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Found 16 results

  1. lots of goodies 99 2.8L 179ks bilsteins upgradeed bushes and adjustable rear control arms etc 3.91 lsd 2.7 turn quick rack 17' alloys with good tyres build sheet details below WBACH32040LC67225 Type CH32 Model Z3 2.8 Market Europe Development Code E36 (7) Chassis Roadster Steering right Doors 2 Engine M52/TU Displacement 2.80 l Power 142 kW Drivetrain Rear-Wheel Drive Transmission manuell Color Atlantablau Metallic - 306 Upholstery Leder Oregon/schwarz - Q4SW Production Plant Spartanburg Production Date 1998-11-18 Standard Equipment 209 Limited Slip Differential (25%) Sperrdifferential 25% 345 Chrome Line Interior Chrome Line Interieur 510 Headlight Beam-throw Contr. F Low Beam Leuchtweitenregelung Abblendlicht 520 Foglights Nebelscheinwerfer 853 Language Version English Sprachversion Englisch Options 205 Automatic Transmission Automatic Getriebe 243 Airbag For Front Passenger Airbag Fuer Beifahrer 260 Side Airbag Driver/frt Passenger Seitenairbag Fuer Fahrer/beifahrer 299 Lt/aly Wheels W Mixed Tyres Lm Raeder Mit Mischbereifung 305 Remote Control For Central Locking Fernbedienung F.zentralveriegelung 314 Heated Windscreen Washer Nozzles Frontscheibenwaschduesen Beheizt 354 Green Stripe Windscreen Gruenkeil-frontscheibe 388 Softtop Black Verdeck Schwarz 395 Roll-bar Protection System Ueberrollschutzsystem 398 Softtop Operation, Electro-hydraulic Verdeckbetaetigung Elektro-hydr. 423 Floor Mats, Velour Fussmatten In Velours 428 Warning Triangle Warndreieck 438 Wood Trim Edelholzausfuehrung 441 Smokers Package Raucherpaket 481 Sport Seats F Driver/front Passenger Sportsitze Fuer Fahrer/beifahrer 494 Seat Heating F Driver/front Passenger Sitzheizung Fuer Fahrer/beifahrer 502 Headlight Washer System Scheinwerfer-waschanlage 530 Air Conditioning Klimaanlage 548 Speedometer With Kilometer Reading Kilometertacho 550 On-board Computer Bordcomputer 669 Radio Bmw Business Rds Radio Bmw Business Rds 692 Cd Changer I-bus Preparation Cd Wechsler I-bus Vorbereitung 704 M Sport Suspension M Sportfahrwerk 710 M Leather Steering Wheel M Lederlenkrad 807 Japan Version Japan-ausfuehrung 818 Main Battery Switch Batteriehauptschalter 823 Hot Climate Version Heissland-ausfuehrung 845 Acoustic Belt Warning Akustische Gurtwarnung 875 Infrared Remote Control Infrarotfernbedienung 925 Shipping Protection Package Versandschutzpaket 992 Number Plate Attachement Management Steuerung Kennzeichenbefestigu
  2. Hi all, I need to sell my project car because I have bought something else which I'd like to garage. The compact is an unfinished project - don't expect to drive it away - bring a trailer. BODY - 1999 Ex UK car - Imported to NZ in late 2000 so not rusty - 150,783 miles / 242,660 kms - driver only airbag model - non-aircon model (removed pump, etc from swap engine) - 328i front swaybar - 328i front brakes - new clutch master and slave cylinder (Bilstein/Febi metal ones) - clutch kit is good used M52 dual mass - original getrag gearbox (factory manual car) - good condition mtech front seats (m rain) - new gearknob and gaitor (China) - lowered with King Springs - 17" wheels - good condition Dayton tyres (brand new fronts) - battery mounted in boot - stereo with additional rear speakers and subwoofer ENGINE - M52B28 stock engine from 328i - 169,500 kms - ECU re-flashed with EWS delete and manual tune - 328i gauge cluster (needs addtional wire from C101 for speedo/temp) - 328i radiator and new slim electric fan (needs wire and/or clutch fan) - new flexi bellows to inlet manifold and U hose with USA parts - new metal thermostat housing and new thermostat - short throw shifter - old 4 cyl engine bay brakets removed (coil pack, etc. - looks ugly when people don't do this) - 328i front exhaust section fitted with new gaskets (rear needs modified to fit but included) BAD BITS - sunroof leaks above driver/passenger (I haven't managed to figure out how yet) - roof liner has been removed (bare metal roof skin) - grills missing (I have one) - some dents in body, scratches and scuffs (previous owner worked for NZTA on roads) - front shocks need replace (advisory on last WOF) - needs cert for road use of course Could make a good base for a race or drift car if you aren't interested in getting it road legal. Asking $3,500 ono 027 758 7857
