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    MTOY is back on the 18's now for a bit. While they have tread left, the tyres are a bit old and they don't handle as well as the INVOs on my CSL wheels, but that's an easy fix with replacements! Pretty keen to try a set of NT-05's given how I use this car (and how few km's I got out of the INVO's I might as well!). Always keen on suggestions? Current tyres and sizes below Front 245/40/18 Michelin Pilot Sport (factory sizing 225/45/18) Rear 265/35/18 Goodyear Eagle F1 (factory sizing 255/40/18). IMG_6752-HDR by Christian Taylor, on Flickr I could even step the rears up a little in width to 275's and maybe 40 profile to get the same 'chunky' look as on the fronts. I'm a big fan of more tyre where possible, and the fronts look spot on imo. I should have the room in the rear arches for this, even under load and want to avoid spacers if at all possible. Replacement fender grille and badge also turned up - in it goes Fronts by Christian Taylor, on Flickr
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    had my local trusted independent Page European replace the rear springs with 325i Touring springs, and replace the top and bottom spring pads. And an alignment. Only a couple of short drives today, but it feels a lot better. Happy days.
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    I throught I was only certing my new seats and new rear adjustable control arms, but no eveything gets rechecked, suspension, brakes, wheels and spacers. And the laws have changed re spacers when I first certed the spacers if under 15mm they didn't need to be attached. Now they do, so I wasn't sure what else had changed. I'll be updating my project page soon it will make interesting reading for anyone contemplating upgrading and certing their vehicle.
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    Hi guys, After hunting around for a nice E46 M3 for quite a while I finally found one worth taking up. Usually I buy my cars in original condition so I can do my own thing to them but I feel this one was worthy of an exception. This used to be Charl's M3 as some of you will know (not sure if he's a member or not). The interior colour scheme isn't exactly my first choice but it's actually growing on me! I'll add some of my own photos this week but will post a few below. Details: -2002 Factory Manual -145,000km -19x10 / 19x9" 3-Piece Work VS -BC Gold Coilovers -CSL Genuine Carbon Fiber Boot -Carbon Fiber Front and Rear Splitters -AFe Air Intake -Agency Power Exhaust -New Clutch -New Rotors/Pads
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    Anyone in Auckland willing to share their movie collection ? No porn or Automotive stuff. Just straight out family / adult movies and no transformer sh*t. Have a 64 gig stick... beers/trade etc. Just need some entertainment on hand if we loose Sky in the motor home. Pop me a PM
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    bullshit....its a subjective thing anyway .As i said ,and i have driven both i WOULD choose the E34
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    Call me in the morning (09) 2722546
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    Can't speak for the coupe. But it appears to be an option on the Sedans. Mate had a 318i that didn't have fold down rear seats. My 328i does fold down. (Both PFL) Would imagine the same would go for the coupe?
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    I'd seen this car earlier in the year and got to chat to the owner. Despite the kms I think this is a very good example and has been well maintained (well what the owner said anyway). They guy who owns this was a 'Holden' fan until he got an e39 540 and was impressed by it. Then he got this - and it just blew his mind and any holden/ford/pretty much anything out there! I'm surprised that he is selling this tbh. Oh - I think the 540 was given to his son so they have both! Anyone interested in an e60 M5 so I can buy this!!??
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    Haha only temporarily. The E36 is for sale now.
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    Having the cert now ,cost so far $ 690 Its a bugger when you're sure you'll fail Old cert invalid
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    535i is not available in a wagon Paul, all wagons are facelift so M50 or M60 engines.
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    The link between wife's happiness and car ownership is greatly overstated. Keep the car and address other drivers of happiness!
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    certainly, though making it a sleeper didn't give them a license to make it look butt-ugly!
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    Cats out the bag on the new BM World build!?