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  1. I'm looking for the following replacement parts for the dash of my E91 wagon if anyone can help. Parts numbered (1) and (4) in the attached image. Centre speaker cover single or double scoop (1) Centre speaker adaptor (4) Cheers muchly
  2. Consoles? Pah! Who's into proper FPS on PC? and I don't mean that COD bullscheiser either
  3. Here's what happens when Ken Block only gets to do it in one take Linky
  4. I was gonna say Tony it's just like yours, minus the moon miles and the puddles of oil
  5. Obviously no spellcheck in forum update
  6. simon*

    M TOY M3

    Yeah looking at the pic I though 7's and 8's!
  7. simon*

    M TOY M3

    Nice on the CSL rims! Those LM's (or LM reps?) don't look very wide - what were they out of curiosity?
  8. I received the same advice as you regarding auto trans. The 2.0 FSI with auto box are the most prone to failing, however the 1.6 for some reason were less so. That being said, like with anything, with proper care and attention it may never be an issue. My folks had one that lasted until about 190,000+ kms before the trans started making funny noises. My wife had her heart set on one too until she drove an E46 MS with the suede and carbon black interior - we ended up with that ;-) I do have to buy her a Mk6 GTI one day as payback though!
  9. Are we compatible with any of the mobile forum apps now?
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