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  1. *Glenn*

    Undercarriage Protectant

    Yes I’ve used this a lot on vehicles, outboards, boats, motorbikes, my Motor home and some customers English imported vehicles. It’s a semi clear coating with a slight yellow colour a bit like the coating on early E30,s and E36’s alloy engine parts. It’s brilliant. About $35 a can. The surfaces need to relatively clean. If you want to have a look or try PM me
  2. *Glenn*

    Undercarriage Protectant

    Mercury Outboard Quicksilver Corrosion Guard.... best on the market in spray cans
  3. *Glenn*

    Professional Guard Rolling

    Had mine done by Darryl yesterday.....excellent job.... I gained about 15mm in the rear arches For Professional Paintless Dent Removal & Guard Rolling Darryl Begg The Dent Magician Ph. 0274 838935 He's mobile & comes to you (Auckland Only)
  4. *Glenn*

    Glenn's "Cold Turkey" shoot out

    I've been having a few issues with the resident a**hole over the past few months. Wifey informs me, he makes me spend $850 on ciggarettes & $350 on beer per month on average and he's trying to kill me... far out... I know were this could go...... maybe a project or two ? Anyway... yesterday morning I was having a coffee out on the deck at 3.00am with the prick.. and 2 cigs later, he informs me theres no more left... WTF !! you didn't bring any home ??? nup... F.U.T.T... Havent spoken to the prick since. So its a cold turkey run for me ATM...no patches, no pills...just going to do it... and get rid of the a**hole that's been trying to kill me for many, many years... and spend the money on projects that cant kill me. 2nd Day... tolerance levels for idiots have always been a constant "O"... but today I have "O" for people contact altogether.... I've come home early. And .... f**ken smokers are starting to stink.. natural orange juice tastes loverly © oranges & bananas really do taste quite nice and my coffee tastes different ?.... sh*t... both my cars stink too. I'm realy going to fight this...I WANT TO STOP SMOKING
  5. *Glenn*

    Bmw 116i jerking

    What a great idea..such constructive criticism by you Andrew
  6. *Glenn*

    Bmw 116i jerking

    You need to get it scanned by someone with a brain that has BMW experience
  7. *Glenn*

    BMW 130i - Birds B1 Dynamics etc etc etc

    Wurth Copper Slip is the best product to use in these applications
  8. BM Workshop GreyLynn 3761250 All good quality ATE products
  9. *Glenn*

    My New Trolley

    Ordered the new trolley on Friday. Kona Elite 1.6T DCT7 in Pulse Red with Towbar & the full Dura-Seal protection system for paint & leather. Should get it Friday or early the following week. The pulse red is close to BMW's Imola Red. http://www.autocar.co.nz/car-reviews-app/2018-hyundai-kona-elite-review
  10. *Glenn*

    E30 M42 Oil

    Most known brands will be fine. We used ELF products
  11. *Glenn*

    E30 M42 Oil

  12. *Glenn*

    E32 Misfire 735il/cylinder down

    Get the rocker cover off and have look... not a cheap fix unfortunately
  13. *Glenn*

    E32 Misfire 735il/cylinder down

    Broken rocker arm or ignition cross fire to earth in distributor cap. Have you also checked compression on that cylinder ? These are just suggestions
  14. *Glenn*

    735il transmission shifting roughly/no 4th & rev

    A fluid and filter change will not change anything with those faults. A second hand trans or rebuild will be your only options
  15. *Glenn*

    New BMW in the South of the North

    True story: I have been driving for 53 years and I have never had a flat tyre while driving any vehicle
  16. *Glenn*

    FM radio recode failure

    I suggest you go back to him and spend a bit more time with him do discuss your problems
  17. *Glenn*

    E36 Clutch Problem

    From memory it was BNT. I think the longer carrier type was listed under E21 6cyl as apposed to the E30/E36 shorter type
  18. *Glenn*

    Replace mosfets in e91 dmc/ecu

    Who diagnosed the fault ??
  19. *Glenn*

    My New Trolley

    I’m really enjoying it. Especially being able to set up the HUD and all the safety parameters. The Elite is the top of the range in NZ with every extra fitted including the Autolink app. Break in period is 2,000km. So no towing or pissing others off with the performance. I had a bit of fun in the demo one I had for a week though. Never thought I’d like heated seats, but the leather can be cold first thing (3 heat settings) All the auto settings are great too along with keyless entry. For a small AWD vehicle there’s not much it doesn’t have for its size and cost.
  20. *Glenn*

    My New Trolley

    Go drive one Tom. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the performance of the 1.6T DCT7 AWD version and the handling
  21. *Glenn*

    Help needed...

    I know. But it's not going to help you resolve the problem with the info it has given you previously and what you are now getting after doing the initial repair.
  22. *Glenn*

    Help needed...

    That only applies to cheaper versions of "scanners"
  23. *Glenn*

    Diesel programming

    Talk to Joe
  24. *Glenn*

    Diesel programming

    It's Joe at Eurosurgeon in Penrose Auckland https://eurosurgeon.co.nz/