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  1. ive got MOST E30 SEAT fabric skins, !!! & I have the lower seat skin available of that version, which is 0211, pls PM, anyone who interested in any oem seat cover replacements !
  2. ive got e36 seats, for seat sliders and rails,, yes make me an an offer, thanks
  3. 25GBP. each & post. ( which I can find out, )yes ?
  4. there 14inch bbs caps, yeah iv got them to sell.
  5. yes I have one, pm me & il find out postage, cheers
  6. ive got the frames & seat cloth / leather bolsters / cushions in in pieces,,,,,,,,, if u need some parts from it, cheers, !
  7. ,, ive got the sport seat leathers & the cushions available -- which are all good ! I can sell separate pieces ,,, please pm,
  8. hi, 

     I dont have a car, but  I got some bits,,  glass, wing mirrors,,switches , ,etc, 

     name the parts u want ,, & il check around the  the old bmw garage,


    1. francoisv



      thanks, im after all the exterior door trim bump stops and being quoted $220 to $300 a set.

      021 302 485

    2. brutus



       yes , 

       I have a good set  of 4  of e28 door moulding   trims


      and post recorded ,,,,-  I can find out if interested, 

       please email me at  carlsos@hotmail.co.uk & I can reply with pics, thanks, 

  9. I only have the sports upper centre of that particular one, and many others too ! but that is pearl beige / tan houndstooth, code -0214,
  10. yes that base, still looking ???? . yes I have one,
  11. brutus


        old thread yeah,  but asking if want to buy,,etc,,

     not many people have these !!!

     ive got good oem sport seat cloth/ leathers  cushions   and  bolsters  &   comfort skins , for the e30. 

     if interested / I can send pictures,   thanks  carl. s, 

  12. ive got the oem seat fabric & leather ..available,, pm me .😉
  13. hi,

    yes  u  still looking  for a  power antenna ? 

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