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Found 9 results

  1. not long picked up an e39 528i and wanting to ditch the factory alloys. was looking at putting on 18s, but having a hard time finding used sets with 20p offset. seems to be truckloads for 1 and 3 series with varying offsets but not many for 5 series with 20p? following the book it says 20p offset for 18/8 , so my search is based only on that info. can a 24 or 18 offset go also? maybe stay 17s? suggestions welcome!
  2. I have a full e28 M30 manual conversion which will be available in about 4-6 weeks. Included are the following parts: E34 M30B35 Getrag 260/6 gearbox - does not have holes for the e28 sensors, the but the spaces in the casing are there, the holes just need to be drilled. Includes crossmember for mounting and mounts. E28 manual pedal box with master cylinder, bottle, clutch line. Single mass flywheel with almost new clutch. Matching driveshaft for E28 fitment. This is a full manual conversion kit for E28s, if I missed any parts in the list they will be included, or specified otherwise. This setup was in my car and running without issue. One lady owner, never thrashed. $2200 or make me an offer. I may sell parts individually depending on interest and what is offered. This will all be available in about 4-6 weeks time. More detailed photos will come around then if a sale is not confirmed. Pickup from Onehunga. Can post if buyer arranged shipping.
  3. I am parting out a 1982 E28 528i manual with black cloth seats and interior. I need the whole shell/body, manual parts, suspension (for now so I can move it around). The following parts are for sale: M30B28 motor - Running condition, drove it for over an hour and it didn't overheat. Comes with loom, ecu, manifolds, alternator, powersteering pump etc- $600 M30 radiator - Good condition, no leaks - $80 Black cloth seats and matching door cards - $350 Black carpet - Faded but not bad condition. Best to be seen. - $80 or make an offer Black interior dash parts - Ask for what you want Non AC heater box - $80 or make an offer Non AC center console (2 available, both black) - $80 each Ask for other parts. Have miscellaneous other E28 parts so just ask for what you need.
  4. Womble

