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  1. I had a similarly priced Uniden unit that worked well but would overheat on long trips on sunny days and shut itself off! Also be aware you will need a large capacity high speed micro SD card (probably) which can double the price!!
  2. So buy a nice one for 35k and keep 15k in the bank for a rainy day, sorted!!
  3. New thermostat, 4 New radiator hoses, New O rings and crush washers, 2 New radiator drain bungs, ready for new coolant! Tested the old thermostat and it seemed to work fine, but the rubber seal fell to bits as soon as it dried out so seems a good time to replace it!
  4. In 1991 a 5 litre V8 HSV only managed 180kw, so not too shabby for the day!
  5. Looks like it is probably a gorgeous car let down by below average photos! If you want 42k for your 850i spend a couple of minutes with a decent camera / phone in some decent light and get some decent photos, please!
  6. Worked through my entire vocabulary of swear words while removing the thermostat from the M5! Don't think I can face trying to install the new one on the same day!!!
  7. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    Sorted the low rpm lack of boost issue, new pressure converter and some new vacuum hoses, an hours work and hey presto! Also found the bracket that holds the vacuum canister was broken so it was just rattling around between the chassis rail and engine mount, so stuck it back together withe some extra high temperature hot glue
  8. aja540i

    E21 front hubs

    I've probably got some spares, would need to have a hunt around and they are probably still on the struts.
  9. Check out Dension, I have one of their units in my 07 M5 and it works pretty well, navigation through the Idrive is a bit slow but they should have a solution for your situation.
  10. I agree with you generally, but any manufacturer that gives in to demands to build sub standard safety equipment, and any government that allows this practice, deserves to be called names.
  11. I disagree, I have personally put out 3 fires that would have become much more serious, with 1kg automotive fire extinguishers, its all about getting them under control while they are small fires.
  12. And it has a towbar, handy!
  13. Or "always carry a fire extinguisher"
  14. This seems to happen too often with this type of equipment, one more reason to get a hoist i suppose!
  15. A set of tyres and an ABS module! 😉 Or brakes, or an SMG warning light, or half a set of EDC shocks, or...
  16. Hah! I can easily get 290km out of a tank and its only $160 to fill!! But 10k for maintenance is not going to go far......
  17. Where are you based? I don't have any experience with that motor specifically but I have a scanner I can plug in and scan it for you.
  18. Drive it backwards really fast??
  19. Good work, hopefully all those donuts were done before you got the new tyres!!!!
  20. What exactly is an "oil and filter check" ???
  21. Yes, but then you wouldn't have an M5 touring.....
  22. That is the same one that was for sale a few years ago for a similar price, $20k more than I paid for my UK import and I can't see that much value being added by it being NZ new. Will be great if it sells for that!!
  23. I would be interested to know how many BMW customers ( people who actually buy a BMW new from a dealership) still have the car when it racks up 300k km? I imagine its a tiny number and BMW aren't too concerned about it.
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