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  1. John, as we discussed, there are videos out there showing imperically that helicoils work far better than timeserts, are cheaper and easier to install. Have a watch of the half hour video I posted in another thread (yeah sorry, it's not a 5 minute job but the guy does a good job explaining what he's doing and why), helicoils FTW every time. Given you now know my history, I have always used, and will always use, helicoils and this video shows why. I've never, ever had a helicoil fail, pull out, or be hard to install. Do some research into the two, helicoils will give you rated pull out strengths etc. etc. Timeserts just tell you "well they should be strong enough" - they don't actually give out any figures that they will stand by. Also, note in the linked thread, Glenn @B.M.W Ltd states very clearly "Just a heads up...if you don't insert them accurately the block will be ruined. The head bolts will pull them out. Most motor re conditioners have their own special set ups to do these accurately and even they can get it wrong... ask me how I know", just another precaution....... As I discussed with you on Wednesday night, do a lot of research before doing anything like this, everyone has opinions based on their experience, some advice given is great, some just needs to be taken with a grain of salt as that person's experience. Either way, helicoil or timesert, there is a chance the block can be damaged. Again though, this is just my opinion, and, like Glenn, more than happy to give you a call whenever suits you to discuss before you decide which way to go.
  2. I should have one, will check on Sunday when I'm home and update with condition etc. if you don't find anything sooner. Freight to Wellington should only be $5 or so, I'll work out a price as well and we can go from there. Are you after the tail light, boot lid section or both?
  3. As well as paying GST on the duty fees, which is again a tax on top of a tax - illegal. Yes definitely a dick move by the powers that be to introduce it at this time of year...... Not true. Customs "duty" is only charged if the calculated "duty" charge is going to be $60 or more, based on the claimed "invoice total". If its under the $60 mark they don't bother trying to charge the duty as it will cost them more than they will collect. It doesn't matter what it is that's imported or where its from, its the value of the items that determines if duty is to be collected. Yes that seems to be about the magic number for duty, what the government wants though is to collect GST on absolutely everything coming from overseas - a task they might now be realising is going to be as easy as wiping an elephants bumhole with a piece of confetti......
  4. The guy I'm staying with (Air BNB) is importing things as well, done through China, and also doesn't pay GST, there's gotta be millions of people that do it too that they can't trace....... logistical nightmare really.
  5. If that's through Aliexpress or Alibaba, GST was paid without you knowing....... but does seem very random which sites/countries/companies they are targeting and whether or not you'll get done at the border..... very haphazard to say the least.
  6. I'm staying in Vogeltown, wherever that may be hahaha....... location doesn't worry me too much though, you'll still be closer to me than where I am now lol, I'll be mobile so easy enough to cruise to anywhere.
  7. Haven't struck that yet. Not sure...... I haven't paid GST on anything I've imported over the last couple of months, the sellers usually give the invoice at such a small amount they've probably worked out it'll cost them more to do their own paperwork than the GST they'll collect.
  8. As long as that suits you? And best I bring a wallet, the least I can do is shout ya a drink or two to say thanks for storing it all for me 😂😂😂
  9. Right, been meaning to update this lol, still have yet to book accommodation, however the itinerary so far is: Leaving Invercargill on Friday the 6th, staying in Timaru overnight. Saturday I will be passing through Christchurch, collecting some stuff from @OP6 that is destined to be delivered to @Herbmiester at some stage (flick me a pm and we'll sort a day/address etc. that I can drop them off to you). Ferry from Picton to Wellington on the 7th, then driving overnight to Auckland. I'll be staying in Auckland until the morning of the 11th, then heading back to Wellington (@Olaf this is probably the best time to catch up for a beer if you and some locals wanna do so?). Wellington overnight on the 11th, ferry back across the ditch on the 12th and straight to Christchurch. Staying in Christchurch on the 12th and 13th, then heading back to Invercargill on the 14th. So far, I think I should have a little more room in the car on the way back, as I'm planning on picking up a lot of things in Auckland to bring south. @Jacko - Flicked you a pm man, not sure if you've seen it yet. I should be able to make this one, will be shattered lol but will do my best to be there.
  10. Ok cool, thanks for the clarification. Does the DME need to be removed or can you do it through the OBD port with Kess? Want to flick me a PM about how you'd do it, what sort of results you'd expect and how much you'd charge if I can arrange the timing to suit?
  11. Hmmm is that something that can be done through the OBD port, or does the DME have to come out and be opened up? It's my daily driver and I can't really be without the car for a week, however I'm coming through Wellington on the 7th and back down on the 12th. Interesting that you say it can't be done with Kess V2, yet the person doing the tune has recommended using that over anything else, and has done many of these tunes for the X5's before.
  12. Have a look at the ETK: https://bimmercat.com/bmw/en/search/selectCar/E30/4-T/BMW+318i+M40/ECE/13_1330 It appears the ICV connects directly to the manifold at the back, and the hose has a right angle barbed fitting that seems to be missing as @Eagle mentioned. Maybe the intake elbow is the wrong one for your car and is therefore missing the inlet for the hose?
  13. Ok so I'm playing with the idea of getting a tune for the E53 X5 with M57D30. Just wondering if anyone here has a way of reading and reflashing the DME? I have been told Kess V2 is probably the best way but would like to avoid shelling out more $$$ on something that will probably only get used once, so I'm looking for alternative software/methods. I have a K+DCAN cable, ISTA -D and -P, NCS etc. all set up and working but I don't think these have the ability to do this, is that correct?
  14. Mad_Max

    Free E34 parts

    Yep can sort that easily. Do you want to confirm storing for the next couple of weeks won't be an issue? If someone else locally can get everything sooner and it works better for everyone then that's all good man, no worries there. Flick me a PM to confirm storing for a couple more weeks is all good and we will sort from there, easy done 😊
  15. Mad_Max

    Free E34 parts

    Yeah, I'm aiming to be in Auckland until the 10th (road trip up and back so will have space), where I'll head to Wellington to be there so can pick up on the way if that can be arranged? If not and someone else can grab it and get it out your way sooner then that's all good man, I don't want to be a hassle and fully understand if you just want it all gone sooner lol. So it'd be on the 10th I'd be able to collect if that works?
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