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  1. Thanks, I'll give them a call tomorrow 👌
  2. Do any kiwi insurance companies cover you for multiple cars under a single policy or do I need a separate policy for each vehicle?
  3. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3246664034 Great looking car at a reasonable dealer price
  4. Thanks for the offer. Much appreciated! Also, I didn't realise 30nm wasnt RFT so I'll just crack on with the tools I have. Cheers for the input too @NZ_InFerno @KwSI'll have to go check the washers 👍
  5. Any Wellington based people able to rent me out a torque wrench suitable for doing my 130i spark plugs (30nm)? I've got 3/8" spark plug socket but reckon I'll need the wrench & extension piece.
  6. Nice! Cheers guys. I'd definitely like to have fatter tyres on the rear but that's purely for looks! I'll start looking at some prices for those 225s
  7. What tyre setups have you guys tried on the 130i? My 130i is in need of a set of rears and i know pretty much nothing about tyres! Current setup is Potenza RE003s all round. 215/45R18 on the front & 225/40R18 at the rear. Fronts seem to have loads of life so I'm currently looking at just replacing the rears. My assumption is that I should stick with the RE003s to match the fronts. Is this correct?
  8. I'd be keen to hear someone's experience with one of these too. I'd never heard of a throttle controller until reading your comment!
  9. I saw that earlier. Looks nice! The dark alloys suit it.
  10. I'll take those plugs off you 👌 Couldn't get any info about the pads but going by the label, they won't fit the 130?
  11. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3218847057 Nice looking 130i. Looks like it might have BMWP exhaust too
  12. That thing is beautiful! Reckon it'll get snapped up pretty quickly. Good luck with the sale.
  13. They're in! Cheers for your help @M3AN The look is so much nicer than standard. I think that's enough to justify the change. I'll also be more inclined to actually use these over the weird original setup. I definitely took more than the suggested '30-45min'. Part of that was a trip to bunnings to get smaller pliers 🙄. The rest of the time was me figuring things out and watching YouTube videos
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