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  1. Well, she hasn't recited it. There is a difference between an EV (Ardern's claim) and a mild hybrid (Toyota's planned Hilux). The Hilux wont be eligible for a subsidy, and will retain its original ORC, providing it comes to market. She has at best, stretched the truth regarding Toyotas press release in an attempt to smooth the pushback from the public over this tax grab/subsidy. If not she has misrepresented info from Toyota in which case someone in that position shouldn't be spreading 'misinformation' and further confusing the public (transparency and all that). The fact that Toyota CEO publicly refuted her claim should be enough to put to rest, but it seems her faithfuls are always there to go into bat for her. But lets be honest, she has quite the record of lying so on the back of no new taxes (apart from the 39% top tax rate) promise in the 2020 election campaign, whats another lie or broken promise to add to the telly.
  2. Toyota NZ CEO was interviewed by Heather Duplessis Allen last night. He refuted Arderns claim and said he doesn’t know where she got that idea from.
  3. Top of the line Ram 2500/F250 is around $60k USD. Here they are about $180k. Top of the line electric F150 is said to be $90k USD. So you can imagine the eye watering price it will be here, if it ever makes it. Considering Ford will sell more F trucks across USA/Canada in one day than they will sell here & Aus in one year, theres no surprise none of the big three have gone to the cost and bother to develop these for RHD. We have to suffice with povvo spec hugely under whelming, under developed and gutless Utes instead. Was Jacinda thinking of the F150 when she blatantly lied about Toyota having an electric ute to market in 18 months time... lol.
  4. What is the difference between an M pac and non M? I thought they were all M spec?
  5. coop

    E34 leather seats

    No cruise.
  6. coop

    E31 850i

    Fair enough but in that case there’s really no comparison at all. A budget four door sedan with a V8 to a high end German grand tourer V12 coupe? Fact is someone who forked out mega dollars for an 850i in the early 1990s had comparable power to a V8 Holden which cast iron block and heads dates back to the ‘60s. ‘91 had the 200kw VP GTS/Senator, 1993 the VR stroker 215kw and 95 the 225kw.
  7. coop

    E34 leather seats

    The whole car is there currently minus the diff. I really only bought it for the trans and sports seats. Yeah she’s a UK import so a bit of rust under neath.
  8. coop

    E34 leather seats

    Invers might be a bit far. I can contact a courier and get a price. He does a run around the country every month.
  9. coop

    E31 850i

    To be fair, if you’re going to compare top of the range, the VN Group A SS was 290hp/215kw. As far as power goes the M70 was decent in the late ‘80s but a disappointment to carry it through into the ‘90s for flag ship models when the game had moved on. Coupled with the E32s ultra tall gearing made it a bit of a slug. The 560 Benz walks away from it. The m60/m62 v8s showed them up. Unsure if the first E31s had the same gearing as the E32, but I think the lack of performance from them can be excused with how they look.
  10. coop

    E34 leather seats

    Front and rear seats. Tear at the top of the upright approx 2-3 inches. The rest is in good nik. $350 Based around Hamilton. May be able to assist with delivery as I do a bit of travel. Also dismantling a complete 535iS if any one needs anything. online photo hosting
  11. coop

    E31 850i

    Nice example. I would rather this over something new before the price is taken into account. But whats the go with the head of BMW of this era. Bloke must have had the largest garage. It seems every tidy model offered for sale was his car when it was new.
  12. LMAO. Theres always one hey. 'certifiably racist' - is that a new catch phrase those who are offended on behalf of others use now? You'll find similar stereotypes apply to other countries as well where a lot of consumers have had bad runs with their products or the quality has been sub par. Australia, England, France, USA etc.
  13. Also a fan of the light coloured interior. What wheels are you planning for it? Sorry to say, but those base model pre facelift E39 wheels just look wrong. Haha. I do like them on the 528i though (probably because I’m use to it, and Gone In 60 Seconds). There is quite an active NZ E34 FB community if you haven’t discovered it already.
  14. For large sedans I’d hang out for an S65. Don’t come up that often but the ones that have, have been around the $50k mark. V12 twin turbo, 450kw (from memory) and 1000nm. There is also the CL63 Coupe. These have good lines, pillarless coupe. Only one on TM at the moment. Over priced at $50k, they’re usually around the $30k mark. Still on Mercedes, SL55 with the supercharged V8. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/mercedesbenz/auction-3066452636.htm Good luck finding a manual 911 for $50k. Maybe if it’s an early base model 996 with high km. Who wants an auto 911... It’d be like riding a blow up doll instead of the real thing. How about an FPV Falcon. Either the F6 turbo or GTE/GS/GT 5.0 supercharged. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/ford/auction-3015470711.htm
  15. What would be the going rate for a decent E34 M5 these days. At a guess they’d be pushing 6 figures... What is cool is subjective. I find Citroen DS and 1970s - 1980s unloved 6 metre long American land yachts cool while I wouldn’t look twice at an R35 GTR, Audi R8 or the latest M or AMG cars. New models are spurring increased interest in these older cars. Reliability is comprised. High R&M costs, over complicated and unnecessary tech. Limited DIY. Most models across all makers these days are boring as sh*t, placing more emphasis on gimmicky tech features instead of driving dynamics and driver engagement. Hence why cars like this will demand high prices until they’re legislated off the road or the post boomer & early gen X generation don’t have the interest or money to sustain high prices.
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