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  1. I don’t know why FB hasn’t capitalised on this and set up their own type of user pays eBay/TM as an aside like messenger. Account already linked etc. Current FB market place is a mess and seems to be more ferals and dredges of society active on it, selling their sh*t with minimal info or no asking price ‘seeing what it’s worth’. Not to mention most new posts get bumped down the page and can be hard to find quickly. I gave up on selling stuff on FB, currently copping TMs excessive success fees.
  2. coop

    Quick rant thread.

    TG will benefit north bound. It will make south bound worse for the morning commute. As Grenada-Petone link has been cancelled. This complemented TG and was crucial to avoid the bottle neck at the top of the Ngauranga Gorge, which can go back as far as Porirua. Now we will have more people moving north to escape one of the most over priced areas in NZ, with the assumption their drive into work is gonna be a breeze.
  3. coop

    Quick rant thread.

    I have several knipex side cutters but one of my most used tool overall is the long nose side cutter. Will cut through hose clamps, fuel and air hoses, large split pins etc no worries. after over a decade on the tools, the hands and wrists have taken a hammering so these are also easier on the palms as well. To further the whinge on NZ roads/road works. the last couple of days they’ve re sealed about 500m both lanes on the desert road. Yesterday afternoon they left it nearly finished except loose chip was still on the surface resembling an unsealed rural road with a temp 50k speed limit. I went through both directions last night/this morning in my 9 axle truck & trailer and at 50kmh these things throw the stones for miles including into oncoming traffic. I feel for anyone who has taken a decent car through there this weekend. Im pretty sure in years gone by any unsealed or loose sections of roadworks were 30k.
  4. Has anyone been watching this car on TM? I note the dealer has put the price up to $35k. After it sitting at $30k for most of the year. it was momentarily dropped down to $25k for a week or two a couple of months ago. Maybe he thinks (perceived) classic car values follow the demand and price increases for residential property... I can’t see FOMO with this one though.
  5. coop

    Quick rant thread.

    Its a bloody joke. From the end of the Waikato expressway (Karapiro) all the way through to Mangaweka SH1 there are multiple road works between all of the towns. Not full sections being resealed just the quick patch job all in succession. They finished one part north of Tokoroa two weeks ago and it was pot holed the day they removed the 50kmh limit. The speed restrictions are too inconsistent. Put out cones for 500m and drop the limit to 50 for nothing. Then some have loose metal or gap 20 and it is also 50kmh. People become complacent and start to ignore the speed restrictions. Cops dont appear to police it (buggered if I know why, it would be a huge cash cow). The re seal south of Taihape on the weekend was 50kmh with loose metal everywhere. I'd hate to think how many cars received chipped windscreens or paint work. Glad I didn't take a classic thru there & there were a lot heading to/from Karapiro show. Edit, my rant. BMW, VAG and Peugeot drivers who think they need their rear fog lights on.
  6. What’s the obsession for emissions testing at WOF? A system already too by the book and over regulated. (Maybe I’ve been spoilt after living in WA for the last 8 years where there is no WOF type system, even for heavy vehicles. It seems to work pretty bloody well.) Is this so faux environmentalists can pat each other on the back in their circle jerk while thinking they’re saving the planet? The result will be more regulation and cost. Cost for those who can afford it the least. Or aren’t able to afford it at all.
  7. What box were you supplied with? I’m chasing a 260 for my E34.
  8. Glad to see it saved. Nice work. Bloody unreal how something like this can end up at a scrap yard to be crushed. You’d think the scrappies would have the nouce to throw her up on TM $1 reserve auction... The large wrecker on Tremaine Ave Palmy North appears to save a lot of older cars that are coming hard to come by now. Also has a silver E39 Touring on the heap too btw.
  9. coop

    WLG -> AKL Drive

    It will be quicker to go through Turangi - whakamaru then on to Te Awamutu than SH4/3. Limited passing opportunities on SH4 and being a Sunday it will be busy. Western lakes (sh32) to Whakamaru has bugger all traffic and even less from Whakamaru to Te Awamutu. Just be careful around Waipapa dam, some corners are tight. As for Wellington parking. Avoid Wilson’s at all costs and the CBD in general. You might find free parking at the upper end of Tinakori Rd by Botanical Garden. If I were staying in Wellington I’d be going Airbnb in one of the suburbs.
  10. coop

