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  1. Ahhhhh....that is more understandable. Not the actual swirl, swirls that machine car washes rapidly put in... Yeah, those fine scratches are unavoidable.
  2. The E38 750il gets plenty of screentime and an amusing end in Tomorrow Never Dies, not to mention, gadgets!
  3. Straight fine scratches from contaminated washes / sloppy technique (which we are all guilty of sometimes) ....but full on swirls from hand washing? How does that happen? I've only really suffered from swirling when the dailys go to the machine car wash... I will give the rinseless a try though for a quick wash.
  4. Had a walnut blast done about two weeks back .Intakes were terrible. Might be psychological but the induction sounds better to my ear.... There is definitely better pickup of the power before the turbos spool though....
  5. Yeah it's terrible for us car loving types Fortunately (or not) I don't do enough driving in the 135 for it to really be a big pain, more of an inconvenience. Dams are back to 73% now...but much lower rainfall predicted over the coming weeks...so no end in sight really. I don't seem them lifting the ban over summer as that's a shedload of pools to be filled. I think it will only be resolved once they bring all the additional supplies online.
  6. Nothing new and only 300 or so kms driving to report in a few month. With the hosepipe ban still on in Auckland I decided to book the wash bay at United Car Care in Penrose to do a decent wash. The Klasse, Collinite + Fireball Wax combo is holding up well (don't really expect different after 300 km and a few months lol), I didn't take any pictures of the beading but the fireball wax beads up like crazy. Very impressed with it.
  7. Also look into the cause of the timing chain issues. On some models it's down to a poorly designed chain tensioner. Replacing this tensioner as early as possible with the upgraded part can avoid the problem altogether. I don't if this is the came on the N47 but it is the case on the N46.
  8. HalfJobHarry

    JB4 N54

    Checking here before I buy new from the US. After a JB4 for the N54 engine.
  9. It's crossed my mind, but with the roads here I'm going to persist with a dual turbo setup aiming for a fairly modest 500 hp at the crank in the near future. There is realistically so much more needed though, that kit is just the 'core' of the system. A significantly better and larger inter-cooler is all but essential for single turbo. JB4. Two step cooler plugs. Upgraded chargepipe (if you don't already have one). Depending on your power goal (which is presumably well in excess of 600 HP if you're going single turbo) fueling needs consideration too, E85 setup (LPFP ugrade and HPFP overdrive kits)....or additional port injection.
  10. I've noticed their conversion prices are awesome. Presumably they keep your autobox afterwards and given the refurb/resale value of them allows a tidy offset to keep the pricing down? I have also heard nothing but good about them but cannot vouch personall.
  11. If you keep up with the complete fluid replace every few years then any hydroscopic properties are likely not worth it. Interestingly BMW often specify the DOT 4 Low Viscosity fluid...which when I went to the dealer for it they initially told me "they don't sell it"...then when I produced a BMW part number they they were surprised saying "nobody never bought that before" Apparently there is "need" to run the LV fluid with BMW ABS/Traction Control ...but frankly I'm certain garages the world over have been putting in regular DOT 4 forever without ill effect.
  12. A locksmith (most cover auto locks too as they are the same) of any repute can get you in with a lockpick in about 60 seconds. You might get them for under 120 bucks with the callout fee. Beware the locksmith who wants to start drilling . I would go this way over smashing the glass anytime. And once you've been bitten with this....winding one or even both windows down (for the paranoid) is a habit that never leaves you. Sometimes if I need the doors shut and windows up for some reason I pop the boot as can go in that way if needed.
  13. Anywhere in Auckland do a sensibly priced auto box filter and fluid change? I didn't bring my auto fluid hand pump thingy from the UK and don't quite have the access in my garage to do it....AT fluid is my kryptonite too...I always have a a mishap with it
  14. What's wrong with it if I may ask? I've rebuilt a few units over the years and it is VERY DIYable. Hardest part is probably sourcing a kit here....almost certainly needs to come from overseas. I suspect any 'euro specialist' place will be more than happy to do the job for you.
  15. An actual hoist (like an engine hoist/ block and tackle) or hire of a lift? IF it's the latter I'm also on the lookout for somewhere that is amenable to letting me rent their space and use their lift on a casual basis ....
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