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    E46 330ci Manual

    I’m a fan boy of your car - it’s stunning. Personalised plates are just that - personal. Much better than fugly standard plates with a salad of letters an numerals.
  2. Any initial observations on how it feels compared to before? Nice work BTW!
  3. No wrap! Let it wear its history even if not perfect! Glad to hear it is getting some love.
  4. Very much want but the inn is full! Shark nose sedan with period air dam. Rare and cool.
  5. It’s a lounge - it’s not meant to be spanked. However saying that my 728i with some revs on piles on the speed perfectly well. I drive it to Coromandel frequently and most drivers hold it up......it carries its speed well. If it was really slow I would have quit mine years ago.
  6. There are very few good ones left. I would like to horde this one! Looks good in white with style 32 wheels. Hopefully there is evidence of maintenance price is fair if there aren’t big bills needed. As mentioned earlier suspension wear is common and they really need to be kept fresh. EDC shocks are the same cost as the car.....but you can replace with bilstein. Cooling system - water pump etc wears out. check all the little things like window washers, stereo and speakers as it will annoy if broken. Trim often breaks. engine should be bullet proof if serviced. Oil leaks common. tyres are another big cost relative to the value of the car. I’m on my second - great car....bugger all investment.........had one since 2007 and I love it.

    Bought an M4

    Cool car - great colour. Mate has an M3 and has installed software updates from the web that has really woken up what lies beneath. Having different m modes means you can have daily spec and mental spec.....look into it.......

    E46 330ci Manual

    That’s a keeper.....
  9. Sorry to hijack this thread but are you interested in joining an E39 M5 group on FB. Good active conversations and meet ups.
  10. Definitely feel the generational change. Love my E39 as a modern classic but it feels old. E60 very good but it didn’t get under the skin. Chassis a big step forward and more nimble than the F10. Love the F10 looks and more modern tech but it a bloody big lounge being built on the 7 chassis. If I had to have one it would be a mint e39......
  11. Sold our LCI 530 Motorsport with 110000km for 8k.......think that one may sit for a while!
  12. Mark Joblin of classic car consultants does good valuations that are respected by the insurance companies. Have used him twice and happy.
  13. Both those interiors are a great change from the usual. Big bucks though......
  14. Update required. Are the charms of M getting under the skin? Have you given it the jandal and loved the brutality......are you addicted to giving it a bootful. Is it treating you right?
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