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  1. fogs ,, il check there condition, and reply back,,,
  2. old thread, ,,,,,but just to recap, i now have that very houndstooth tan fabric ( ready for upholster to do your centres ! ) thanks,
  3. brutus

    WTB: M40 Sump

    yes i am,london uk. sorry its gone now, i just have one that needs repair, now,
  4. hi, there actually all a bit different, so which for a convertible , coupe,,,? preface or facelift ? cheers,
  5. brutus

    WTB: M40 Sump

    u still lookin for a m40 sum p ? I have one,
  6. him yes I have  e30 stuff 1

      yes a manual drive shaft,  £70and post, 

      no abs or a one  for abs,.


  7. brutus


    ok,, I ve got original leather parts of seats,, wot u looking for, comfort or sports ?
  8. im in the uk and on ebay.co.uk. ive got wot u want ,,, & most other e30 stuff,,, especially oem seat cloth / leather parts ! cheers, ( carlsos@hotmail.co.uk )
  9. ive got MOST E30 SEAT fabric skins, !!! & I have the lower seat skin available of that version, which is 0211, pls PM, anyone who interested in any oem seat cover replacements !
  10. ive got e36 seats, for seat sliders and rails,, yes make me an an offer, thanks
  11. 25GBP. each & post. ( which I can find out, )yes ?
  12. there 14inch bbs caps, yeah iv got them to sell.
  13. yes I have one, pm me & il find out postage, cheers
  14. ive got the frames & seat cloth / leather bolsters / cushions in in pieces,,,,,,,,, if u need some parts from it, cheers, !
  15. ,, ive got the sport seat leathers & the cushions available -- which are all good ! I can sell separate pieces ,,, please pm,
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