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Found 13 results

  1. I've got a 1999 BMW 528i manual which I'm looking at getting some work done to. I've had an what I've been calling a phantom overheating issue which has been caused by air getting into the cooling system and building up behind the sensor, fooling it into thinking the car is overheating. I'm taking it to BM workshop to get a full scan and find out how the air is getting in and from what I've read two of the most likely places are through a busted gasket or through cracks in a cylinder head. I had been planning over the last few months to get this sorted and then sell my car to get something newer but given that any repairs could be expensive enough to negate any profit I'd receive from selling it, I'm thinking I'll look into putting a new engine in it. My preferred choice (dependent entirely on costs of course) would be to source the twin turbo N54 engine (from the 335i) and put this in. I know this will incur all sorts of complications in making things matchup etc and I'll probably need a new clutch too. My question to anyone who might have an idea is, would this engine fit in the car? I'm asking because my car has the rack and piñon steering set-up which was not used in the v8 e39s due to the engines being too big to fit this steering system. From what I've found online the n54 is a similar size to the m52 (what my car has) but it'll also have extra bulk from the turbos and associated parts. Any other ideas or recommendations are appreciated. ps: If I am going through with an engine swap I'd like to get a decent power hike and the aforementioned e39 era v8s present too many complications. My other reason apart from wanting a newer car is wanting something faster and I love the idea of a "sleeper" 528i.
  2. Hi guys, My E30 is having issues... Again. Under specific loading conditions, there's a notable loss of power and an audible sound between 3000-4000rpm. I've tried to capture it in the video but didn't do too well. That and my "camera mount" kept talking. Typically part throttle under acceleration on the flat, or anything from half to full throttle up hill. Sounds like launch control is engaged (IE unburned fuel igniting in the exhaust). It doesn't seem to occur when the engine is cold. Apologies for the video... Couldn't find the right mount to get good footage of the tach so I had to make do with a friend's arm. Any help is appreciated!
  3. **BMW E39 M62B35 V8 Engine & Trans** $1200ono cash offers only please. Located: Napier, prefer pickup Displacement: 3,498 cc (213 cu in) Power: 173 kW (235 PS) @ 5700 Torque: 320 N·m (236 lb·ft) @ 3300 Redline: 6200RPM Brought for an E36 V8 conversion although plans have changed, excellent condition engine, low kms, tonnes of potential. Aluminium Head/Block so very lightweight. - 127,000Kms (Quote previous owner, could check DME?) - Comes with all ancillaries - Injectors - Fuel Rail - Coilpack - Headers - Automatic Transmission - DME and Gearbox Control Unit This is a complete engine ready to go in your car, all running gear included. Priced to sell, if you are seriously interested feel free to contact me here or via TradeMe @ http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1128553095 Sorry for the potato quality pictures
  4. I'm currently after a M20B25 speedo Drive for my swap. I'm located on the shore. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  5. *Brand New - Never Used* Link to part on website: http://www.redlineauto.com.au/p-142-redline-12-3063-manifold-datsun-16001800-2x-dcoe-webers.aspx#.Vp9M8vl97Dc Part Number: 12-3063 This manifold accepts 2 X DCOE Weber carburettors (designed for 45 DCOE Webers) - the perfect performance upgrade for your vehicle. Redline Performance manufactures quality performance products and our manifolds are cast locally in Sydney using Australian Aluminium. All our manifolds are designed to produce maximum torque and horsepower.
  6. Rohil