  3. Re-introducing my 1999 BMW 316i (with the compact arse) My last thread on this car was mid 2017. I didn't get far, the pics died and then I started a YouTube channel. The YouTube channel has been slow. My most recent content has been 130i-based and that has blown up compared to my 316i build. 😆 But YouTube is a crap load of work (I can't be arsed with fiddly editing) and I'm not uber passionate about my 130i - it's just a daily. Also, it just dawned on my the other day, I like to write dribble and miss doing write-ups about cars - so here goes..... (again) The car as purchased: So the compact is an ex UK 1999 BMW E36 316i. Usually I would avoid UK imports like the plague but this one was imported to NZ in late 2000 so minimal exposure to the rock salt they liberally apply to their roads in winter. I brought the car around the end of 2016 from a guy in Otaki. I was looking for something cheap, manual, RWD and semi-local - and this was that! The compact has travelled 150,783 miles (approximately 242, 660 km). The previous owner worked on the roads so it has seen its share of rough roads etc. and was pretty filthy inside and out and sporting some pretty sweet dents when I got it (still has). Despite being a little rough it is a fairly sound car. When I brought it, it had a Levin VTNZ WOF and when I took it to Param VTNZ it also went straight through with no issues. It ran well, although sometimes smelt a bit oily when I got out. As you can see it has some 17' wheels (unsure if BMW) and is lowered on King springs. The tyres are a crap el' cheapo brand, so will eventually be replaced. It handles well though (a lot better than my wife's coupe at the time). The engine had a noisy pulley so sounded like it was supercharged lol. This model has no air bag in the dash and no air con compared to most of the Japanese import 318ti's I've see which I think sets it apart. That brings me to the name - I'm not sure why this car is badged the 316i? BMW also made a 316i in the E36 sedan shape? (confusing!). I usually call it a 316(t)i or 'compact' to indicate it's .. well... a compact and to align with the naming convention applied to its more popular brother the 318ti. The 316(t)i came out with the 1,895cc SOHC 'big block' oddity called the M43B19. The 318ti on the other hand came out with the smaller 1,796cc engine but with DOHC (M42B18). I have to admit the B19 went okay in such a small car but it was showing signs of abuse.
  4. Hello all, I am new to the forum as well as the mighty BMW engines. I am interested in purchasing an M52 or similar in the future, and would like to know typical costs that one could expect for a rebuild. Not a full rebuild, but including the following: All seals and gaskets Pumps (water and oil) Other consumables. Has anyone done a similar rebuild and would know the costs? Appreciate the help greatly! Maunde
  5. Hello everyone, As I mentioned in the general discussions, I am looking to purchase an M52 or similar in the near(ish) future. Before I swap the engine into the car, I would like to know which upgrades are most recommended. I am not going for power, I am going for reliability. I am currently aware of the two following reliability upgrades: - Replacing thermostat housing with aluminium. - Replacing waterpump pulley with aluminium Are there any other big things to replace that will improve the reliability? At this stage I would not be interested in replacing cam, crank or pistons. Thanks again for the help, Maunde
  6. Ive pulled the M50b25 from my 1991 325i and built myself an iron-block M52b28. Which means I have about a complete engines worth of parts left to get rid of. Parts from the M50 had 170000kms on them, M52 parts had 145000km. The M50 ran mint but i never saw the M52 running. M52 aluminium bare block- From an engine I hadn't seen running but the bores and everything look great, includes main cap bolts if you want $150 M50b25 Rotating Assembley- pulled out of a perfectly good running motor, crank journals are nice, rod and main bearings look ok. Includes crank, rods, pistons, main caps, bearings $200 E35 328i Harness- In very tidy condition, no cracking in any of the plastics or sheaths $200 I also have the complete M50b25 Non vanos head that I'll post photos of once ive cleaned it up. Includes new valve seals $250 I also have a whole assortment of accessories (timing covers, chains, alternator, M52 intake manifold, M50 viscous fan, rear main seal cover etc. etc.) so if there is something you are looking for ask away and I'll see what I've got. Prices are definitely negotiable, prefer pickup in Christchurch but may deliver if practicle. Thanks!!!
