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  1. Hit so hard one of the cylinders fell off! 😁 Cylinders: 5 cylinder
  2. Not sure if this has the gearbox you want but I'm ready to start parting it out if it does. There should be pics in my original thread from when I did trans oil and filter change.
  3. aja540i

    Battery charger

    I bought a "genuine BMW" charger from Continental, had a euro plug on it and it died after about 18 months, have had a Bosch one for about 2 years now and still going strong, the M5 seems to need about 5 amps to stay healthy between runs, usually once a week. From memory the Bosch one was about $160 - 170 on Trademe.
  4. My M5 and my Leaf both show about 7 kph low when compared to Gooble maps GPS speed reading, you could try getting a Police issuecalibrated cluster but I don't like your chances, some of the programming software also shows the correction value for the speed displayed and lets you adjust it.
  5. I think I am on my third battery in the M5, but definately worth paying more for the correct size, these cars do a heap of stuff that requires battery power aside from starting the engine! I got my first one at BMW but when it needed the second one the prices had all gone a bit crazy so I got that somewhere else and had it coded, I also upgraded the bms cable at the same time, not sure it has made any difference.
  6. aja540i

    Quick rant thread.

    I was wondering when they were going to do something to make the grilles more noticeable..... 🤣🤣
  7. No, i think you would need 3 to be safe...
  8. It is not just BMW, all ICE cars are getting more complex and fragile to meet ever tighter emission restrictions, so they won't last as long, meaning they need to be replaced sooner, thus saving the world ! But i suspect there is also more of an element of built in lifespan as well, it is in everything else we buy so why not cars....
  9. Let's hope so...
  10. I got my Westfalia used from SD European also, it was on an E60 but they are the same. I got the trailer module from the same car so no issues with wiring / coding etc, I think I paid $600? The undertray needs a hole cut for the removable bar, and the bottom of the splitter needs a bit cut out (diy) and you can just buy the little clip on cover for when you are not using it.
  11. Dropped the M5 off for a WOF and hello.... probably only the second time I've seen one!
  12. aja540i

    Quick rant thread.

    No different to engine braking in a manual car, especially a diesel. But it is something I try to be aware of in the Leaf if I have a Ranger right up my arse on the motorway (so, every day)
  13. So, an i3 with a range extender, is that a plug in hybrid or an EV under the new scheme? Has anyone got one, i would be interested to see what your letter from the Govt says when you get it?
  14. I can't complain, I've had 5 years of free commuting!! Interested to see how they will apply it to plug in hybrids, I can't see people being happy to pay twice (fuel tax + RUCs) but anything else will be a pain to calculate!
  15. Still up for grabs, engine listed on TM but still in car at present.
  16. Probably easier to find a constant 12v source in the interior light and not far to run a piece of wire if you need to?
  17. I removed the bluetooth unit from the M5 years ago when i installed a Dension unit and now i get the warning message every time i start the car, doesn't bother me but BMW mention it every time i take it in for a WOF or service so im just wondering if anyone can code that option out for me? I would like to remove the button as well but would like the warning gone first.
  18. aja540i

    Quick rant thread.

    Had a mission with my insurer over this, long story short insurers will only cover cost of aftermarket screen, you will have to pay the rest yourself (probably)
  19. aja540i

    Quick rant thread.

    Have you met Auckland??
  20. So it seems that no one else is as adventurous (stupid) as me and this hasn't been snapped up! so it looks like parting it out is the best option... But in case someone is lurking around waiting for the price to come down i will happily wave it goodbye for $500 as i am sick of mowing around it! Comes with all the spare parts and i can part with the set of style 66 wheels that i have, for the right price if anyone is keen, they need cosmetic work and painting. Have a read of the thread to see what parts have already gone into it. My other half is getting a bit disgruntled so if it is still on my lawn over the Christmas break it will be getting dismantled - possibly for use in a demo derby, not sure yet....
  21. Close but different, mine is currently a lawn ornament that I curse on a daily basis! This one looks mint by comparison! 😂
  22. Drove more than a few in my time working on them, even the 660cc Suzuki powered ones are a blast!
  23. These probably are powdercoated, unfortunately putting clear powder coat over a very smooth surface, like machined aluminium, is a really bad idea! The powder has terrible adhesion to the smooth surface and is slightly porous so eventually water gets through and the aluminium oxidizes, which causes the powder to lift, letting more water in, and so on...
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