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Found 9 results

  1. Ace Of Spades

    BMW I8 wanted for Shoot

    Hello Everyone! There is a little feeler/teaser going out for an exciting motoring project that I have been working on and they have asked if they know anyone who could get there hands on an i8 for a few hours on the 13th of October in Auckland..... Now I personally can't afford to own one but I was wondering that hopefully one of you may know someone/team/dealership/company who has one and could put myself in touch with them. The car won't be driven on the road, just in a small entrance way of a building for a into shot. Would very much appreciate any info All the best Sam
  2. So I just purchased a 2000 318i knowing that it had an issue with the battery or the alternator. Had the battery checked and charged, and it is indeed brand new and holds a charge. However I went to start the car 4 days after charging and it is flat, i'm not sure if its the alternator or if their is something drawing from the battery when the car is off. Whenever i start the car, the ac is always on even when i turn it off, is that factory? - I have found that the 'hedgehog' final stage resistor for the ac is a common problem that draws from the battery when the car is off. Should i take it to an auto-electrician or order the part oniline and pray? I'm a broke uni student with an addiction to building cars if that helps.
  3. Sup all, So basically I've joined because I went against all advice given to me and brought myself a 2004 530i. Being a complete retard (won't say stereotypical girl.. but yeah pretty much) when it comes to cars naturally after owning it for about 4 months its begun to sound like a tractor and leak oil. I'll make you all cringe by confessing that no, I've had no service since I've had it and it's JUST about 145,000km including no-one of any mechanical/bmw knowledge even look at it. To top it off, I'm heavy footed for 5"1' girl and drive it like I stole it. So I'm here pleading to be pointed in the direction of TRUSTED bmw mechanic in Auckland, who won't take advantage of the fact I'm a young ignorant female and rip me off. Thank you in advance!! Kylie
  4. Ace Of Spades

    E30 sway bars

    Whats peoples opinions on them? eg IE or HnR Wanting the wagon to handle flat out hill climbs and also be drive able on the street. Car also has more weight in under the bonnet
  5. anyone heading from auckland through to the south island? need a body kit from auckland will throw in so beers for your trouble.
  6. Terroth

    E30 M20B20 Belt noise / chirp

    Over the past few months my E30 320i has begun to chirp a little. It started out minor but has grown a bit louder recently and is starting to concern me. Ive attatched a video for you guys to listen to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YO_bk3LXYvc It doesn't occur during startup and only begins after giving it a few revs, it usually takes until the end of my driveway to begin chirping at me. Its intermittent, kind of in sync with the IDLE, however if you give it just a little revs it disappears. To me, it sounds like it must be coming from the alternator. After driving for +/- 10 minutes as the engine properly warms up it fades away and all seems well. The power steering and alternator belts appear to be visually fine, they seem to be tensioned and have no visual cracks on them. One point of concern is that my power steering reservoir is seeping / slow leak down the hoses, which i'll be needing to replace in the near future, however I don't think its related to the noise occurring as no oil is getting on the belts as far as i can see / feel. Any help would be appreciated, Cheers.
  7. JackDatBoi

    Unusual Revving

    Hey guys, I was coming off the motorway yesterday in fifth, I needed to slow down so changed into fourth, when I put my foot on the clutch the revs started rising to about 4500, I put it in neutral and the revs would maintain 4-5000 revs! I drove for about 800m and every time I changed gears the revs would rise to 4k. I managed to pull over and stall the car to turn it off, but even in neutral the car would rev very high without my foot on the gas! Very strange. I left the car off for around 40mins, started her up and was fine! Even went to Penrose and back with no issues. My car is an 82 E21 - m10 1.8 carbureted. I've done some research and think it could be a vacuum leak from the manifold - but couldn't find anything loose.. Possibly m/t fluid.. not sure If anyone has any knowledge around this or knows anyone that could have a check it would be much appreciated. Cheers guys.
  8. LouisHull

    In need of E30 expert.

    Hey everyone. Im in need of an E30 expert. I have recently try to fix my m tech 2 facelift, I set half an hour aside on sunday arvo, but like every bmw job it turned into two hours and not yet completed. I have identified the problem I had with the front bumper. It was that the hooks that hold the bumper to the inner metal frame are broken and need replacing. This little hook is the only one that wasn't broken out of 5. So I need to remove the other ones, but to do this I think I have to remove the middle piece of the bumper, but how I do this is where im stuck. There are two large start bolts on the bottom of the middle piece that I suspect is where you undo it and it will just slide out but im hoping someone can comfirm this or point me in the right direction of how to do this. Cheers
  9. Hi Guys, This is my first post on these forums so hopefully i dont sound too stupid but here goes... So i have absolutely fallen in love with the gunmetal Style 65 rims off the E39's. However, i have a E46 with Style 68's currently and cannot for the life of me find replicas to fit my car. I have seen some photos of E46's showing off the Style 65's but none i can buy. Would anyone know how i can source some/get them made/provide ways to fit the style 65's overcoming the offset problem without looking ridiculous? Iv attached a photo off of google, and the forum it came off has zero information as well (NOTE: Attached is obviously not my car, just making sure im being legit here) ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance