.93 gears will be what you want, unless you get the G240 box with proper overdrive. All other boxes have a 1:1 final drive gear so you'll be sitting around 3k rpm at 100kph with the original 3:46 diff ratio, which will knock a bit out of the economy.
  15. Mad_Max

    Bullet proofing an M52

    I was heading to Christchurch for an end of year do for a client. The top one on my old 328I decided to suicide while I was going uphill at around 100k, large bang heard then you lose everything..... no power steering, no alternator but worst of all, no water pump. Really quick way to cook a motor and spend 4 1/2 hours stuck on the side of the road. And all because I got busy and thought I'd change it when I got back, something that would've taken 10 minutes with the right tools and a new pulley at home cost me plenty. So I now carry spares with me just in case lol.