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Found 11 results

  1. BimmerShaun

    Many M50/M52 parts

    Ive pulled the M50b25 from my 1991 325i and built myself an iron-block M52b28. Which means I have about a complete engines worth of parts left to get rid of. Parts from the M50 had 170000kms on them, M52 parts had 145000km. The M50 ran mint but i never saw the M52 running. M52 aluminium bare block- From an engine I hadn't seen running but the bores and everything look great, includes main cap bolts if you want $150 M50b25 Rotating Assembley- pulled out of a perfectly good running motor, crank journals are nice, rod and main bearings look ok. Includes crank, rods, pistons, main caps, bearings $200 E35 328i Harness- In very tidy condition, no cracking in any of the plastics or sheaths $200 I also have the complete M50b25 Non vanos head that I'll post photos of once ive cleaned it up. Includes new valve seals $250 I also have a whole assortment of accessories (timing covers, chains, alternator, M52 intake manifold, M50 viscous fan, rear main seal cover etc. etc.) so if there is something you are looking for ask away and I'll see what I've got. Prices are definitely negotiable, prefer pickup in Christchurch but may deliver if practicle. Thanks!!!
  2. Dirtybimmer

    M50 and M52

    have an m50 mostly complete has the head gone but have a few bits M50 intake $120 M52 cylinder head has been skimmed and checked over and is mint comes with all the running gear valves cams ect $400 ono want gone so try your luck have a e34 M50 sump for converting e30s to run m50/52 sold m50 alternator $50 ono it your after anything small off the engine give me a message and see if I still have it
  3. Basically its a fuel - fuel rail - injector malfunction that is temperamental. So done me engine swap, the car runs sweet no issues then im getting this... Took the injectors out and they don't seem to be pulsing when this issues going on. I got this weird blow back through the intake when I tried to start it today. Also the fuel pump kept on whirring like it wasn't getting any fuel but had plenty in tank. Sometimes it would whirr constantly and other times I turned the key on it would prime itself then stop like normal. On other random occurrences when turning the key on the injectors would squirt suddenly as soon as the key turned on... Im guessing thats what the blow back was, as the valves would be shut and the pressure from the injectors had no where to go but vent back through the air filter. I thought at first it could be fuel pump relay sticking but then why would the injectors not be pulsing? Im guessing its a bad connection some where and ive heard that you shouldn't solder the wires on theses, is that true? as I have soldered just about every splice. Regards
  5. atlantiskiwi

    E36 M50/S50 Chain Tensioner (Lower)

    Hi, I am looking for a Lower Chain tensioner part number - M50/S50: 11-31-1-405-081 (Tensioner) 07-11-9-963-418 (Gasket ring)
  6. E36_Turbo

    E36 M3 Parts For Sale

    Hi all I'll be selling some interesting bits and pieces, mainly E36 Evo M3 driveline parts, and M50/52 parts, that will no longer be used. These items are expensive quality parts sourced over the years, It is an ideal package for anyone desiring a strong F/I build, or simply upgrading a standard E36. They were to be used in a high horsepowered M50 Frankenstein build, but life doesn't always work out the way one wishes it would, there's nothing cheap about building a turbo E36 unless you cut corners ( haha ). Here are some parts, including some engine upgrades for turbo applications. - Evo M3 LSD Diff : $1200 ( haven't confirmed Ratio yet, blasted and painted, so not a crappy looking used Diff ) - Evo M3 Complete Rear Subframe ( Complete Powder coated unit ) : $1800 - Evo M3 Manual Conversion Kit ( Includes Complete Driveshaft ) : $2400 - UUC Clutch / Flywheel Kit ( 850whp rated, can find the detailed info on CES Motorsport web page ) : $2800 ( reasonably priced for what it is ) - Evo M3 Rear Axles : $ ( Price TBC ) Engine Components: -Top Mount TurboManifold T3/T4 : ( SOLD ) - CES BMW E36 Cutring Headgasket, Copper Spacer, COMBO KIT : $750 -ARP 2000 Head stud kit : ( SOLD ) -M52B28 Stroker Kit, removed from 90km engine : $500 -Evo Subframe Bushing Kit : ? ( TBC ) -Walbro 255 LPH Fuel Pump, Filter and Connector : ? ( TBC ) -M50B25 OBD1 Engine wiring loom : $50 -M50B25 Intake Manifold x 2 $60 each - Nuke Fuel Rail = ? ( TBC ) I will update with images for most of the items listed in accordance with forum rules. Feel free to ask questions, there's still more parts to be listed but i haven't gathered everything just yet so keep an eye out if there's anything that tickles your fancy haha, or PM if need be, kind regards, Peter. Items with "TBC", prices yet to be confirmed.
  7. So I bought a new car and there's the possibility (not holding my breath) it's got Schrick or similar cams. Is there anyone who has the knowledge / time / tools to measure the duration of the cam once I've pulled the valve cover off (assuming it looks different from factory)? Is there anyone out there with specific knowledge of German tuning companies from the 90's? Either that or I need a translator, German forums are hard to decipher
  8. HamishNZ

    E34 M50B25 manual conversion

    Hi my fellow NZ'ers! I am wishing to convert my auto E34 525i with the M50B25TU (Vanos) into a manual. I am finding it difficult (not suprisingly) to find the getrag 250 + conversion kit that came standard on the late model 525i's with the M50 engine. The earlier models with the M20 engine have the getrag 240's or 260's (or zfSG310?) i believe and these seem to be more available. I've heard that the M20's gearbox bolts up perfectly to the M50 but due to the M50's tilt the box is on a 10degree tilt and therefore doesn't align with the gearbox mounts. Is anyone familiar with the process required to modify the mounts to suit the older gearbox? Or even better, if you can buy these pre-made? Oor even BETTER, does anyone have a maual conversion kit for my M50 E34? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Cheers
  9. sickfish199

    1993 325i

    As per link http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=869749272 $3999 no reserve
  10. 4DoorE30

    E30 M50 swap parts

    Hi guys, I am looking to start collecting parts for my e30 m50 swap. I have a couple of good options engine wise at the moment but am looking to see whats out there before I decide. I want: M50B25 (e34 ideally but e36 is ok) with less then 200,000k's E34 Oil sump, pick up and dip stick E36 engine arms M5 e28 Engine Mounts E36 Manual Gearbox If you have any of these parts please let me know, I am very keen to get my swap underway.
  11. NK420

    m50b25 head timing problem

    Hi, I have an m50b25 single vanos (e36) and am slowing rebuilding it as I can afford parts. (for my e30) I need to remove the head, so I put cylinder 1 at TDC. I did this and saw that the journals on the end of the camshafts were not completely square with the block (arrow on exhaust sprocket wasn't perpendicular either)... so I couldn't get the locking tool on properly. So for some reason I decided to take the vanos off to see if it would make a difference - it made it worse. Can anyone advise me how to remove the head now that the timing is out - and how to time the cams when I come to put the head back on. Thanks!