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  1. 4DoorE30

    E30 325i

    Are the details listed somewhere? Im looking for a cheap wofd/regd one.
  2. 4DoorE30

    E30 325i

    Looking to buy a E30 325i preferably automatic and 4 doors.
  3. 4DoorE30

    M20 starter

    If got one, in tauranga. Pm me if your interested
  4. There pretty easy to find, I think the diff might need to be changed but i havent drivin mine yet so im not 100% sure. Yea the driveshaft bolted right upto my one.
  5. Im also just about finished an m50 swap, using a Getrag 220 form an e36. I found it very easy to make the box work. Just cut and re-welded the shift linkage, and my driveshaft bolted right up. The e30 was originally a 320i. Im not sure what box you have to use when using the m3 clutch but hopefully this helped.
  6. I can do the ECU and Lead set. Ive got the loom aswell but I Took the main power cable that goes to the alternator and starter off it so not sure if youd want that.
  7. Hi guys, im in desperate need of the section that comes off the exhaust manifolds form a e36. Ive got the m52 steel headers in my e30 but I need the flanges with some pipe on them to join up to the rest of my system. Need ASAP as my car is currently at an exhaust shop but they need this part. Closer to tauranga the better Thanks heaps
  8. I can do the throttle body and ICV. flick me a text on 0275711005 if you want them. Not to keen to pull the head but you could have the whole motor for the same price as you'd get a head for. Just need to get it outta the shed for my old man haha
  9. 4DoorE30

    M20B20 Head PFL

    Ive got a full m20b20 PFl in tauranga for cheap as chips if you want it
  10. 4DoorE30

    M52 headers

    Want to Buy M52 Headers for my e30 swap, Preferably in the Tauranga area. Thanks in advance
  11. I have one in my car at the moment but Im about to pull it to do a m50 swap. It has an external oil leak from the headgasket, i.e no coolant and oil mixing. I can sell it with everything including all accessories and motronic 1.3 ECU & Loom. If your interested drop me a pm or text on 0275711005.
  12. Just thought I would share some photos as im very happy with the result from using Meguiars Wash & Wax today.
  13. Ive got a m20 sump guard. $150 in Tauranga
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