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    18" Gunmetal Advan RS Racing (Japanese wheels made by Yokohama) 255/35/18R and 225/40/18F Yokohamas, flat bottom leather/alcantara M3 steering wheel, Genuine BMW short throw gear lever, Storm Motorwerks weighted gunmetal gear knob, Pedal Haus aluminum pedal covers, LUX H8V3 LED bulbs, new floor mats set, new black hood lining, gloss black grills, ceramic coated paint and wheels, full LAPTORR exhaust system, E46 M3 Gearbox mounts etc
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  1. Its the angle...Genuine BMW short throw lever with a weighted gunmetal Storm 'knob' It really is a 'pleasure' to hold. http://www.storm-motorwerks.com/interior/bmw/shift_knobs_v1/ Weighing in at just over 500g, the stainless steel shift knob really does feel substantial. The "notchy" nature of the BMW gearboxes is significantly smoothed out with this weight through providing a greater pivot force, giving you an effortless and precise gear change every time. Prototyping revealed that with the shift knob too light - the notchiness would still be there, too heavy and gearchange would become laboured and sloppy. With the weight optimised, we have met both criteria - smooth and swift.
  2. The more I drive it the more I love it...Have a 2020 Mustang as well...and a 1965 Gt Cortina for retro feels...
  3. Has anyone fitted M3 gearbox mounts? Is it worth it? I hear swapping out the gearbox fluid for Redline is a good thing to improve shift feel?
  4. Hardwired my Valentine 1 today, and off for a county run with the ChCh BMW Club on Sunday...
  5. Gee, I thought my one with 126k was high mileage... 😱
  6. I used Vehicle Import Specialists in Rangiora to source my 130i about 6 months ago - Tom on 03-310 6539
  7. They do have a stigma with a great deal of people and that affects the resale price.. Bit like monolithic clad 1990 homes. https://autotalk.co.nz/news/red-flag-singapore-imports
  8. From what I researched they're 18x8J +45 f and 18x9J +50 r. Run around us$2400 a set (rims only). For this size rim the retailer is recommending 225/40 f and 255/30r which is what I am running. They weigh just under 8kg.
  9. Hi...The wheels were on it when I bought it in from Japan...I did wonder if it had different suspension considering the previous owner went to the bother of upgrading the wheels and exhaust with decent upgrades, ie not the cheapest or most common. Im not sure on the wheel offsets. but I will see what I can track down. Rear spoiler was on it too, I assumed it was a optional stock fitment? Ive owned it for maybe 6 months and apart from replacing the starter motor its been faultless (touch wood).
  10. Thanks, looks better in person than photos convey. Wheels are 18s with 225f and 255r, exhausts pops and burbles on decel (but not obnoxiously).
  11. Laptoor exhaust (Japanese) Advan wheels (Japanese) Yokohamas, M3 alcantara flat bottom steering wheel, new black hood lining, black grills and badges, ceramic coated, BMW short throw lever, Storm weighted gear knob, Lux H8 LED bulbs, Pedal Haus stainless pedal covers, mint inside and out.
  12. My red Mustang GT390...Big Block Fastback..sold it for 20k back in the day...Would be 80-100k now I suppose.. Just bought a 2020 GT Mustang however...
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