  7. Hey gang So I'm in need of a little help here. I pulled the m50b25 from my 1991 325 sedan, and with an m52 I bought as well, I now have the iron block m50 2.8 stroker. M52 single vanos head with s52 cams too ? I've got everything back together, I'm using the original dme and wiring harness from the car; the starter motor turns the engine over but I can't get it to start. I've read through a gazillion threads in various forums, testing this and that, but I've just reached a point where I need some help. If there is someone in the Christchurch area who would be interested in coming and having a look in exchange for their favourite tipple, it would be very much appreciated. Shoot with any other advice and what not too. Cheers Shaun
  8. Dirtybimmer

    M50 and M52

    have an m50 mostly complete has the head gone but have a few bits M50 intake $120 M52 cylinder head has been skimmed and checked over and is mint comes with all the running gear valves cams ect $400 ono want gone so try your luck have a e34 M50 sump for converting e30s to run m50/52 sold m50 alternator $50 ono it your after anything small off the engine give me a message and see if I still have it
  9. Basically its a fuel - fuel rail - injector malfunction that is temperamental. So done me engine swap, the car runs sweet no issues then im getting this... Took the injectors out and they don't seem to be pulsing when this issues going on. I got this weird blow back through the intake when I tried to start it today. Also the fuel pump kept on whirring like it wasn't getting any fuel but had plenty in tank. Sometimes it would whirr constantly and other times I turned the key on it would prime itself then stop like normal. On other random occurrences when turning the key on the injectors would squirt suddenly as soon as the key turned on... Im guessing thats what the blow back was, as the valves would be shut and the pressure from the injectors had no where to go but vent back through the air filter. I thought at first it could be fuel pump relay sticking but then why would the injectors not be pulsing? Im guessing its a bad connection some where and ive heard that you shouldn't solder the wires on theses, is that true? as I have soldered just about every splice. Regards
  10. Currently part way through prepping an M52 to go into my E30. I need bulk misc parts to get everything mint. For example metal impeller waterpump, valve cover gasket, sump gasket, thermostat, metal thermostat housing, spark plugs, oil filter, valve cover rubber mount and random gaskets. Also had tacked on E30 trunk seal, rear emblem and grommets. I was look at "partsgeek.com" & "autohausaz.com" and the shopping cart came to be pretty cheap (~$250USD). But shipping ends up being $200USD, making it not worth while. What would be the rough price if I were to source these items in NZ? Is there a website you guys like to use? Thanks in advance, any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. While I'm patiently waiting on parts to arrive from Pelican Parts I thought I'd tidy up my M52B28 some more before putting it in my E30. I would like to delete as much extra componentry as possible. I have already removed PS pump and AC pump etc. What'd you guys do to the things like purge valve & CCV? Also, any handy tips for stripping down an auto loom to manual? I'm basically left with 4 wires right now that go from trans dme to eng dme that I need to figure out what they're for (tomorrow's job). Thanks in advance for any help! This forum has prevented many headaches!
  12. Sorry if these seem a bit dumb and I have been searching on google for the answers but I've got some free time this weekend and I thought it better to just ask the knowledgeable folks on here because I'm not finding much maybe just thick. I can't find out where the single pinned e30 temp gauge sensor wires into the m52 engine side loom. I'm thinking it goes onto the engines gauge sender? Although I can't see a single sensor on the M52 engine that looks as though its just for the gauge. So I'm guessing there is a sensor that goes to the gauge in an original M52 car that does other things as well and has a few wires coming out of it? Is the idea to find what ever sends the info to the gauge on the engine and cut that off and connect it to the e30 sensor so it gets the feed from there? Also really amateur mistake I made. Just disconnected the positive and negative cables on my E36 donor and didn't mark any so now have no idea where the cables go to on the battery posts in my engine bay... The one that comes from my E30 fuse box, does that go to the positive post? There are two more coming from the engine side loom I have no idea where they go. Are they all positive cables? And the battery is simply just grounded with one ground strap? here is a picture: I marked the cable that connects to the alternator but just to make sure I'll ask here... Does the alternator and the starter have a thick cable connecting the two? If so, does there need to be a thick positive cable coming from the positive battery post running down to the starter solenoid? Thanks for helping a dummy get his engine swap sorted.