    FS: 1999 BMW E39 528i Touring

    1999 BMW 528i Touring - UK Import - $2,800 reserve, $4,000 buy now Advertised on Trade Me... http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1309572208 Phone James - 021 2870730 216,868km (ODO is in miles) Factory headunit - if you pay asking price I will throw in the stereo: Brand new WOF - Rego will have 3 months when sold Removable Westfalia towbar All leather seats - no major cracking, just some scuffed edges Load cover and cargo net in very good condition Air suspension in rear w/2 new airbags in recent years Sunroof w/new seal recently All electrics work - windows, seat lumbar, cold aircon Front tyres near new, Rear tyres only 50% - WOF says 7.7mm, 4.2mm M5 front bumper and spotlights New clear lights and lenses Rare Type 49 BMW wheels LED Angel Eyes Car drives extremely well, lovingly maintained over the years but have no time or space as have upgraded to newer model. Note: 1. Check Engine Light is on. I've checked the code with a Peake reader and they are: O2 Sensor Control Limit - Cylinders 1-3 and 4-6 O2 Sensor Adaptation Limit - Cylinders 1-3 and 4-6 Most likely points to a vaccum leak 2. Fuel transfer pump needs looking at - basically it runs out of fuel at 1/4 left in tank. Both not hard or expensive jobs, I just don't have time to look at them.
  5. Have decided to sell my E34 which I've put quite a bit of work into. Reason for selling is I wan't to start a completely different project, will also likely be selling my E39 soon for the same reason. Basic details: - 1995 NZ New 520i - Factory manual - Has done roughly 295,000Km (Still using original instrument cluster so can bee seen) - Original 2.0L M50 engine was swapped to a 2.8L M52 nearly a year ago now - New engine has roughly 110,000Km, was from an auto E36 (Unfortunately I have no evidence of this but it runs well). Work done/whats included: - E34 M-Tech front and rear bumpers. - M-Tech front and rear seats (manual adjust) - Has a new OEM Sachs clutch kit fitted onto a lightweight flywheel (done at time of swap). - German made Vogtland lowering springs (Ride is not harsh at all, car goes over all speed bumps without scraping). - Genuine throwing star wheels included in sale (no tires, or covers). - Will come with Standard BBS style 15" factory wheels with very good tread on all four tires. - Will come with M-tech side skirts (need to be refinished). - Re-upholstered headliner in black. - Black rear parcel shelf. Negatives: - No AC. - No Cert for swap (should be straight forward to get since its using all original mounts, no fabrication or modification to chassis). - Shift knob worn. - Left rear window is stuck in fully closed position (just happened two days ago), can hear motor trying so its probably the regulator. Price: As for price its difficult to say what its worth like with most similar projects, but am after $5,500 ONO. Notes: Despite no cert for the swap it has a WOF since the engine looks identical to the original one. It has always gone through WOF's easily. It drives very well, no issues at all with new engine, the added power and torque make it a lot more fun than a standard 520i/525i. As far as body condition: its quite nice, however, it is an old car and has a few minor dents and imperfections which you probably cannot pick up easily from the pics. Never been in any kind of accident as far as I know and can tell. Like I said the only reason I'm selling it is because I'm wanting to start a new project car (completely different direction). It will be sold with current WOF and Rego. As for pics, I'll upload the ones I have at the moment, more will follow since I haven't had much time lately. As it sits right now (These are the stock 15" wheels currently fitted): The throwing stars also included without tires (previous owner painted them silver, they are genuine forged E34 T.Stars): You can see the silver spray paint on the wheels I mentioned starting to come off (Looks better with original black anyway): Converted to narrow grill a while ago (Just preferred the narrow look): Engine bay: Looks identical to original M50 since its using an M50B25 intake plenum and valve cover: 525i badge has been removed now: That's all I have right now, will get interior pics soon. Offers welcome since I know these kind of things are hard to price.
  6. Hi I have recently purchased a MY2013 528i ex-Japan. The CIC unit is upgraded to NZ Radio and Nav but the TV settings still show Region Settings for Japan and there is no menu item to switch the Region to AU/NZ. How do I go about changing that? Also, do these CIC units come with Built-in DVB-T tuners? The manual says they do......Any help will be great. Tks
  7. Hi everyone So I'm selling my much loved 1999 BMW E39 as I've bought a new car and no longer need this one. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=725699663 You can see the car on this trademe link, as you can tell from the pictures this car is very well taken care of and I spent a lot of time and money making sure it would be in prime condition for its new owner. This car is a german built manual which my father bought brand new in South Africa and imported into New Zealand a few months after buying. I bought it off him a little over two years ago and it has been a great car to our family. I'm asking for $10,500 or near offer in my trademe link but I am open to any reasonable offers and you are more than welcome to arrange to come see the car and take it for a drive. The windscreen seal on the car has deteriorated and does need replacing but I'll be happy to have this all sorted for the new owner.
  8. I've got a 1999 BMW 528i manual which I'm looking at getting some work done to. I've had an what I've been calling a phantom overheating issue which has been caused by air getting into the cooling system and building up behind the sensor, fooling it into thinking the car is overheating. I'm taking it to BM workshop to get a full scan and find out how the air is getting in and from what I've read two of the most likely places are through a busted gasket or through cracks in a cylinder head. I had been planning over the last few months to get this sorted and then sell my car to get something newer but given that any repairs could be expensive enough to negate any profit I'd receive from selling it, I'm thinking I'll look into putting a new engine in it. My preferred choice (dependent entirely on costs of course) would be to source the twin turbo N54 engine (from the 335i) and put this in. I know this will incur all sorts of complications in making things matchup etc and I'll probably need a new clutch too. My question to anyone who might have an idea is, would this engine fit in the car? I'm asking because my car has the rack and piñon steering set-up which was not used in the v8 e39s due to the engines being too big to fit this steering system. From what I've found online the n54 is a similar size to the m52 (what my car has) but it'll also have extra bulk from the turbos and associated parts. Any other ideas or recommendations are appreciated. ps: If I am going through with an engine swap I'd like to get a decent power hike and the aforementioned e39 era v8s present too many complications. My other reason apart from wanting a newer car is wanting something faster and I love the idea of a "sleeper" 528i.
  9. atlantiskiwi

    2003 E39 530i Motorsport - 99k, Silver.

    Hi, I am selling my immaculate 2003 msport as I am in the mood for a E36 M3 or E46 M3. This is an honest car with no issues and if I didn't live in Auckland where I only had a space for two cars then I would keep it.