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  1. I'd seriously consider importing a 330i E46 manual from the UK if I wanted another one now. (lookout for corrosion though!). When I moved I didn't even get $2000 for it and I'd easily spent 12 on it in preventative maintenance. I didn't do my research before moving over on BMWs here or I'd have just shipped it over and profited even after costs!
  2. Yeah it is kind of low actually...probably those ramps are a good idea. I'll pick a set up.
  3. I need to get hold of some silicone hose with different diameters on each end for a charge pipe I'm replacing. Can anybody recommend somewhere in Auckland that deals with this kind of thing?
  4. Get your injectors from FCP euro. You'll have change from 2k NZD including shipping, they warranty them for life...and injectors are not a complex job to do at all (they can be coded easily with common software or using PROTOOL if you must $100 bucks). Buy the injector removal tool if your're doing it yourself...worth it 100%
  5. Given they are hatches rather than sedans I find you can get a lot more in them....the boot space is comparable (or possibly even larger) than a 3 series. I had a 3 series for years and I have less trouble putting things in the 1 series....but that said.....I'm dying inside a little more talking about boot space EDIT: And drive one already !!
  6. So you reckon on a standard ride height it would be a one step thing? (not holding you to this btw :D)...I'm just sick of the faffing about to get on jackstands. Ahh looks like I missed out....still even at retail price it seems a good deal...bloody heavy by the sounds of it though.
  7. Are you able to jack your E46 to jack stand height in one operation with this jack? The nonsense I have to go through to get my E82 on jack stands is usually the worst part of any job...
  8. As M3MAN says...drive one before deciding....the autos are good but the manual versions are epic.
  9. I used to intensely dislike the 1 series in general ...until I actually drove one. I didn't think anything would feel nicer than the E46 330i ...but the 1 series converted me. Granted...from certain angles sometimes I'm mixed on the look of the lines...but both the 130 and the 135 are wonderfully fun cars. I think the 130i in manual is a brilliant choice.. The N52 will long be remembered as probably he last great N/A engine BMW ever made.
  10. I'm with the rest of the folks here..... I don't want to do any bubble bursting but a 320 is so commonplace and 'ordinary' , that it's hard to imagine why anybody would go through the effort of a manual swap etc. Manual swapping a 130i or something (although manual examples or not that rare) is something I can get on board with... the I6 3.0L are not that thirsty at all when cruising.
  11. Thanks everybody for the input on this. Got distracted but will try the autoglym. The data sheet seems to list petroleum so doesn't look to be waterbased, I'll give it a try though as I'm not in the 'tire shine makes your tyres brown camp', I've just found the water based don't sling off as much.
  12. That's nothing for a BMW in KMs! Wouldn't even be much in miles!! I sold my E46 330i with 318k KM on it and it was still going strong (granted it had had almost every plastic part replaced in its life...but lets not dwell on that). How are the lifters?
  13. Anybody got any recommendations for a decent water based tyre shine gel that I can easily get in NZ. Ideally something I can just pickup from a shop. I've used Optimum Optibond Tyre Gel and my bottle has done me for 7 years but it's finally run out on me. I strongly dislike the petroleum/silicone products as they are often far too shiny, sticky and tend to sling off the wheels.....
  14. What helps for a little while is sitting stationary and holding at 3000 rpm for a few minutes. That said no N54s really sound that great idling...there is a somewhat diesel like quality to them all sadly...a lot of the N series engines sound that way DI or otherwise. EDIT: If you have high mileage..beware of timing chain issues...although not common they can sound very similar to lifter tick...but often much worse.
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