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  1. Mad_Max

    323i manual conversion

    Yep, 4cyl ones are longer. From memory, you can cut *I think* 32mm from the linkages and reweld back together to make them work if you're doing it on an extreme budget. It may be 35mm, it's around that though. Na auto and manual are the same for the water hoses. Some of the older 36's had trans cooler lines go into the side of the radiator, others have a separate cooler at the front. Either way, you don't need to change the radiator, it won't leak if the trans lines aren't hooked up.
  2. Mad_Max

    Stuck Spark Plug

    Yeah my bad, sorry 😔
  3. Mad_Max

    Stuck Spark Plug

    Glenn is right on the money there, little turn to loosen, little turn to tighten. Helps stop it binding up. Lots of patience will be needed to get it out, take your time with it.
  4. Mad_Max

    ISTA/D - ISTA/P - Who knows their s**t?

    Hahaha yeah...... Doesn't help when the instructions jump all over the place....... Na you're all good man, no problems 😁
  5. Mad_Max

    ISTA/D - ISTA/P - Who knows their s**t?

    Managed to get ISTA/D up and running, turns out I missed a crucial step during installation 🙄. Now just need to get the IP settings right for ISTA/P and I should be all sorted.
  6. Mad_Max

    E28 For sale

    I'd actually be more tempted to keep it in the family with a 3.5l or 4l V8 Beamer swap lol...... won't be that hard to do if you get a cheap donor car. If you still wanna go the M50/52 swap I can sort out a motor, box, looms, DME etc for you for a decent price for a kit, engine and gearbox mounts may have to be custom made etc. but should be able to throw you mostly everything. And again, the offer is there if you're willing to be patient - I'd be happy to actually do a motor swap for you. Set out what you want to achieve, sort a motor, box etc and physically do the work 😊
  7. Mad_Max

    ISTA/D - ISTA/P - Who knows their s**t?

    Excellent, thanks man, much appreciated
  8. Mad_Max

    WTB: zf 5 speed for e36

    Yeah unfortunately that's what they seem to go for. Can always upgrade to a G250 box, it's stronger and will drop straight in, so you don't need to mess around with linkages or pilot bearings or anything. Just a thought 😊
  9. So I've been trying to install ISTA/D and ISTA/P on a laptop with no luck. Laptop is a Toshiba with a clean, fresh Windows 10 32bit OS, no other software on it. I've followed every guide I can find, tried every trick online and spent days trying to sort this out with no luck. Frustration is getting the better of me and I'm near on ready to defenstate this laptop 😠😠😠. Searching leaves me confused and overwhelmed with the number of possible solutions, none of which seem to work for me. Is there anyone around that has done these installs before that could give me a hand, or point me to installation instructions that actually work? Or would be willing to do the install for me if I courier the laptop?
  10. Mad_Max

    WTB: zf 5 speed for e36

    No, that's about what ZF boxes go for. Expect to pay $1500-$1800 for a complete conversion kit for a ZF box, that includes the flywheel, clutch, pedals, linkages etc. or at least $700 - $800 for the box on it's own, that's about where the market price is. Getrag boxes are cheaper but not as strong. Having said that, I had a Getrag 220 box in my E36 328i that I punished severely, and it never failed on me. So if you want to save $$$ now, you'll have to go Getrag. If you want to potentially save bigger $$$ later on, spend more now on a ZF setup.
  11. Mad_Max

    Buying from forum members (positive post)

    @MikeHancox just sold a motor to him, easy to deal with, friendly guy and great communication. Would trade with him again.
  12. Mad_Max

    Cooked Motor Question

    Depending on what motor, I'd even suggest that maybe the previous owner didn't replace the tty head bolts and they've been stretched past their limits. Have seen this happen with a friends 4AGE powered Suzuki. Had it "repaired" at a local shop, mechanic advised it would need doing again. I got the phone call, told him what to order, including new bolts. Stripped it down, head and block were fine so put it back together and AFAIK it's still going to this day. So could be the same thing here, and you may get away with it.
  13. Mad_Max

    130i mystery metallic scraping sound

    Sounds to me like something rubbing on the disc. Check the obvious before panicking: check the brake pads (see if anything is caught in them or they are extremely low), dust shields, check for stones etc. before anything else as it may just be that simple.
  14. Mad_Max

    E46 Sedan vent and bracket wanted

    If no one else can sort ya out, I'll have a look and check the parts car and see if it's any good. Will be a day or so before I can get to it if you're not in a rush?
  15. Mad_Max

    Potential 1989 B11 Alpina

    Thanks man, yeah I'm not worried about the misfire, it's a lot better than when it first started so I don't think it's hard to fix. No worries, flick me a list of everything else you need and want and I'll sort you out.