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    But a land cruiser is all of what you mention above except the price premium you pay is two to three times that of a Land Rover. Ive had two cruisers in oz as service Utes. One 4.2 turbo 24 valve and a 4.5 V8. Extremely under performing and inefficient, horrible to drive anywhere. And people are paying over $100k for a decked out double cab! They tipped the scales at 3.8 tonne with my tools, oil, parts & consumables, but cruising at 100-110 both never bettered 16l/100km and take it up to 130-140 and she’s north of 20l/100km. Roads are all flat outback not like NZ. Graham, there is a W124 300te 4 matic on trademe. Over priced but could be a good buy with a few grand knocked off it. Alternatively if you were to go the petrol route into a Land Rover I have an M104 24v in an S320 I’m going to wreck. Sweet engines a bit like the m54.
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    Custom fitted a Mini JCW grill to replace the ugly dual slats that come on the msport bumpers. Would have liked to get the m3 mesh but hard to find them and didnt want to use fence mesh or anything like that.
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    I have to challenge you on your populist Labour viewpoint here, Graham! The charge that the NZ Health system has been run down over the past ten years presupposes it was in a good state to start with. It was not. Successive governments, regardless of branding, party, or resident health minister, have under-funded, and perpetuated mismanagement in the heath sector for decades There have been large numbers of missed opportunities for betterment since the 90's and even before. Any government will tell you retrospectively that they did the best they could at the time, and you can be sure they did. If you had the opportunity to read the cabinet papers, and follow the decision making trail and Governance, I'm sure it would all read well. You can be sure that our elected officials truly did what they thought best, within the constraints at the time. The retrospective view always gives greater clarity, and is clouded if you don your blue-blocker sunglasses. It would be significantly healthier (pun intended) to acknowledge it's all a bit broken, and look to the government of the day (today)to put in changes that will truly make a difference. It's futile blaming one side or the other; these things were decided by our government of each time... the consistent thread. The cost to do this? I'm sure it's a number so big that the budget would need significant rebalancing, and a great deal of courage. As much as our system is seen as broken, it's a lot better than some of the other countries I've visited. NHS excepted; my limited view is that the NHS works pretty well. I certainly agree that the massive number of semi-autonomous DHBs in NZ is a total and complete waste of resources. Perhaps someone could code up an online game called Fantasy Niuzillund Government... a bit like a cross between Championship Manager, The Sims, World of Tanks, and SupermarioKart, only instead governing NZ Inc (or use the NZ Collective skin, if you prefer)... one could trial radical healthcare restructures (note I avoided reform), and find the funding to make it stick, all the while managing the flow-on effects of short-changing other areas of the economy. It'd be a hit! Cheers
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    The NZ Health system does not have a funding problem, it has a spending problem. There is no need for 22 different DHBs each with thier own entirely seperate systems such as procurement, asset management, management structures, etc. There are also far to many funded NGOs that have no accountability of returns back into the community that pays for them. The funding, which has increased every year for decades under both National and Labour, never gets to the front line where it is needed, and thats what causes the illusion people have that it is underfunded. another example is your local private practice is paid something like $80 every year for every single one of thier patients registered with them. This is not to subsidise services that patients recieve (such as gp fees), that is funded seperately and on top. There is no point throwing good money after bad in a broken system.
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    Stop worrying and read your policy document.
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    @gjm oh no I wasn’t talking about that. I was talking about the two times it’s left stranded... expansion tank and fuel pump.