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  1. Can do a swap Nathan
  2. A set of `Rays` to roll on.
  3. Have another M57 for you Jon.
  4. Yep. Even the 120d badge stays though definitely needs wheel/Tyre upgrade
  5. 335d Brakes all around. 28.5mm & 16mm swaybar upgrade (stock 26.5mm & 11mm) AC Schnitzer Suspension Package 335d Dif and 1/2 shafts
  6. Weight is comparable to N52B30. Ali block unlike earlier M57`s.
  7. Take a nice NZ new N47 powered 120d and repower with M57D30TU. Swirl flap delete along with DPF and EGR delete, Tune should be good for 700NM.
  8. $180 @ Hellbm. Diagnostic and all parts required available @ Hellbm.
  9. Call if keen to buy. Regards Ray 0212435526
  10. Back on the market as of this weekend.
  11. Anyone keen on a E87 135d. We have an extra 130 ideal for a M57N2 repower.
  12. Much prefer the 135 bumper and no not a keeper. Already have to many `keepers`.
  13. A project we pulled together over the Xmas break. `08 130 N52B30 Auto converted to N54 6 speed manual. 80000km 130 with a 70000km drivetrain. A bunch of mods from the parts bin to make something unique and a whole lotta fun to drive. Studie AG tuned N54 plus some of our own engine tweeks. AC Schnitzer Suspension package H&R Swaybars Quaife LSD 335i Brakes. Front rotors 335i /Rear rotors E46 M3
  14. Here are 2 of them. Mine and a customers we converted to manual.
  15. He or his Mechanic needs to calibrate the DSC assuming the 2 faults listed are the only ones beside brake pad wear sensor or sensors. If the sensors need doing they will be the only faults remaining. Very rarely we have encountered the mentioned reductor fault due to the fact that we don`t have to deal with the rust issue like others. I mentioned that issue to point out the fact that it will throw a specific fault code assuming the sensors are ok. CALIBRATE the DSC including steering angle and all will be fine.
  16. Assuming the wheel speed sensor is ok (swap from left to right to confirm) the reluctor ring if faulty will throw up its own fault code.
  17. Code it. Bleed with a decent scanner Calibrate it And replace brake pad wear sensors if you haven't already done so. Activate return pump remotely with scanner to confirm all is working as it should.
  18. HELLBM

    Gates to Hell

    Xmas makeover Gate to Hellbm.
  19. Both types available @HELLBM
  20. IMG_6903.MOV M3 ESS Supercharge kit good cond. $4750 Supercharged BMW E46 M3 Sets 7:30 Nurburgring Lap Time with Traffic and Speed Limits IMG_6902.MOV
  21. Some small upgrades installed: M Performance Spoiler And some RevShift billet aluminum rear trailing arms. Before and after pics. Helps to keep the rear planted under load.
  22. HELLBM

    Z4 E85 Driveshaft

    Difs available @HELLBM
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