  13. Have decided to sell my E34 which I've put quite a bit of work into. Reason for selling is I wan't to start a completely different project, will also likely be selling my E39 soon for the same reason. Basic details: - 1995 NZ New 520i - Factory manual - Has done roughly 295,000Km (Still using original instrument cluster so can bee seen) - Original 2.0L M50 engine was swapped to a 2.8L M52 nearly a year ago now - New engine has roughly 110,000Km, was from an auto E36 (Unfortunately I have no evidence of this but it runs well). Work done/whats included: - E34 M-Tech front and rear bumpers. - M-Tech front and rear seats (manual adjust) - Has a new OEM Sachs clutch kit fitted onto a lightweight flywheel (done at time of swap). - German made Vogtland lowering springs (Ride is not harsh at all, car goes over all speed bumps without scraping). - Genuine throwing star wheels included in sale (no tires, or covers). - Will come with Standard BBS style 15" factory wheels with very good tread on all four tires. - Will come with M-tech side skirts (need to be refinished). - Re-upholstered headliner in black. - Black rear parcel shelf. Negatives: - No AC. - No Cert for swap (should be straight forward to get since its using all original mounts, no fabrication or modification to chassis). - Shift knob worn. - Left rear window is stuck in fully closed position (just happened two days ago), can hear motor trying so its probably the regulator. Price: As for price its difficult to say what its worth like with most similar projects, but am after $5,500 ONO. Notes: Despite no cert for the swap it has a WOF since the engine looks identical to the original one. It has always gone through WOF's easily. It drives very well, no issues at all with new engine, the added power and torque make it a lot more fun than a standard 520i/525i. As far as body condition: its quite nice, however, it is an old car and has a few minor dents and imperfections which you probably cannot pick up easily from the pics. Never been in any kind of accident as far as I know and can tell. Like I said the only reason I'm selling it is because I'm wanting to start a new project car (completely different direction). It will be sold with current WOF and Rego. As for pics, I'll upload the ones I have at the moment, more will follow since I haven't had much time lately. As it sits right now (These are the stock 15" wheels currently fitted): The throwing stars also included without tires (previous owner painted them silver, they are genuine forged E34 T.Stars): You can see the silver spray paint on the wheels I mentioned starting to come off (Looks better with original black anyway): Converted to narrow grill a while ago (Just preferred the narrow look): Engine bay: Looks identical to original M50 since its using an M50B25 intake plenum and valve cover: 525i badge has been removed now: That's all I have right now, will get interior pics soon. Offers welcome since I know these kind of things are hard to price.
  14. So I bought a new car and there's the possibility (not holding my breath) it's got Schrick or similar cams. Is there anyone who has the knowledge / time / tools to measure the duration of the cam once I've pulled the valve cover off (assuming it looks different from factory)? Is there anyone out there with specific knowledge of German tuning companies from the 90's? Either that or I need a translator, German forums are hard to decipher
  15. Rohil

    E30 M52 Swap

    Hi guys, Just wondering how many of you guys have done a M52 swap on your E30's. Im seriously looking into it, ill put up the E46 hopefully this summer and get it sold so i have a bit more to play with when it comes to this. I have been reading around and i doubt i can do this with the resources available to me, but it would be ideal and make a great project. Problem is, it cant be off the road for long! I have decided first step is to get the M20 currently in there manual converted with a Getrag 260 which can later bolt onto the M52. I have also asked about a ljet to motronic swap, but is it best to just leave this till the engine swap time comes around? I couldve bought a manual E30 and skipped one step and saved a bit of money, but im in too deep now. I like this car way too much to even consider getting another just to make this whole process easier. I just need to look around for a M52B28, the plan is to get that and slowly work on it, then when the time comes hand it over to someone to do the swap. Although what would be ideal is, have someone that has done the swap show me and i would love to work alongside to see what is actually needed and how it all goes together. I feel confident in doing everything BUT the wiring which seems like the worst part. The car will be a DD and it would be nice to have a bit more power and reliability than the ghost kms M20 currently floating around in the front of the ol' 323. Thought about a stroker for it, but the M20 is getting a tad old and tired now, i have been babying it since i got it, but thats been about 3 months out of close to 30 years of unknown history. And reliability is key, the M54 in the E46 even though its just the baby B22, has an awesome feel and sound. And has been pretty reliable so far, touch wood. And no, no boosting please. Sorry that this has been less of a question and more wanting opinions/guidance/experiences from people who have done the swap. I just want to know what its like to live with and what in entails. As much forum surfing as i do, its all overseas and it would be nice to have some Kiwi input on the matter. Rough costs/time, any information you or anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  16. SOLD
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