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  1. Neil McCauley

    Another e36 - My 328 Beater

    Care to divulge the pickapart?
  2. Neil McCauley

    A very sad 2002Tii

    Was the one that ended up on its roof ever publicly offered? I suspect it went straight into a shredder...
  3. Neil McCauley

    99 Z3 2.8L parts car just in @ BMWORLD

    Hi Brent, looking for the rear beam, trailing arms and diff.
  4. Neil McCauley

    CSL time again

    $30K too much, collection spec CSL's are trading privately for the same money. However, this is almost perfect for a daily - suede is already thrashed, give the wheels a couple of bangs against the curbs outside SPQR and we're golden. Everyone who has had an S54 knows that the harder they're worked the better they perform (post bearing swap, obviously).
  5. Neil McCauley

    E30 Ignorance - $40k - $65k Really?

    I'll grab some scales and grab a definitive answer tomorrow, I was bloody disappointed in the figure from memory. RE: The apocryphal E36 alu doors are a favourite of mine. Option 919 on the 3.0's, standard kit on the LHD M3 GT and 50/50 as to whether your UK M3 GT Individual got them. The first six months of 3.2 production got them before complaints about NVH surfaced, and the rest of the story is history. Easy enough to tell though, the alu doors are riveted.
  6. Neil McCauley

    E30 Ignorance - $40k - $65k Really?

    They were never offered with the dogleg g245 that mates to an M20, it's a g260/5 which has closer ratios 1st-4th than a regular g260 - see attached. A 1:1 5th gear and a 3.73:1 diff in SA would be absolute madness. The E30Zone article is riddled with errors - they're parroting information that Andrew Everett of "E30 Restoration Bible" fame got wrong well over a decade ago which has never been corrected. When I weighed them, from memory they were 2kg weight saving at best - they're an ally skin wrapped over a standard E30 internal door frame (older panel beaters will know what I'm talking about). The front guards were ally pressed over a mould of a guard as they're so thin and easy to replicate, and I imagine the bonnet was also skin over frame