    WLG -> AKL Drive

    You could do Paihiatua track instead of the saddle, which is pretty rooted & congested being the main link to theHB from Wellington and Manawatu. But yes going up through the Wairarapa& Vinegar Hill would be the go (or instead of Vinegar Hill go Kimbolton- Apiti Rd and come out at SH1 Mangaweka via Rangiwahia). Carry on from Vinegar Hill or Mangaweka up SH1 to Turangi. Turn off western access towards Whakamaru. Then back road to Kihikihi/Te Awamutu along Waipapa dam then across to SH39. That was my go to route when I used to live in Auckland and often go to Wellington in my motorbike. Except I’d do SH1 south of Turangi. Young and dumb on my gsxr1000 Highbrook Dr on ramp to Aotea Quay in just over 5 hours.
  11. I’m running Dunlop spot 300E 205 65 15 on my 560SEL. I was going to go Contis but he did me a decent price on them. Around $140 each off the top of my head. They are quiet but apart from that no comment on how they perform - the car had 18s before it with poor ride quality, and currently the rear SLS shocks are buggerEd so ride quality isn’t what it should be. I have a set of genuine 3 piece 18x8.5 monoblocks in need of a refurb if you may be interested. I think I have some spacers for the front to suit the 126. I don’t know how they’d look on a 126 sedan. I think they’d suit more the c126, 124 or the r129 chassis. My 560 came with replica 18” monoblocks and IMO it looked wrong for two reasons. It needed to be lowered as the profile of the tyre was dwarfed by the huge wheel arch gap. And the rim exposed the tiny rotors and calipers behind it. Edit - Ron, your post above reminds me of something I read from the 80s when these were new. F1 driver, it may have been Senna, was driving the 500 or 560 spec in Europe chasing a 911 and the Porsche couldn’t loose it. But yes, I’ve owned several of these cars including the under tyred 2200kg W140 (16 inch rim) and they can get a bit hairy at a decent pace.
  12. I recently put a set of 33" ATs on my 100 Series Land Cruiser. Was gonna go with Kumho at around $360 each but read several owners reviews of them being sketchy in the wet. That coupled with the price put me off. Went with Goodride SL369 AT at $190 each and no complaints. Currently commuting up and down SH39 in the Waikato which is pretty slippery in the wet thanks to tar bleed and I haven't had any moments. Good ride quality and quiet as well. Surprised tyres on the market here don't have to adhere to some standard or regulation that vehicles have to.
  13. here’s hoping KwS, that common sense will prevail. unpopular opinion but the open road limit needs to be dropped to 90. Maybe not all the time but between the hours of say 6am-9pm or so. reason for this, legal limit of heavy vehicles and towing vehicles creates a huge rolling road block (this will be exacerbated with no tolerance as passing won’t happen as often). Those who don’t have the confidence or competence to do this limit (especially at the sight or a corner or a bridge giving the perception the lane narrows) also create rolling road block. Make it worse as they are usually ones who speed up on passing lanes without realising. Mainly those driving Nissan Tiidas or the likes. Having the discrepancy in speed limits makes some drivers feel it is their right to do 100, and make that well known to slower vehicles (tail gating etc). The amount of traffic on our open roads has greatly increased, as well as more driveways due to more houses being built/properties sub divided. Open road driving during daylight hours in this country is painful. I note police are taking advantage of the recently reduce limits across the Waikato (100-80kmh), constantly patrol these areas (SH39 Te Kowhai, Mystery Creek, Ohaupo - Te Awamutu). Too bad they don’t place as much emphasis on motorists not having their lights on in thick fog or tailgaters.
  14. coop

    Quick rant thread.

    We are one of or if not the most isolated country in the world. We had one month after the rest of the world until we had our first infection, and our population is smaller than Melbourne, with next to no population density. Clutching at straws to compare us on the world stage. I don’t think the majority of complaints are about not being able to go to their batches. A few will make it to the sensationalist media so they can run with it. The complaints are more to do with the destroyed businesses and livelihoods across the country.
  15. coop

    Quick rant thread.

    It's not a failure? The whole thing has been a farce with a govt making it up as they go along. Reactive not proactive. IF this is the first case of community transmission, the authorities are bloody lucky it has taken this long... US film crews isolating in a Wellington hotel that was being shared with domestic tourists on holiday. The countless number of people who escaped isolation. The amount of people let out of isolation early. The amount of people let out of isolation without being tested. The number of people entering isolation and mixing with others in there who were about to be released. The whole thing is a f**k up and every kiwi that has sacrificed so much this year has every right to be pissed off at the most incompetent Govt this country has seen. Remember the two infected women that drove Auckland - Wellington for a funeral. Supposedly had 300 contacts, yet no community outbreak. That, or there are a whole lot of people out there infected and they don't know. To top it off, it took me 1 hour 50 minutes to get from Ramarama off ramp to Bombay Caltex this afternoon. Only for a cop at the Bombay off ram to ask me where I was going, who then ushered me back towards south bound motorway. I didn't have to show my ID, wasn't asked why I was leaving Auckland or why I was there in the first place. A complete waste of time. Forgetting the fact the govt gave Aucklanders a 9 hour heads up to leave the place, they still haven't put proper measures in place to prevent this spreading to other parts of the country by interrogating those trying to leave.
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