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  1. brutus


        old thread yeah,  but asking if want to buy,,etc,,

     not many people have these !!!

     ive got good oem sport seat cloth/ leathers  cushions   and  bolsters  &   comfort skins , for the e30. 

     if interested / I can send pictures,   thanks  carl. s, 

  2. brutus

    E28 Comfort Seat Upholstery Cloth

    or mye28.com
  3. brutus

    WTB E30 sports seats (coupe)

    ive got the oem seat fabric & leather ..available,, pm me .😉
  4. hi,

    yes  u  still looking  for a  power antenna ? 

  5. brutus

    WTB E30 rear seat squab

    u still looking ?
  6. brutus

    WTB: E30 sedan leather seats

    hi, I havnt got sets , ,,,,,, but I certainly have good parts of ! leather & fabric, sports & comfort !😄 +447464095941,
  7. brutus

    WTB: E30 Cabriolet Bits

    yeh , I got good springs, post is from uk though ,,
  8. brutus

    E30 shifter and bushes

    yeah I got a lovely new shifter knob. £42 posted, & I got most stuff available !
  9. brutus

    E30 sport seats retrim

    so nice to see a good fresh cloth interior, ! well done mate,
  10. brutus

    Looking for this part please!

    yes the impact strip on the facelift , YES I HAVE & most stuff is available, 50GBP posted,
  11. brutus

    wtb -Mtech 1 boot lip

    am in uk, & sorry this is sold now,. I do have an m tec 2 spoiler available,& MANY other parts avail too !!
  12. brutus

    wtb -Mtech 1 boot lip

    I have one also.
  13. brutus

    E34 parts

    ive got some e34 parts. any still wanted ? 😉
  14. brutus

    Wtb e36 body loom

    IVE GOT A COUPE BODY LOOM.. carlsos@hotmail.co.uk