    E30 M52 Swap

    Hi guys, Just wondering how many of you guys have done a M52 swap on your E30's. Im seriously looking into it, ill put up the E46 hopefully this summer and get it sold so i have a bit more to play with when it comes to this. I have been reading around and i doubt i can do this with the resources available to me, but it would be ideal and make a great project. Problem is, it cant be off the road for long! I have decided first step is to get the M20 currently in there manual converted with a Getrag 260 which can later bolt onto the M52. I have also asked about a ljet to motronic swap, but is it best to just leave this till the engine swap time comes around? I couldve bought a manual E30 and skipped one step and saved a bit of money, but im in too deep now. I like this car way too much to even consider getting another just to make this whole process easier. I just need to look around for a M52B28, the plan is to get that and slowly work on it, then when the time comes hand it over to someone to do the swap. Although what would be ideal is, have someone that has done the swap show me and i would love to work alongside to see what is actually needed and how it all goes together. I feel confident in doing everything BUT the wiring which seems like the worst part. The car will be a DD and it would be nice to have a bit more power and reliability than the ghost kms M20 currently floating around in the front of the ol' 323. Thought about a stroker for it, but the M20 is getting a tad old and tired now, i have been babying it since i got it, but thats been about 3 months out of close to 30 years of unknown history. And reliability is key, the M54 in the E46 even though its just the baby B22, has an awesome feel and sound. And has been pretty reliable so far, touch wood. And no, no boosting please. Sorry that this has been less of a question and more wanting opinions/guidance/experiences from people who have done the swap. I just want to know what its like to live with and what in entails. As much forum surfing as i do, its all overseas and it would be nice to have some Kiwi input on the matter. Rough costs/time, any information you or anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi there, So i have a '85 323i that has a tired M20B23 in it and i was looking to swap in an M20B25. I am confident doing everything EXCEPT the wiring, any tips/pointers/help on this? Also because the 323 is L-jet, what will i need to change besides the engine itself and the ECU to make it a motronic? I will be keeping the auto 4 speed for now as i know its possible but once the engine is done id put in a Getrag 260. I am not doing the swap right now, just need a bit of info on what ill need to do etc. I understand things like engine mounts etc can be used, but i will be upgrading them anyways. Reasons for staying M20 and not going M50/52 is that i have been working on the engine for a while and know my way around it reasonably okay. Parts are plentiful and information is everywhere. Its a cheap simple little engine that i can handle so hence the choice if you were wondering As always, ANY help would be much appreciated as this swap isnt covered a lot on the interweb. Thanks, Rohil
  8. Hey guys, I was coming off the motorway yesterday in fifth, I needed to slow down so changed into fourth, when I put my foot on the clutch the revs started rising to about 4500, I put it in neutral and the revs would maintain 4-5000 revs! I drove for about 800m and every time I changed gears the revs would rise to 4k. I managed to pull over and stall the car to turn it off, but even in neutral the car would rev very high without my foot on the gas! Very strange. I left the car off for around 40mins, started her up and was fine! Even went to Penrose and back with no issues. My car is an 82 E21 - m10 1.8 carbureted. I've done some research and think it could be a vacuum leak from the manifold - but couldn't find anything loose.. Possibly m/t fluid.. not sure If anyone has any knowledge around this or knows anyone that could have a check it would be much appreciated. Cheers guys.
  9. Hi guys, I sold my old Avus E39 last year but got the itch again a couple of months ago. Bought a low KM but but rough looking and running Silverstone one with huge potential. Got Vanos done by Graeme at BM Workshop and although that solved one problem (extremely well, he's a magician) it presented another one being a more guttural noise from within. Long story short, it looks like I can either do a repair with the risk of throwing a rod out the side of the block at any point or replace the motor. What I'd like to do is a find another S62 to drop in there. Problem is of course, I'm on a tight budget.... Does anyone of any S62s out there for a good price? Can do a good deal on jewellery in return (wife's a jeweller). How much would your mrs love you?? Not only are you selling an engine but you're getting her jewellery. Amazing opportunity! Cheers guys, Lachie
  10. I disconnect my battery from the boot to get it charged by my mechanic, and now the boot is complete locked. I can't entered the boot by the boot key hole because the lock is broken (from when someone tired to break in) Can I some how connect the battery up directly to the engine bay directly to just get the boot open or does anyone have a alternative method? Cheers
  11. Hey Guys, Was hoping that someone might now what the two plugs just above the lower radiator hose are on the engine end of the hose. As its dripping something that could be oil onto it. Im assuming its from one of those plugs if not both. I'm replacing the Radiator and Lower Radiator hose, and since i'll be having that space once its out to work with I'd like to know what they are and then see how easy it is to fix it while the Radiator and hose is out the way. Reason im replacing the hose is due to the oil dripping on it. Ive tried finding it on this site but havent found it yet. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/partgrp.do?model=DM62&mospid=47544&hg=11 I have attached 2 pictures to try and make it easier to the area im talking about. Thanks in advance for any help on this
  12. Hello guys, Is this normal for a car that done 70k? Its 2005 BMW 530I and I can hearing tick tick tick tick in 2000rpm. Please see the video link.
  13. Hello guys, I just had a look this great looking car yesterday and need your help. I had a look 2005 BMW 530I and when engine started, as attached photo, red circle part rattle/shaking like cocktail maker!! What is that part name and is it normal for car that only done 70k? Also when you look at the second photo, it has weird white hoses on both side in engine bay. I asked dealer and he was not sure what it was for and commented must aftermarket. Does anybody knows what these are for? Hopefully it is not related to future maintenance problem.
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