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  1. brutus

    wtb -Mtech 1 boot lip

    I have one also.
  2. brutus

    E34 parts

    ive got some e34 parts. any still wanted ? ūüėČ
  3. brutus

    Wtb e36 body loom

    IVE GOT A COUPE BODY LOOM.. carlsos@hotmail.co.uk
  4. brutus

    BMW houndstooth fabric?

    hi, yes for all reading ,,,,. yes I have many e30 oem fabrics available !! houndstooth/ uberkaro/ anthracite,,,, etc,, carlsos@hotmail.co.uk
  5. brutus

    E30 Seat Repair Christchurch

    yes i got the mechanicals available,
  6. brutus

    Wtb.. Intake boot+airbox for e30 m20b25

    yes i got the airbox& switch available,
  7. brutus

    WTB: 4x100 15,16 or 17" Wheels & Tires

    i got 4x bbs , 4x100, organise courier for pick in uk , if u don't find,,,in nz,
  8. brutus

    E30 Seat Repair Christchurch

    yes ,pm sent, i got many fabrics ,, including blue!
  9. hi, i got seatbelts avail  from  bmw e36. 


      coupe or 4 dr sedan, ? ? u looking for . 

     07464095941, uk 

     or email  carlsos@hotmail.co.uk

  10. brutus

    E30 Seat Repair Christchurch

    get in touch, & I can tell u wot wrong with your seat !
  11. brutus

    E30 fabric

    ive got the LOT !!! MANY e30 seat , oem parts of comfort . sports,,,, uberkaro houndstooth ,, etc,,, velour, grey , blue, green,,& leather ,, etc,etc, which is wanted,? I know the names / codes, so u can use them too, get in touch carlsos@hotmail.co.uk +447464095941
  12. brutus

    E30 fabric

    hi, any genuine fabric wanted ?? I have a good amount available in bolsters and cushions, if interested, !
  13. brutus

    WTB: E36 ZF driveshaft

    ive got e36 parts available inc great fog lights, trim , etc,,
  14. brutus

    E30 Seat Repair Christchurch

    I have ALL comfort & sports seats,, !!! I can sell parts off them , ,please pm, I can send pics, of wot u ask for,
  15. brutus



      wot part of sports seats  fabric / etc u after ??

     I got a good  FEW !  avail, all colours,

     oem & nla.

     please pm