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  1. Hi Guys, I am looking at what seems a M235i M performance version for sale. It does not have M performance trim but am told mechanically it is. I want to know how can I know? The American version of this car only came in manual. This car has the 8 speed box. This is an NZ new car. Can anyone help with this as it is a big deal to me, thanks
  2. Thanks for the info on Penrite. Will wait till next week and get a bottle from BM Workshop
  3. I use the car maybe once in 2 weeks, so wanna top it up and monitor it as I have only owed the car for a month and driven it twice. Do you know of a local dealer that sells the BMW coolant locally? It’s not something that Repco or Supercheap stock.
  4. Hi, I need to buy some BMW coolant today to top up. I suspect I have a small leak that drips only when the car is parked after a drive. Any idea where I can buy this today, thanks
  5. Hi Ray, I have saved up and have my cash for a manual conversation for my 330ci Coupe. Let me know when you have what I need, thanks
  6. Hi, i am looking for carbon fibre or aluminium interior trim for dash, side door and rear for my coupe, thanks
  7. Hi, My 2003 330ci coupe is automatic. I am looking to convert it to manual. I do not want to buy bits and pieces but rather looking for a complete kit, I.e. everything.
  8. Would love the gearbox and interior trim if you were parting these cars
  9. Hi Darryl, Does the car have current WOF and reg?
  10. I was setting updating some software on my CGI computer this evening and while waiting I decided to have a play with the car and see if the oem wheels had a refresh with a different tint what it would be. It took a bit longer to update my computer so while twiddling my thumbs I decided to look at what it would turn out like if I had to wrap it. At the end of it I realised I like picture 1, i.e. the original look. However I do wish those oem rims were 18" They feel a little lost in the wheel well. My brother another BMW enthusiast was suggesting I tint the windows. I have to admit I like the idea of clearly seeing into the car. If memory serves me correct these windows have a UV resistant tint on them.
  11. Thanks Guys, I think it’s settled, I lived in Botany and the roads back then were fine, now I live out in Clevedon and I think I will stick with the factory and later if I consider custom it would be 18s as it seems 19s will be a nightmare for me as I love the motorsport setup but would not it to be harsher than that.
  12. Do you have a complete manual conversion kit for a e46 330ci coupe?
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